Mexico, Belize, Guatemala · 49 Days · 83 Moments · January 2019

Mexico, Belize & Guatemala

21 February 2019

Last day in Mexico :( Enjoyed a good sleep and then headed towards the Zocalo - grabbed some lunch at Mumedi and then walked to the Public Education building. Entrance is free and the Diego Rivera murals are stunning! After we Ubered it south to a plaza with Walmart to pick up some last things (and discovered a Sam’s Club, aka Costco, hot dog!) l and then headed back to the Centro. After taking care of a few things we walked to a couple mezcal bars to try a few more, and some eats along the way - topping the night back at the most amazing taco stand! Back to pack... back to reality tomorrow... It’s been the most amazing trip. We can’t believe the things we’ve been able to experience, and how much we’ve enjoyed this time (aside from the blocked ear of course). Hard to believe it’s been 2 months and back to Lima tomorrow!

20 February 2019

Not an exciting start to our day, but necessary - took Cam to a nearby clinic to get his ear checked (it’s been clogged for a month!). Thanks to the nice hotel doorman / translator, plus doc who flushed out his ear, he now has drops & antibiotics and hopefully he can hear soon! 🤞Afterwards we went wandering - to the very interesting (and bizarre!) San Juan Mercado (with its hooved meat & scorpions for sale) and then a bit of a food crawl. First tacos al pastor (El Huequito), lovely random lady street vendor with torta like deliciousness, mezcal tasting at La Bonita, then the AMAZING tacos (suadero & lengua) at Los Cocuyos. Then later in the eve we went to the Palacio de Bella Artes to see the Baller Folklorio - didn’t know what to expect, but great dancing and definitely music in a cool Art Deco & Tiffany theatre! Topped off this food day with El Moro Churros & chocolate of course...

19 February 2019

Yesterday we boarded our last bus from Oaxaca to Mexico City - in style! ADO Platino is pretty flash. Arrived into the traffic, and Taxi’d to hotel - where we were happily reunited with our bag we left over a month ago! Walked, ate, slept, nice to be back in the CDMX. Today we gallery hopped - first the National Art Museum, a stunning building with a comprehensive spread of all types of art over the centuries. Walked through Alameda park to get a quick lunch at the fancy El Cardenal before heading to the Museum of Popular Art. A fascinating range of styles, mediums and cultural references. When waking back towards the Zocalo we then stumbled upon a photography exhibit (Graciela Iturbide), also fascinating in a beautiful building. A long day of waking ended with tacos for dinner at El Huequito - the most salsas yet and interesting (delish) al pastor tacos!

18 February 2019

17 February 2019

Last day in Oaxaca! Had great intentions to check out all the art galleries, but (non) forward planning had us realize quickly that many were closed on Sundays... sadly. Alas, we still checked off a few last things to do today! Try a Mole Amarillo. Go through the meat alley again. Buy a piece of graphic art. People watch in Zocalo. Go back to El Destilado to eat more, try more mezcals, and buy a bottle to take home. Eat some street hot dogs (and try more mezcals!). Sadly our time in Oaxaca is up tomorrow but looking forward to our next days in Mexico City!

16 February 2019

After a good hotel brekkie, we eventually headed out and hit the streets and markets - finally found a good (squirrel) Oaxaca hat and wandered through the markets and nearby churches and shops. Eventually in the eve we picked up our laundry (yay clean clothes for $4!) and then went for dinner at Casa Oaxaca - a lovely rooftop view and tasty eats. Then we found ourselves at a couple mezcalerias, few tastings, then wandered down Alcalá to the Zocalo - very lively and lots of people about! On the way back up we grabbed from elotes (corn) - with mayo, cheese, chilli and like of course! So yum. Great to wander and enjoy - Oaxaca surely comes alive at night. However glad that staying on this Main Street we don’t get the noise at night too 😉

