United States of America · 6 Days · 11 Moments · October 2017

Michael 's road trip to Moab, Utah

14 October 2017

We drove through Zion National Park using my uncle's senior pass, mostly because it was on the way to SaltLake City (that night's hotel stop). We chose not to stop, but rather just enjoy the scenery from my car, as we wanted to off of the busy I-15 before it started to get dark. While we choose not to stop, we were able get a greet view of the changing fall colors from my car and it was worth the drive through the park.
We made a quick stop at the visitors center where we got a nice view of the dam. We passed up the 45-minute tour and opted to enjoy a short film about the dam, as well as a few exhibits there.

13 October 2017

This hotel and its comfy beds was a very welcomed sight after a few hours of driving in the dark after visiting the Grand Canyon. As I stated in my last post there are few lights on at the Grand Canyon after the sun sets. Also Arizona does not participate in daylight savings time, so they get dark an hour earlier there. In any event I would visit the park earlier in the day, in order to be out of there before dark. As far as the hotel it was nice and we were able to get good nights sleep. My family also really enjoyed the free breakfast, as well as the free wi-fi provided by the hotel. I really can't say too much else about this hotel, as we arrived late and left well before their required check-out time.
We traveled over 5 hours from Moab, UT to get to the Grand Canyon National Park. Both my mom and I had been there before, but wanted my uncle Ray to have the chance to see for himself once in lifetime. Our time in the park was short considering the size of park, but was still good. We enjoyed several great views of the Grand Canyon. Rather driving through the park, we just parked our car near the visitors center and walked or road the park shuttle buses. Stop after the visitors center was at the train depot. There we a unique view of several deer eating an early dinner. After that we headed out to find an eatery for dinner and ended up selecting The Bright Angle Restaurant. Here we had a tasty meal including short ribs for me and burgers from my uncle and mom. Upon finishing our food we decided to take the bus back to our car, as it was getting dark and needed to get back on the road. The bus finally dropped us back at the visitors center where we searched in the dark for car.

12 October 2017

The Archview Resort offered many great views of the scenery of area just off of highway US191. I especially enjoyed the sunrises while eating my piping hot bowl of oatmeal for three mornings, while there.

11 October 2017

My family had a very nice day at the Arches National Park. Enjoyed several hikes and a nice picnic lunch with family New Mexico. For starters the park entrance's cash register system was down, so they told us "to enjoy the park and pay the next time we came." The rest of the family got in a lifetime senior pass and also enjoyed their visit for nothing. We enjoyed the view of many arches including Sand Dunes Arch. The adobe colored sands dirtied my uncle Ray's New white shoes. Our time in the park included a simple, but tasty picnic lunch near the Devils Garden Campground. For me Arches is a must see sight when in the Moab area.

10 October 2017

Getting ready for bed in our little casita (cabin), at the Archview Resort. Rustic, but still nice for the price. It is about a 30 second walk to our shared bathhouse. This place has everything you need including free wifi, cable TV, fridge, and microwave. I had the top bunk and found it hard to climb out of, but okay to climb in. While roads and pathways are dirt or gravel this place is still nice. Everyone is very friendly (both guests & staff).
Enjoyed a nice cracker thin pizza at Pasta Jays. I normally am a think crust guy, but this was good with lots of meat. The chocolate cake was equally, as tasty, but a few bites by each of us was enough after the main course. In addition the Caesar salad was good and I thought I would not like it. Must have been the place I ordered it from in the past.
Uncle Ray and I got out to to take a look at "Harley's Dome View Area" off I-70 in eastern Utah. Nice little 10 minute up and back.

9 October 2017

We made it to Rifle for our nights hotel stay at the Las Quinta Inn and Suites. Very beautiful drive from Bags, WY down through Craig and Meeker, CO. Forgot to stop along the way to take a photo or two of the changing colors. We left for Colorado at about 11am, instead of 9am, as planned. Winter storm Aiden caused some of the highways in south central Wyoming to be slightly less than perfect for travel early in the day and even caused a bad wreck a few miles west of Rawlins. When we passed by at about 1:30pm they were still in the process of moving the vehicles from the side of the interstate. Just glad I was smart enough to wait out the weather until the temperatures warmed up enough to melt the snow on the road.
Made our first pit stop at Independence Rock, only to read a sign that says "close due to power outage." Walked for 1 minute and then back in car for the rest of the ride towards Rawlins.