Austria · 2 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Meredith's tour through Vienna, Austria

20 January 2017

We hiked through snowy vineyard and climbed to 1500 feet! At the top we enjoyed coffee and tea before making the trek down. Took several hours and about 7 miles of steep terrain, but worth the view!!
This market contains plenty of vendors and small restaurants. We ate at a little Mediterranean infused cafe. This is a wonderful stop for little snacks and treats. Mary Kate could hardly refuse!
Kolonitz!! Quite possibly the best restaurant I will ever visit in Europe. Cheap, authentic, and charming, this locals restaurant is a must visit. We visited twice throughout our journey. The first night, I had a fabulous chicken Gordon bleu (Austrian cordon bleu) with potatoes. The Austrian apple streusel and chocolate bundt cake are incredible...We went back for our last night and I had Austrian beef with those wonderful potatoes. The waitress was quite difficult to flag down, but spending 3 hours socializing in a quaint restaurant isn't the worst way to finish a trip to Austria.
We stayed in a charming Austrian apartment with 3 bedrooms. Naturally, it was found on airbnb. It was a short walk to downtown and the train station! I was so excited to be sleeping in a comfy bed----even a pull out couch is better than my bed at La Madeleine. Not only did the owners leave us a bottle of prosecco; they left a fully stocked bar with homemade schnapps! Also, the Ferrero rochers on the pillow were the perfect touch. I got to eat Mary Kate's because she doesn't like chocolate. We will make quite the travel duo! We successfully did two loads of laundry in the German washing machine. That is reason to celebrate!

19 January 2017

A little more upscale. This restaurant has excellent brews (according to MK) and large wine pours (according to me). I had a beef and dumpling dish that was great. The dumplings looked like peas, but much to Raven's disbelief, they were dumplings that are very similar to gnocchi. The waiters even wore lederhosen.
Wonderful coffee, tea, and drinks at this posh bakery that once served as a part of the imperial kitchen. The chocolate almond cake was exceptional. Plenty of high-end shopping nearby.
Imperial tour was approximately 30 rooms in the palace. Saw a beautiful ballroom and the room where Mozart performed his first concert! The grounds were incredible to walk on. It was blistering cold...