15 February 2019

Wasn’t too painful of an overnight ride and we arrived into Oaxaca early. Dropped our bags at the hotel and started wandering - to markets, a great brekkie & coffee, art galleries and hat search. We then checked into the hotel and chilled for a bit before happening upon a cool parade, some local brews, and in the eve, an absolutely amazing 9-course degustation, plus cocktails, plus mezcal tastings, at a brilliant restaurant called El Destilado. Just when you think you’ve tried a lot, a place like this blows you away! Simply fantastic and so memorable ❤️

14 February 2019

Another early start for a fish today! Sadly although there was much effort, there wasn’t anything biting except a small tuna - however, it was a lovely morn to be on the water and we got to see some manta rays jumping about! (Who knew they could clear about a metre high?!) We then went back to Coste for lunch and had some delicious shrimp ceviche and wandered about. Cam went for another swim and we found ourselves enjoying the sunset again with a few drinks. Then we got our bags and headed to the bus station - overnight to Oaxaca City (again) here we come!

13 February 2019

Enjoyed a late start with a brunch at El Cafecito and checking out more of Zicatela beach. The caught a taxi to Playa Manzanillo across town and hiked down to the 2 beaches - found a spot and settled in! Jumped in a few times to the lovely water. Then hiked up to the top and found smoked fish tacos - and they were all delish and cold drinks very welcomed after the hike! Then picked up a few things in town before waking back along the beaches and enjoying a wonderful sunset watching the surfers catch the rays - a nice day in Puerto indeed!

12 February 2019

Yesterday we left our (scorpion-free) Huatulco gem and took the 2hr bus ride to Puerto Escondido - practically had the whole bus to ourselves! Grabbed a taxi to the hotel and then explored the beach we are on - Playa Zicatela ☀️ Quite quiet, and very warm; we walked for a bit and then watched waves with some cold drinks. Today we got up early to head fishing!! We met our guides and boat at the neighbour bay and headed out for a beautiful sunrise. Tried for some rooster fish near shore but with no luck, we then headed out and managed to catch 2 sail fish! Quite the fighter fish - Cam’s arms may be sore tomorrow 😉 A lovely morn on the water followed up with a simple afternoon of beach drinks, delish ceviche, pool swim and more chilling after the early start.

10 February 2019

So after the long overnight bus ride, we grabbed a taxi to the hotel and landed in... paradise! What a wonderful spot. Not much to say over these three days aside from we enjoyed the sun, warmth, beach, sleep, reading, chilling, swimming, drinks, chasing animals, and just doing little. We did observe a lot of bizarre resort behaviour (most other were ‘all-inclusive’ here), and the food was not exactly like we’ve experienced in the rest of Mexico, plus we met our first scorpion (yikes!), but overall it was good to just kick back for a couple days... now onto the next beach!

7 February 2019

One last (quiet) day in San Cristobal - woke up late, went out to get some coffee & pastries for brekkie. Eventually we packed our bags, put them in storage, and then wandered for the day! Tried some traditional cacao drinks, then walked a bit before delicious Brazilian burgers, followed by a walk up the hill to a church (and nice view back on the city). We would our way back through more streets, random shopping, a couple bar stops, and a simple dinner before getting our bags again and making our way to the bus station. An interesting overnight bus - especially where we can see the driver all night! Good to be able to see out the front on the windy roads though....

6 February 2019

A lovely lazy day today - after sleeping in, we found a French-Mex fusion place for amazing omelettes and coffee. Then we wandered the town many times over, checking out some new markets and stores. After a quick siesta and researching upcoming spots, we then ventured out again for some wonderful cochinita pibil tacos (on black tortillas! Yum). We then walked around a bit, grabbed a beer, gave up on some live music (think we would have been the only ones!) and then found a cute mezcal bar to try some more variety - do love the chips and oranges with chilli salt that come with it!

