United States of America · 7 Days · 4 Moments · August 2014

Michaela's Au Pair adventure in the USA!

1 September 2014

Theo and I were outside playing today. He loves to stand up, follow the cat and to try to eat everything he can find outside.

27 August 2014

Today Theo and I hung out by the pool. When we got back home we played a little with the dog. She's very nice an lets the baby play with her all he wants but she just doesn't look as amused as he does when they are playing.

26 August 2014

My name is Michaela and I've been an Au Pair since December 9th 2013. August 1st we moved from San Francisco to Larkspur and this will be a way for me to keep a diary (hopefully).
Today is a good day with Theo. He's a little bit sick but still pretty happy!