North America, Asia, Africa · 14 Days · 44 Moments · April 2017

2017 Maine Medical Center's mission to Kenya

6 May 2017

Sunset over the Masai Mara. After five intense and exhausting OR days with very little sleep we left Tenwek with 10 heart defects corrected, hopefully changing the trajectory of their lives forever. Five tetralogy of Fallot, one three-valve replacement, one DCRV, one large VSD, one PDA, and one endocarditis. It wasn't without watching tragedy and hardship all around us but we are all changed by our time here. We made some great friends and I think we did some good here. Thank you to anyone who followed along but mostly thanks to those of you who helped sponsor this trip. We couldn't have done it without you. You have truly allowed this to happen. We can't wait to return, the list of children still needing surgery remains the tens to hundreds. There will not be a pediatric cardiac surgeon in Kenya again until February 2018; sadly many of these children will not make it that long. We hope you will follow us again next time. Much love, the Maine Medical Cardiac Team.
Chara is very happy on post op day 3!!

5 May 2017

PDA > LPA = OHNO. Little Aglyn is feeling much better now her lungs are getting the right amount of blood.
After 2 days finally making kicking today
And on Friday Michael turns into Eric and has his wheelchair teaching moment
Great staff here at Tenwek. Evans, Caroline, Peter and Charles and Emmanuel, our amazing cook.
One too many chais for Matthew. Another tough kid here, just cruising though open heart surgery.
The view from the hospital. Cows and mountains.

4 May 2017

Cuddles are better than morphine. Thanks Brittany.
The beautiful hospital grounds
Brittany discussing care with Rita and Caroline. Baby Abigael in the forefront.
Our rockstar day 1 post op up and walking
Brittany getting our patient moving POD#1. We do things better in Africa.
All days should start with Mandazi and Chai.
Nancy prepping first case for the day. Yet another Tet!
Bypass circuit go down in rural Kenya? Bob the builder, can he fix it? Yes he can.

3 May 2017

Our rockstar Chara, sleeping comfortably, balloon in hand.
Mercy is doing great post TET repair
When you have to re-use ventilator tubing, you bleach bath.
For those who want to see clubbing, this is what happens when you're an unrepaired 16yo tetralogy.
Michael teaching about our first case today
KB doing her thing with the monitor!
Faith is loving her juice and bubbles today.
Dawn on operating day 3. We have three cases today. Two tetralogy of Fallot and a VSD in failure. Bring it on.

2 May 2017

Kim taking care of a beautiful 3 year old tetralogy of Fallot.
Kojo teaching the nursing staff about pediatric sedation

1 May 2017

And we're off! First case is a young man with a 4cm vegitation on his mitral valve in both heart and renal failure.

30 April 2017

The final round table discussion. Tough decisions and game plans for the week being made. Games begin at 7am tomorrow.
Kenya adventure 😊
Bob, Nancy and Kojo setting up the OR. Brittany, Kim, and Kira setting up the PICU.
Tenwek hydroelectric plant
Amazing church service this morning, so welcoming. First time singing in Swahilli!

29 April 2017

We're here!!!! All ready to get the OR and PICU set up tomorrow for operations to begin first thing Monday.
Just a common occurrence here in Kenya, Zebras crossing the street and baboons chilling on the side of the road. Very excited to get started tomorrow setting up the PICU space!
The great rift valley, on the way to Bomet. We waved to Lucy.
Frangipani, my favorite.

28 April 2017

Made it to Nairobi with all our gear! And that's only one buses load.
12.5 hours down and 5 to go...hanging out in Dubai!!

27 April 2017

All checked the T shirt. See you in Dubai.
This is the list of kids (and one adult) we hope to help on this trip. Some complicated anatomy but Reed will figure it out. Sorry for the blur, taken on the bus.
The crew minus Brittany who is joining us in Boston.
And we're packed and off! Heading to Boston.

23 April 2017

Starting to organize the essentials. Can't believe we head off in 4 days!

22 April 2017

From April 27 to May 9 a team from Maine Medical Center will travel to Bomet, Kenya to perform open heart surgery on more than 10 children. Watch their journey here!