5 February 2019

A very long travel day today!! Started at 5am when we started waiting for our colectivo... picked up at 6am. Then drove a couple hours before having to change vans and unfortunately then having to be cramped in the back seat 😢 After a seriously windy canyon road with crazy driver, we finally hit the border around 1pm. First small hut stamped us out of Guatemala, then we walked in the serious heat over the border (into Mexico) and into a new van (still dodgy seat and less air!) to drive a couple kms to immigration. Filling out the form yet again, stamped us back in, filled up the van, and a couple more hours later (about 5pm!) we finally pulled into the centre of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. We checked in, and then finally ate a meal at a yum place we’ve been before (la Lupe). A long day but a comfy bed to fall into!

4 February 2019

Another sunny day to explore Antigua. Started by picking up our shuttle tickets for tomorrow, then breakfast with a view! (And huge French toast) Went to Casa de Santa Domingo - an old site turned hotel and many museums within! Saw some cool parrots, crypts, and lots of old stuff and even modern art too (very technical I know). We practically had the place to ourselves! Then we had a coffee break at the Fat Cat cafe, before doing some last sightseeing and souvenir shopping in Guatemala. Guatemala itself has been a wonderful discovery, so beautiful, considering we had no clue what to expect! Back to Mexico tomorrow, a long drive ahead across the border...

3 February 2019

Happily picked up clean laundry this morning (small pleasures! all done & folded for 10 bucks!) and then ventured out for brunch at the Bagel Barn. Then we ventured to the local markets - quite the maze! Found a huge variety of items - including the amazing fruit lane, heaps of handicrafts, and even at one end, a local football match (on dirt) and the chicken bus depot (what crazy buses!). Afterwards we walked across town, made a coffee pit stop, then onwards to the Convento Chapuchinas. An old convent, it was a lovely and interesting site, especially to just wander around. After the waking we enjoyed some rooftop brews at Antigua Brewing, then another around the corner at Antigua cerveza 🍻 Then this eve we said our final farewells to our (2nd) Intrepid group & amazing guide Victor, as many are moving onward with a new guide and some of us are heading elsewhere! Ps. Then we watched the super bowl on the smallest tv ever... 🤣

2 February 2019

After a delicious breakfast of banana pancakes, fruit and Guatemalan coffee, we drove about 3 hours back to Antigua - via some amazing views back into Lake Atitlan of course! Arriving early afternoon, we tried to sort some travel details for the coming days, intermittent with some food and craft beer stops of course throughout the city. In the eve we met up with the group for some good soups and a few last laughs 😄

1 February 2019

This morning we awoke several times - to the dogs barking, to see the sunrise, to have a bird pecking on the window above us! Had a lovely breakfast with our host family then walked down to meet the group. We drove over to Panajachel, and thankfully were able to check in and shower 😄 We then met again and went on a boat ride to San Juan, across the lake, for a quick tuk tuk tour of some local spots and then back in the boat to cross for lunch with an amazing view! After a chill we then went to San Pedro for a bit more shopping before a bumpy ride home. Later we met up for our last dinner together and enjoyed some good food, music, and street pies afterwards!

31 January 2019

After an excellent coffee in Antigua, we packed up the van and drove our way (a couple hours) to Chichicastenango - a wee town with a big market! So many vendors and things to check out. We stayed for a couple hours, grabbed some lunch, then made our way on the windy road to San Jorge La Laguna - and to our homestays for the night! We met Ana and Nidia, who walked us up to their home. It has an absolutely stunning view - and even more so when Nidia walked us further to the viewpoint! Stunning view of the lake. Then we came back and enjoyed some language lessons, sharing photos, played a bingo game and even helped make some tortillas on their amazing oven. Jorge (dad) also came and we had a wonderful meal together and managed to have some small talk in Spanish! Listened to Nidia sing and even chuckled a bit at her doing her English homework - at the last minute of course! Kids are the same everywhere...

