Japan · 2 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

mel's adventure in Tokyo, Japan

25 June 2017

Ladies commit to the stilettos (lady in meiji park) Earthquakes shake the full country

24 June 2017

Tokyo gets lively the later you get Life and navigation is done by subway stations Homeless community live in well structured cardboard and tarp shelters Too many yen coins Navigating above ground can be overwhelming
So far visited meiji shrine and paid to visit the well aka water bucket with rocks. Next plan, harajuku
They like recycling Vending machine order things are cool yet confusing Navigating streets are hard, even Japanese people carry maps Met a nice Japanese man kinda by the name isiban who helped direct us around Subways are packed
Everything has calories printed on it The sun is very bright at 4am in the morning sunrise Nothing is open before 10am Crossings sounds like birds