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my exchange with Hongkong

22 August 2017

21 August 2017

So this was my last day in Hongkong. It was a great experience and I really saw and learned a lot! On one side, I will miss it here cause I got on with everything and for two weeks the situation and reality (including things which are different and the same) have been normal. I also really liked my host family who showed me everything there. On the other side, I am glad to see my family and my friends again. I have missed them,too. And I'm excited to tell them everything, for example about the life here☺💭

20 August 2017

(Only two days left).. Today we went out to get breakfast. There I tried this tasty "fried bread with noodle" good which I have eaten before in Hongkong. Afterwards we went with the MTR an other public tram/train to the Hongkong Wetland Parc. There we wanted to see some nice birds and other animals but it was a bit sad that this day there have only been some less.😮But therefore it was sooooo hot!! 😜

19 August 2017

18 August 2017

Today's main plan was to the get to this big outdoor water play activity. In the morning time I had some free time for sleeping a bit longer cause Jessie was joining the tutorial class 'til 12 o'clock but this was no problem. So we met her at the MTR station,before we went to get some lunch. I drank a really delicious drink with peach and soda (and sparkling🎉). The food consists of a noodle soup, different kinds of chicken, rice and a Japanese soup. Afterwards we went with the MTR and a shuttle bus to this waterparc. There we spent about 2-3 hours (?). And it made so much fun😍☺a bit sad that the time was already over we left and got after having dinner in "Shanghai style" back home.

17 August 2017

With MTR to cinema (English, film: Ballerina), then took MTR to swimming pool with slides (before= lunch consists of bakery-different buns)back home for dinner, desert at shopping mall, I took an chocolate ice smoothie. This was also one time when I recognized that they also eat red beans sweet and for a lot of other food.

16 August 2017

Normally we wanted to go with the classmates to aTrampolin hall but they couldn't organise it well so...->with MTR to Hongkong Museum of Sience, afterwards MTR to Station "Olympia", in one shopping centre meet a relative, eat lunch and went to a swimming pool of the next living area.

15 August 2017

Nothing, relaxing, a bit shopping at the Shopping mall,in the evening have dinner (buffet) at a really good restaurant.(this evening-Taiwanese style)-everything I tried really tasty, the cook is an old school friend of the mother🙈it was quite special that we could be there✌

14 August 2017

Disneyland: in the morning with theMTR in the direction of Disneyland,transfer in the Disneyland Express. Spent day there, drawing lessons,big firework in the evening, and so on😊

13 August 2017

Church at 10, relaxing, walking around, small shops,lunch, Shopping,dinner at home with family (hot pot- first new for me,but tasty. Reminds me a bit on fondue)

12 August 2017

Took (MTR and) bus to get to saikong. From there we took a boat and made a trip, saw Islands, got off on a bigger island,walked to the smaller one, bus+MTR to the restaurant-had dinner with a friend and the family of the mother.

11 August 2017

This day we had a bit more time, so there was some free time in the morning. My hosting told me how to write a bit Chinese. And later when Jessie was back again we both went out to have lunch. The meat with the rice was tasty and really not expensive,I think. Afterwards we took all together again the MTR to get to Hongkong Garden where we saw a lot of monkeys. Afterwards we wanted to go to peak by tram but it was too full so we took the bus. At the peak we made some funny 3D pictures.😄 And the skyline was beautyful! We had dinner and went back home again.

10 August 2017

Today's plan: with the tram to the Buddha-a bit sad that it was quite rainy,stormy and really forky.🌁 After artiving there, we walked to the stature(268 steps). I also bought some souvenirs and we watched some 5D films which have been about 10 minutes. On the way to see one of the temples, there were some free running cows with which a lot of people took fotos. When we were on our back home way it became more sunny but it was still cloudy and a bit forky. Later we had tea break (egg tart+ green apple smoothie with ice- toootaallllyyy delicious!!!😋😋😋😍💪)

9 August 2017

Today we tried the transportition with the ferry and went to Stanley market and parc. Then we took the bus to the beach where I found some nice sells as a good memory and to bring back to Germany. To get some dinner we went by mini bus and on the way back home we saw the Lasershow this time from the other side.☺🌆

8 August 2017

After we brought our stuff to the home,we went in the city and had tea break. (But it doesn't mean that we only eat cake and drank tea,, it's more like having a little "afternoon lunch") Our next stop was the Hongkong University on which we could have a look at. It seems to be quiet big-it also includes one building for the students to live. Later we went back to the Shopping mall which is in the near of our home. There I eat the "original" Ice cream,which I have known in Germany as soft ice,but this had his own taste. It was tasty.😋 In the early evening we had some sightseeing before we went to see the Lasershow-everyone should have seen it,when he/she is here. Music and belonging lights from the top of the skyscrapers. Hongkong has also a great skyline.🌁