30 January 2019

So a very early start at 4:15 this morning - had to try and beat the traffic and chaos en route to Antigua! A few hours, stop for breakfast; weaving driving, ridiculous amounts of semis, roadworks galore, finally arrive in Antigua around 1pm... not too painful! Able to check in, go for a walk around town, grab some lunch and explore some more —it’s a lovely town which we look forward to coming back and exploring more! We were able to quietly celebrate our guide Victor’s birthday also, which was nice. A good dinner at Los 3 Tiempos and then crashed after such an early start...

29 January 2019

Another amazing day in Guatemala! We set off on the Rio Dulce today by boat, breathtaking landscape. After an hour we arrive at Playa Blanca, our own private beach club - a wonderful way to spend a couple hours. Then back in the boat to Livingston, a fascinating town with Garifuna heritage - a mix of all its history. We had Tapado soup, which is coconut seafood and amazingly delicious!! Afterwards we went by tuktuk to a local music school, where they showed us the instruments and performed some songs - so rich in heritage and talent. Then we took the boat by down the river via a few stops to see the local wildlife and the old fort at the river entrance. All in all, another amazing day in Guatemala with breathtaking views, food, culture and wildlife ❤️

28 January 2019

4am wake up call! We trekked into Tikal again this morning (handy when you’re camping next to the entrance!) and made our way by moonlight to Temple 4. We stopped at a few temples on the way and by moon/star light they were amazing. Up the temple and waiting for the sun to rise was brilliant - especially when the animals started waking up! The howler monkeys are deafening. Amazing experience. We then hiked back to the group, had breakfast, walked around the Isla Flores, and then drove all the way to Rio Dulce. Once we got our cabins, we jumped back into the vans and went to some natural hot springs / waterfalls - amazing!! So refreshing. Back to neat cabins on the water for the night 😄

27 January 2019

We finished up in Belize today and made a quick trip to the border! A couple lines and bus loading later, we were on our way into Guatemala. Amazing again how different each country seems, only just over a border. We drove all the way to El Remate, and stopped for lunch at a lovely lakeside location. Afterwards we drove into Tikal National park, dropped our gear into our tents, and headed into the site. All the towers were amazing, and fascinating jungle and layout. Great to be able to climb up most of the temples. Afterwards it was dinner at the campsite restaurant before calling it an early night - sunrise to watch tomorrow!

26 January 2019

After getting in touch with the Botanic garden, they were able to pick us up in town - little did we know it would be the owner picking us up! Lovely lady. She drove us out to the gardens and we had a great wander - not only were there lots of interesting species of plants and trees, but we had the resident dogs accompany us most of the way and even spotted some cool toucans and a snake! (Through Cam’s zoom lens thankfully). After we went up to the neighbour lodge for lunch before heading back into town. Checked out the markets and a few shops before heading back up to the hotel and enjoying a quiet afternoon / eve 😄

25 January 2019

A travel day today (forgot to take many photos! 🙈). We went to the docks early and caught the boat back to Belize City. Once there, we grabbed some cabs to the bus station and straight to the bus station! Loaded the back of the school bus and off we went - a couple hours, a few podcasts and rainstorms later, we arrive in San Ignacio. Grabbed lunch at the hotel, checked in, then walked into town for the very quick orientation walk! So quick we had time to chill with happy hour drinks on the one main road and then get some delicious dinner at Ko-ox Han Nah (let’s go eat!). Walked back up the long hill to our hotel and thankfully missed a massive rainstorm!

24 January 2019

An island day today - slept in, went for a walk, stopped by for some delicious bbq... jerk chicken and ribs of course! Then more walking, chilling and relaxing. Went out again towards sunset and while Cam went taking photos, I enjoyed some reading and the sunset ☀️ Another delicious dinner and cocktails at Reina’s and we’ll finish off this day with another walk in the warm air. It’ll be hard to leave tomorrow!

