Malaysia, Thailand · 52 Days · 11 Moments · December 2016

Our journey to our little big day!

19 February 2017

6 months to our little Big Day! So far we've only booked the photographer and the venue for the dinner reception. Still a lot more on the list to do! Stuck at home ill this weekend, forced us to check off a few more items off our list. One of them was wedding invites. We custom designed a template online which we love, but didn't feel quite right. So going with our theme of love birds ( you'll see why later that's our accidental theme 😂), I sketched out the invite, borrowing a few ideas from here and there. Later we will do it on the computer choosing the preferred calligraphy and colour font.

14 February 2017

We needed a bit of a break from life, work, and planning, so we jetted off to Krabi for Valentine's Day!

4 February 2017

Doing a sketch of the wedding topper. Decided that I like this phrase the best. It was a toss between "I love you. I know ", "Best Day Ever" and " Love You More". The latter is more widely used in the Sta Maria-Lloyd household and speaks of our competitive nature, even in love 😂😂😂

20 January 2017

Today I was browsing for ideas on wedding backdrops and came across a very pretty website on maps as wedding guest books. Who knew the state of Virginia would be so difficult to draw?!? My goodness. Ian thinks it would be better if it was the map of the countries and not the states. I think so too. Much easier to draw 😅😅😅

18 January 2017

Daiso is fast becoming our go to for wedding props. We figured chalkboards will be useful for the wedding day, so we bought some now to also use for our "Save the date" announcement. As you can tell from the pics, I took that task very seriously. I sharpened my chalks so it would write better, and we took a shot of it before doodling on the sides. We voted the "fireworks in the sky, starfish on the beach" as our official wedding announcement. Taaa-daaaa

17 January 2017

And then I noticed that he was wearing shoes. Who wears shoes in the house? Never mind that he was on the balcony. So I yelled " I need to pee!" and hurried to the bathroom to compose myself, check my lipstick. And to pee, of course! I join him on the balcony, where he has one hand behind his back and one hand holding mine. He says that it was at this spot many months ago that he first held my hand. (And then I don't remember what else he said 😂) And then he's on one knee and pops the question we all know my answer too 😍 He places the ring on my finger, it's gorgeous! And we sit down for the lovely meal he prepared for us. Finally I had the best reason ever to uncork that bottle of champagne that I'd been saving for a special occasion.

10 January 2017

On the 29th of December 2016 ( don't ask me why that date!), Ian Lloyd lied to me for the first time. It was a blatant lie that lasted the whole day. From the time I dropped him off at the bus stop, instead of taking the bus to work, he took a cab back home and so began the lie that would bring him to his knees 😂 While I was busy at work, Ian was busy grocery shopping, cleaning the balcony, decorating the apartment and cooking dinner I returned home after work to a candle lit apartment, Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros crooning from the tv, and Ian Lloyd, all dressed up waiting for me on the balcony.
Came across this sketch I did for our save the date announcement 😂😂😂

8 January 2017

The first Sunday of the year saw us making a spontaneous trip to Port Dickson. We drove first to Thistle where the operations manager showed us the ballroom and we got a good feel of the place. We listed down what we liked, things we observed and after a quick chat, we zoooomed to the Church of the Immaculate Conception to meet the priest. After 30 minutes there waiting for mass to finish, we met Father Terence who was a bit busy so we waited a bit more. When he called us into his room, he willingly pencilled our names in for the requested date. But with a condition that we have to finish our CMPC, do the pre-nup, clear it with Fr George and then he will happily pen us in 😅 By that time it was almost lunch, but we had one last stop! We swung by Port Dickson for Ian to reminisce about the time when he first got to know me, and would search the grounds to hang out with my friends and I. Anyway, I digress. We wanted to check out the ballroom and the ease of access.

29 December 2016