7 August 2017

When we arrived in Amsterdam we were picked up by an extra bus and brought to the shelter. On the way we took some "only staff" ways which I find anyhow cool.🙈 Later we were brought to the next airplane to Hongkong. I was a bit excited cause the flight needs to be about 11 hours long. But in the end it seems to be shorter,so we finally arrived good at Hongkong airport. The landing was amazing-I'm glad to have a seat next to the window when I fly back to Germany. So I can take some nice pictures for you,guys.☺🌸 We took our suitcases and we're picked up by Jessie's Mum and two other family members before we went home :)
Since we arrived in Munich,we spent more than 5 hours on that airport 'til we flew to Amsterdam.🙈 But in the end it was better than having 1 1/2 hour for check-in and everything. This might have been the case if we should have taken the second bus.☺ Because of the fact that we're under 16 we need to get some "extra-help"😅but finally it was quite funny cause Jessie and me could always go by of everyone😊
5.48 am - we,the first group, are sitting in the early bus to drive to the airport in Munich. At 5 o'clock we met at the reception where we waited on the bus and got little lunch packets🌤

6 August 2017

After we had our last sessions of this interluding weekend,we had some free time again. -in this we played different games with the others,for example like SkipBo. It was funny!☺

5 August 2017 in Nürnberg we got an interluding programme for the next two weeks when I go with Jessie to Hongkong.🌸 We had different sessions in which we first got to know each other more- we met the other International and German guys. We made some group games and later had different sessions. There was also some free time in which we could go to the city or do what we like. This was also the time when I took those fotos. (Our hostel was the youth hostel in the old castle☺)

2 August 2017

1 August 2017

31 July 2017

30 July 2017

29 July 2017

Today we made a trip to the climbing forest which is also in the city we went shpopping,in Wetzlar. It was something new for Jessie so we showed her. But I think it was really funny for everyone and I totally like it😊

28 July 2017

There need to be one day in which we only chilled and relaxed-so here it is. We went to Wetzlar, a city about 15 minutes from our home away with the car where Jessie and me went shopping. For example we went in the "new" Ikea there. We first bought everything we need for the next time before we had some lunch. Afterwards we had a look on every shop and I sometimes showed her some which she doesn't have in Hongkong🛍

27 July 2017

Today my sister,my dad,Jessie and me,we went to the Hessenpark. It's like an (mostly) open air museum as a parc. For example old houses from all over in Hessia have been build down and then there completely the same up again. We had a look on everything before we went back home again. I think it was quite interesting for everyone,even again.

26 July 2017

In the afternoon we went to the old "castle" on the Saalburg. This time we weren't alone cause my siblings which have come back joined us. There we had a look on everything which has been found of the Romans,learned something about the history and how they lived. I think it was interesting for everyone and so it was a nice day together😊⛅

25 July 2017

I'm not sure if it was more entertaining or sport: Before we finally made it on our way back home, we went to the Therme (or big big swimming pool area) in Erding.👙 There are different parts- swimming, sauna and slides. But we really enjoyed the slides ~big choice,cool effects💪💕
On our trip we also made a stop at the world of BMW. The whole area seemed to be really big. But we didn't went out there ;)
After we had typical Bavarian breakfast we went in the city again. These time we wanted to make the longer tour (2hours) with the city bus. We hopped of the bus at the station with this castle. It's called the "Castle Nymphenburg" and has probably over maybe 300 rooms?🙈 We visited the museum about nature and humans.🐾For example there was shown the preparation of the bear Bruno🐻but also some brain facts and....(went on)😉

24 July 2017

Happily that the rain stopped, we went to the Marienplatz where my parents,Jessie and me wanted to listen to the bells of the residence. You can see the residence in the centre of the foto. On the left side next to and a bit behinde it, you find the church which is identifiable by its two towers with the blue or green "heads"🙃
Here we were at the Hofbräuhaus🙃 As we arrived, it was very full but we still wanted to eat typical Bavarian food there. I think every tourist who is in Munich was supposed (or something) to go there🙈✅but the lunch we took was really tasty👍
Early in the morning we drove to Munich by car. Our plan for today was to do some sightseeing.😊 After we arrived at the hostel,we went in the city and made a trip about 1 hour with a city bus (2floors🙈). We made some hop-on-hop-off so we could get on and off the bus whenever we want to.💪 It was a little bit sad that it rained all time when we were on so we couldn't take as good pictures as normal.🌦 I will add some pictures I took today,so..have a look💕

23 July 2017

In the evening we all were very hungry,so we ordered pizzas😋they tasted really good🍕👍
Today we went to the Lahn (river) to make a little canouing tour. I think it was really funny, also because of the complications with the trees which we had at the start🙈Finally it went good and we we arrived well at our target. -We started at Löhnberg and drove to Führfurt💪

22 July 2017

Today a bit chilling. First I showed Jessie our village, and also the place in the centre where we played socker and basketball - it was really funny💪When it began to rain we went home and there we also found something to do. For example I told her how to play SkipBo😊Maybe we'll play it again..but,who knows..😁 In general: Welcome at a new home!☺

21 July 2017

Finally arrived💪😊
Soon in Augsburg🙈👍
8:21 - Driving to Augsburg to meet the other participants and pick up the girl which I participate with😊🛣