23 January 2019

So today’s photos will have to come later... mostly. We started our day with some fry jacks (fried bread!) and fresh juice, before heading to the docks and boarding our boat for a day of snorkelling! The weather was windy and looking dubious, but we went on and went away from the island through the split (mad-made!). We made 3 stops on the snorkelling tour, and 98% of our photos today are on our underwater camera but take our word - even though the seas were rough and it wasn’t the easiest snorkelling, the water was so clear and we, well, swam with sharks!! And we saw sting rays, heaps of different fish, so many sharks and my favourite, the eagleray with its own posse of fish. It was incredible. We slowly made our way back to shore in the sunshine, filled our bellies with food island food (lobster curry!) and dosed up on aloe vera for our sun-kissed skin 😉

22 January 2019

Today we headed to a new country! Drove a couple hours to the border, paid our Mexican exit tax in a tiny hut, drove through no-mans land and then walked through Belizean immigration. Once through we waited for the local bus to take us to Belize City - it was an old school bus! With crazy music. With lots of locals. Watching the new countryside go by and a couple hours later, we arrived at the bus station, and taxied to the water taxi. Gray skies and rain met us on the way but the island of Caye Caulker turned on a lovely sunset before a lovely seafood dinner curry & creole shrimp. A great place to spend a couple days!

21 January 2019

After a late night moon gazing, we headed out a bit later for lunch of ceviche and fish/shrimp tacos at El Camello. Then we biked our way back to the Tulum ruins and headed down to the beach! A little less busy than yesterday for sure. We then biked down to the next part of the beach to check it out - also a very nice spot! Not bad to chill for a bit. Then we cycled back to town and dropped the bikes back. In the evening we ventured back to a different part of the beach with another couple on the tour (Radar and Jennifer from NZ! Actually, Norway & Singapore, but live in Auckland). Went to El Bistro at Ziggys and it was an amazing dinner on the beach 😄

20 January 2019

After a quick brekkie next door, we loaded up a couple local colectivos and made our way (with some confused locals!) to Tulum. Another new lodging for our guide (No name!), he was a bit lost, but now we have basically taken over a big house - with a pool! Went for a bit of an orientation walk before we grabbed some lunch, hired a couple bikes and made our way to the Tulum archaeological site. So busy! Especially the amazing beachfront. We explored then wanted to head to the beach... alas, after a couple KMs of cycling, only caught a glimpse (so many resorts!!). Long cycle home, attempt to get beer (no luck!), resorted to pub. Then went for taco dinner with group, with a few of us lingering on for mojitos and rooftop gazing at the blood moon - so cool!

19 January 2019

A very quiet day today - slept in, had a yum brunch looking out to the blue waters, got our hair cut by a lovely Italian man, then wandered through the shops and the beach. Met our new group who we’ll be travelling with over the next 2 weeks, and then grabbed some tacos at El Fogon before checking out Mexican Wal-mart 😋

18 January 2019

An early-ish start to beat the crowds, we made our way to Chichen Itza, one of the 7 wonders of the world! Great to wander around, and definitely people watch. Afterwards we went to Claudia y Veto’s home, for an amazing home cooked Yucatan meal - so delicious!! Then a couple hours later we arrived in Playa del Carmen - to more tourist and well, the beach!! Lovely to see the water. Went for a walk, chill and one last dinner with the group - we’ll be meeting our new travel mates tomorrow! Thankfully keeping Victor, our amazing Intrepid guide for this next leg too 😄

17 January 2019

Had a nice quiet day today - both of us were a bit out of sorts so we took it easy. Went for lunch at El Cubanito (closest we’ll be to Cuba so far!) and it was delicious, then we went for a walk in the city centre (and saw many bus loads of cruise tourists disembark... yikes!). Back for a siesta before heading to the cemetery - guess should have looked closer at the opening times as we only had 10 minutes to look around! Alas, still a very interesting site. Met the group for dinner and a show in the park, with many locals about.

