North America, Europe · 7 Days · 47 Moments · November 2017

Oslo and Iceland

12 November 2017

Last bit of sightseeing before heading to the airport...wish I had another week here!
Pretty awesome. Also had a delicious lamb soup from the cafe here.
Up before dawn (admittedly, sunrise was 9:41) to head to Geysir and Gullfoss. Had to stop for these pics along the way.

11 November 2017

The Yule Lads
Last stop was Hafnarfjordur, the “elf town”. Didn’t see any elves, but I did walk through a winter wonderland.
Headed west after Glymur to Bogarnes, a little town on a peninsula in the middle of a fjord. Had a nice coffee in a cute shop that was more like a living room.
More Glymur
Attempted to hike to Glymur waterfall. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cross the river because the log is removed in winter. So I never saw Glymur itself, but I enjoyed the hike all the same. Especially the cave!
As soon as I left Reykjavik, I was bombarded with beautiful and impossible landscapes. One minute it felt like I was on the moon, and then a few miles later, it was like I’d gone back in time. If I stopped to take a picture every time my breath was taken away, I wouldn’t have made more than a few miles outside the city.

10 November 2017

Purple Church
I got 2nd place! My prize was a beer and a shot. Here, that’s worth about $30. The shot was some kind of licorice liquor - but not as gross as Jaeger. The girls that got 1st were well deserving.
I spotted this place and was intrigued by the name. Happened to walk in JUST as they were starting a HP trivia.
This bar really ties the city together.
Tried some Icelandic Whiskey —
It’s snowing and below freezing - guess I’ll go to the pool!
I got down to the water just in time to see the mountains on the other side - then another storm blew in and visibility was gone in minutes.
The weather and road conditions kept me in Reykjavik for the day. Not the original plan...but I made the most of it!

9 November 2017

I didn’t see Coke anywhere in Iceland. The plane, the restaurant, the bar all had Pepsi. Thank goodness they sold Coke at the grocery store.
Happy hour = $8 beer. But the free WiFi is a definite plus.
Fantastic fish soup
My Airbnb. Small, but comfortable and exactly as expected.

8 November 2017

For future reference: a “martino” is a shot of vodka with a bit of lime peel. For $16. And the vodka was Tito’s.
It was fun to splurge on an expensive, but special meal. Four courses - red fish (?), smoked halibut, porbeagle (aka shark) and a cheese plate. Plus a side of fried bread. I think the halibut was my favorite, but the shark was pretty delicious as well. Worth it for the food and the experience.
cool basement cafe in Vulkan, which seems like the “maker’s space” of streets. I was probably the oldest person there by at least a decade. But I still really liked it.
Sooooo good. They don’t make Indian food like this in the US.
Wandering around the city center
Weird looking bas relief/gargoyle on the corner...looks like a dragon eating a baby.
Neat little street with old, wooden houses - all colorfully painted. I think it used to be part of Christiania, the original Oslo.

7 November 2017

The National! I’ve never seen them in such a small venue. I’m not sure if it was the nature of the album, or the space, but it was less energetic than their other shows. Still spectacular. I’ve never been able to really see the band members before.
Head to Head exhibition
A few of the thousands of works of art that Munch left behind.
Unplanned stop in Zurich...but alas no Roger.

6 November 2017

Was in the mood for wine, and this place was close. Had a great but brief conversation with the man next to me, who had actually heard of Delaware! Turns out, he’s a photographer and he gave me a copy of his book. I asked him to sign it - he spelled my name wrong at first, but he fixed it.
My fantastic Airbnb - complete with heated floors!
Flight canceled because of storms in Iceland. Didn’t find out until I got to the airport. Waited in line for almost 3 hours. The guy behind me said he got a response by tweeting @Icelandair - I tried it. They responded and rebooked me on a Swiss Airlines flight. Miracle!!!! I’m arriving about 4 hours later than planned, but at least I’m arriving! Who knew Twitter would come in so handy?