Argentina · 6 Days · 5 Moments · September 2017

Trip to entre rios

19 September 2017

Third day: we woke up and had breakfast, as usual. After that we packed all our stuff and went to the hot springs. We had a really good time there, the slides were very funny! We spent 2 hours there. After that we went to the restaurant to have lunch. Once we finished, we went to the San Jose Palace and it was good, not my favourite activity but it was ok. We painted our hands and then we stamped them on a flag, the final result was very nice! When we were done at the palace, we went to a place to buy souvenirs. I bought a key chain for each member of my family ❤️ After buying everything, we got into the bus and started the journey back home. This Trip to Entre Rios was awsome! I got to know the counselors who were amazing people and i had a great time. My friends and I became friends with one of the counselors, her name is Sohini, but her nickname is Soho, she is from LA and she is a very nice person.

15 September 2017

At night after dinner we all went to the hotel, we did some activities there and had a great time together. We sang songs, we played games, it was great fun
In the afternoon of the second day, we went to El Palmar, the national park. We heard Valeria, the guide, talking about the flora & fauna. We had to complete a chart with information of the native plants and animals. My team, the green team, used me to measure the height of the yatay palm tree 😂
Day 2: we woke up and we had breakfast at the hotel. After that we went to a place where Charly talked to us about the different types of rocks. 30 minutes later we went to the beach to eat the damp bread, a typical Australian bread that the counselors cooked, and went rock hunting!!! We had to collect 5 different types of rocks per group, the green team won that activity.

14 September 2017

On the first day we met the counselors and we did some activities together. We visited the windmill and the house of the Forclaz family. We had lunch at a restaurant here in Entre Rios. After that we went to an island where we listened to Charly, the guide, talking about the jungle's vegetation. We went to the hotel, we ate dinner and we went to sleep 😘