16 January 2019

After a quick brekkie at the hotel and dropping off some laundry (only $4!!), we met up with the group and heading out of the city today - first to a small market town of Uman to load up on some juice and fruit, and then drove down a dusty road to our first cenote! A cenote is a sinkhole, and such a cool sight... nonetheless getting to swim in it! We were given snorkel gear and it was absolutely stunning - the water was crystal clear and you could see so far down. One day we’ll actually share the pics from the underwater camera 😉 After about an hour, and refueling with watermelon, we drove to another cenote - this time a bit more open, but still so clear. Was great to just float and enjoy. Afterwards we dried off and went to a local hacienda for lunch of local food, and wandered the lovely site. Full and tired, we drove back to Mérida, dropped off the gear, went for another walk, picked up the clean clothes, and time for a feed and a few craft beers!

15 January 2019

This morning some of us went on a jungle walk - and it was beyond expectations! We literally hiked over the ruins and through the jungle of Palenque, all the while getting amazing history and facts of the area from our very knowledgeable guide Francisco. It was incredible to see some of the buried areas and just hiking through the jungle (in the pelting rain!) was fantastic. After 2 hours we then went to the discovered site and it was breathtaking - so immense, so detailed, and just spectacular. The rain never let up but it wasn’t cold. Afterwards we met up with the rest of the group for lunch (hoping to dry off a bit!) and then started the long drive to Mérida... and about 7 hours later we made it! Checked in, quick orientation walk, dinner and finally had a shower to wash off the mud from the jungle...

14 January 2019

A very early start this morn - 4am departure! Victor (our tour guide) recommended it as the area still has a lot of protests and road blocks, and this would give us the best chance to avoid them on the very windy road to Palenque. Unfortunately a couple people on our tour weren’t feeling well at all, so the first bit in the dark was a bit rough, but we emerged a couple hours (and a million speed bumps) later at a lovely canopy view for breakfast. A couple more hours on the windy speed bump road and then the waterfalls! Amazing falls, and we went in for a refreshing swim as well. Then back on the road and made it to Palenque to our swank hotel - enjoyed a welcome cocktail, lunch, siesta... then later a quick wander through town, tea and the crazy big supermarket! Cam found his happy place in the dried chiles and hot sauce aisles 😉

13 January 2019

A simple day today - after a good night’s sleep we had another great feed across the street (la lupe) and then wandered! Took care of a few travel details first (aka bus tickets for next month) and then went back through the Zocalo and markets. The markets are quite the maze so was a good wander! Ended up at the textiles museum within the old Santo Domingo convent and then the markets some more. After a few more wanders through the streets, we grabbed a quick snack from Frida’s frites (hehe, of course with curry ketchup!) and met up with the group for some planning notes. Then we went out into the eve for dinner of soup, a wander through the busy squares, and topped off the day with more mezcal and hot chocolate.

12 January 2019

After a couple hours sleep on the bus, arrived early (7am) into San Cristóbal - thankfully some of our rooms were ready as needed to add some more layers! Definitely a bit chilly. Had a good brekkie across from the hotel, then went for an orientation walk around the city. Came back for a nap and then grabbed some lunch at El Brasileiro - amazing burgers and meat!! Then we met some of the group again and drove out to some nearby villages - fascinating places of Zinacantan and then San Juan Chamula. The history and governance was very interesting, especially the church in Chamula. Then we drove back to San Cristóbal and did a bit of a crawl - first to a wine & tapas bar, then Tacolento, then a Mezcal bar. Time for some rest not in a moving bus tonite!

11 January 2019

A lovely lazy day in Oaxaca - slept in, sorted bags to store for the day, then had brunch again at Cafe Alex. Wandered through the Zocalo and then markets, checking out the things we are likely going to be picking up when we come back! Then went up to Santo Domingo cultural centre and went through the great building and interesting exhibits. After a cold chocolate drink, we then found some good food at Cabuche (eventually), had one more drink at the Zocalo, then met up with our group again for an overnight bus to San Cristóbal de las Casas.

