France · 4 Days · 5 Moments · April 2018

Mesland, France (Loire Valley) - Camping

30 April 2018

Today we said goodbye to our cabin and the cool camping ground! But we weren’t to sad about it because we were off to stay in a real chateau! Before check in, we decided to go and have a look at Chateau de Chambord which we actually had tickets to but because it was miserable we decided not to go in... it was stunning from the outside though. We parked up and found an awesome wee place to have lunch which had views directly into the chateau, it was so good. We got lucky with a table as it was super busy and as we sat there they turned away around 20 people - so phew! After lunch it was time to go check out our new pad!

29 April 2018

We woke up to rain so we decided to go into Amboise as we’d heard it’s a place to visit. Amboise is a cute village on a river, with a beautiful Château. Standard French village really! When we arrived we were stunned at how busy it was but we spotted a place we fancied lunch straight away, so after a bit of a drive around (not planned ha!) we found a park and wandered down - in the rain no less! Our lunch was lovely and the restaurant filled quickly. After lunch we decided to go for a walk through the village. It was really cute. We walked up and past the Château but decided not to go in as we knew there were more to come. After that we went for a wee explore around the Loire before heading back to the camp. The kids really came out of their shells tonight and were really into the “animacion”.. which was dancing, circus acts etc. we were so proud of them!

28 April 2018

Today we had an awesome day at Zoo Parc Beauval! We honestly had the best day! The zoo is amazing and holds sooo many animals (although you can’t help but feel sorry for them). It was our first time seeing panda bears but they weren’t doing much. There were heaps of elephants. Both Asian and African which were cool. The lions and tigers were also amazing. We saw the biggest fish we’d ever seen before and white alligators. We spent 6 hours there, and I had the weirdest hot dog for lunch! We would recommend this zoo to anyone and would definitely go back. The highlights were definitely the pandas and the hippos which we got to see swimming around. When we got back to the camp, the kids still had energy, who knows how so it was back to the playground and then dinner in the restaurant which was nice again!

27 April 2018

Today we had a chill day. We went to the supermarket to grab some essentials, it was cool to drive through the little streets again. Lukie went in the pool with Dan, but it was too cold to play out in the outdoor pool so they had to go to the indoor pool... Lucas did go down the slide twice though! Woohoo. At dinner we were introduced to this weird French thing which is Heineken with a Kiwifruit syrup! We couldn’t figure out what it was so dan asked and the lovely waitress gave us a sample! It was so strange! We couldn’t believe the amount of people drinking it though. Turns out they drink it a lot with strawberry syrup. It was a fun/chilled day together at the park. Just such a shame about the weather!

26 April 2018

Driving to the Loire Valley was amazing. Dan nailed the driving on the wrong side of the car & road! We got to see beautiful rolling hills covered in yellow flowers and French villages scattered over the country side. Today marks our first experience at French Camping Grounds. We arrived at Parc du Val de Loire around 3... it is incredible. The whole camping ground is huge and simply perfect for kids! There is so much for them to do. Sadly, we had envisioned much warmer weather and warm it was not! After we checked in and unpacked into our awesome 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom CABIN!, we took the kids for a play on the tramps and playground. There wasn’t just tramps, flying fox and climbing equipment but also 2 different bouncy castles and a games room. Not to mention the incredible pools! It would be fair to say the kids were in heaven. We went to have dinner at the restaurant to be told it was closed (one day a week it closes). Luckily they did takeaway pizza which was ok!