United Kingdom · 92 Days · 3 Moments · March 2017

Melissa's voyage in United Kingdom

12 June 2017

If I had to leave London tomorrow, what would I miss? Nicole: The unknown. As terrifying and frustrating as it is, I love that I have no idea what's coming - whether that's in a work sense, love life, friends etc. it's a rare adventure into the unknown with a path that is constantly being rewritten 🙌 Liss: The independence, as challenging and uncertain London is I really enjoy that I have to figure it out on my own. It sounds crazy to me to even say that because why would you not want all the support. But I feel like I can tend to be easily influenced by other people's opinions and sometimes not stay true to my own thoughts or beliefs. I like that here in London I am forced to take every challenge as an opportunity for growth.

2 June 2017

We moved to mikes mansion in algate east after the air BnB and stayed for about 3 weeks. It was a great deal only paying £500 pm for both of us, but it was a bit hard to stay there long term given we were sharing a bed and it had no kitchen to use. We did so well with the mini fridge and the microwave though 👍 I made some killed Buddha bowls and super inventive. We spent our time going for many job interviews and picking up some temp work. I had the delight of working at QA and nicole the pleasure of working at denone and also Amazon fashion. The job scene over here is insane and definitely an experience to learn from and certainly grow from

13 March 2017

We began our journey in west kensington at an air BnB for 10 days. We did a lot of walking around town and discovering London on foot. We spent a lot of money at wholefoods, frank a lot of turmeric lattes and also a few bottles of wine from our local wine man (Sam) who's even gave us one bottle free and invited us to his weds night drinks at the store hehe. We had a scare one night where someone was trying to get in, but pretty sure they just got the wrong apartment. We spend numerous hours at the computer (sharing Nicole's) sending off job applications and fixing resumes. Which little did we know was going to become a regular part of our lives for the next few months on London 😳