10 January 2019

Today was a long day of exploring the Oaxaca Valley - In a good way! We started with a yum breakkie at Cafe Alex, then boarded the van to our first stop in El Tule with the world’s widest / one of the oldest trees. Then we went to Hierve el agua, hiking down to see the petrified waterfalls and then hike back up in the heat and dip our feet in the cooling pools! Then we went towards Mitla, stopping for lunch before checking out this very geometrical site. Afterwards we visited a local weaver family, collected a souvenir, and then went for a mezcal tasting! Very interesting. Finally we made it back to the city centre and we found some good tortas, pozole and chocolate to round out a good day ❤️

9 January 2019

Grabbed a quick coffee this morn before loading up and heading to the bus station - a fancy ado GL bus to Oaxaca! Pretty smooth ride, made good time with a few movies, and we arrived in Oaxaca. Made it to our Happy Express hotel and then went for an orientation tour - so amazing to see some of these sights again! We grabbed dinner at the market (Oaxaca cheese and meat - yum!) and continued to wander. After the tour we stopped into the Zocalo for a nostalgic drink and watched the world go by.

8 January 2019

Today was a great exploring walking day - we started with a Puebla walking tour with our group, to the Rosary chapel (amazing!) and other local Hot spots, before hopping in cabs to Cholula. We met Flako, a local street artist, who took us around to see the fabulous street art in Cholula and tell us a bit more about them and the artists behind. After a couple hours we stopped at the local brewery for a refuel, before checking out the zocalo and then Uber-Ed back to Puebla. Once back we checked out the Palafox library (very Harry Potter-Esque), a few more cathedrals and wandered the markets and streets. Then to cap it off we went to El mural de Poblano for some local specialties, including a delicious mole tasting flight - 5 different types! So yum.

7 January 2019

Had a simple morning sorting out some of Cam’s camera gear, then enjoyed some fantastic carnitas tacos for lunch at ‘El Azul’ - sensing they don’t get many tourists in there as we are now on their Facebook page! Met up with the group again to take vans to the bus station (Tapo east) to board the ado bus to Puebla. A quick 2 hours later, plus long wait for local taxis and we arrived at our hotel right on the Zocalo. Went for a quick wander tour, had a yum dinner of chalupes and enchiladas with the famous mole poblano sauce, before heading to a Luche Libre match at the Puebla arena! So much fun, especially watching the locals get so involved and the ‘story’ of it all. Topped it off with some churros on the walk back!

6 January 2019

Started our day with a quick walking tour with Victor (our Intrepid guide) and some of our group - nice to see some of the neighbourhoods around us again and definitely get our bearings! Afterwards we went to the Museum of Anthropology, grabbed a quick lunch, and then explored this amazing museum - so well laid out, so much history, definitely more than we could possibly process today. Very much looking forward to seeing many of these same places in person on this trip! Afterwards we walked through a bit of Chapultepec park and all their crazy stalls, before walking back to the hotel. Later that eve we joined some of the group for one girl’s birthday celebrations with some tacos and drinks in the Condesa neighbourhood - great tacos and good company!

5 January 2019

After dropping our bag of home goodies into storage for a month, we hopped onto a Turibus and went for a tour of the city. Nice to see all the sights, and get our bearings. Jumped off in the Roma neighbourhood for some tacos (fish), and finished off the bus ride. Another wander through the Zócalo and then metro-Ed back to Zona Rosa - for more tacos! Re-checked into hotel, met our tour group (mostly Aussies and a couple Kiwis!), and went for some more tacos - al pastor. Mmmm...

4 January 2019

After a late night into Mexico City, had a sleep in and started exploring! A delicious lunch at Le Casa de Tono to start, then walked to the Centre Historico - amazing to see it once again, and so many people! Ventured on the metro on the way back, then rested up before a delicious dinner at Almara.