United States of America · 7 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

Melissa's journi to United States of America

22 June 2017

Day 7 Las Vegas to Yosemite Today we drove a little over 8 hours from Las Vegas to Yosemite. We weren't able to get a campsite in the park, so we are staying at an RV park about 25 miles from the entrance. Getting there required driving on some extremely high and windy roads. Jeremy had to take over the driving because I got a little too anxious. We got to the campsite at around 7pm so we were able to get things set up and eat dinner right before dark. It's pretty warm here, so at night in the tent was pretty comfortable.

21 June 2017

Day 6 Grand Canyon to Las Vegas After a Tetris game of repacking the car, we got on the road heading to Las Vegas and a hotel! As we drove through Arizona, the temperature rose quickly to 117. The views were amazing, but we decided that this what it somewhere we would ever want to live. On a whim, we stopped at Hoover Dam. The heat was miserable and this was a day where what you can see was limited, so it was almost not worth the stop and $10 parking. We got to Las Vegas and went to our room at the Hilton. For $130, this was a NICE hotel. We were able to wash our clothes in our hotel room, which was a plus. We had dinner at IHOP and then let the kids rent a movie and then spent some time at the pool after the sun went down (it was still 108 out). Then we went back and crashed in preparation for our long drive (8 hours) to Yosemite. No drinking or gambling on this Vegas trip!

20 June 2017

Day 5 Grand Canyon 40th bday We took a shuttle to some areas on the west end of the Canyon and did a little walking-very little, since we were taking turns carrying Everly in a backpack. On the way back, we found out that they were evacuating that end of the park because "something bad" had happened. We never found out what exactly that was. We went back for lunch and both Jeremy and I nursed headaches (heat or kids, can't be sure). They threw me a campsite birthday party complete with cupcakes, streamers, and balloons and then we headed out again. At the east end there were some amazing views and some areas to get right up to the edge of the Canyon with no barrier. I was really proud of Jocy. She was careful, but fearless. Everly was walking here and took off running at the edge so back to the backpack! Once we returned to camp, It was time to get Everly, who had completely changed colors, clean. To my surprise, she showered like a champ and used the full 8 min the $2 allowed

19 June 2017

Day 4 Albuquerque to Grand Canyon We had 6 hours of driving to do this day. On the way, we made a 1 hour stop at the Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona. Thanks to a military discount, we payed $14 for what would have been about $60. The kids were pretty impressed with the Crater. Everly wanted to hear the story of how it got there about 20 times. I think she was trying to wrap her mind around it and make sure it wasn't about to happen again as we stood there. We spent about 40 minutes outside there. It was so hot that the tar on the asphalt was melted. Since we were spending so little time there, we failed to apply sunscreen. When we left Jocy was the first to notice that we were all sunburned. Oops. From there we made our way to the Grand Canyon. We were a little worried because we hit some rain but it was gone by the time we arrived. We took the kids for a quick peek at the Canyon and then went to set up camp. While we were, a group of elk walked right past our campsite.

18 June 2017

Day 3 Driving from Dallas to Albuquerque Today was pretty uneventful. We completed the 9.5 hour drive from Dallas to Albuquerque. I forgot how amazing the changes in the landscape are between Texas and New Mexico. Everly was sooo much better on today's drive. She didn't exactly enjoy it, but she managed. Jocy read information about the different states we've been through so far and we talked a little about that. She played an insane amount of video games too. Jeremy and Jocy are off getting dinner and then we've promised the kids a trip to the pool before bed. Tomorrow we head to the Meteor Crater and then to the Grand Canyon! Can't wait!

17 June 2017

Day 2 Dallas, Tx Today we met my youngest sister and her family at the Perot Museum. She lives about 2 hours from Dallas. We left another painted rock outside of the entrance to the museum. The museum was pretty awesome and had tons of interactive things for the kids to do. Strangely, we spent most of our time in the sports section where everyone but me and Jessica raced various virtual opponents. I think the only one to beat any of them was Jocy. Daniel and Jeremy both came pretty close to beating the T Rex. Jocy and Jeremy programmed a robot, we experienced an extreme earthquake, and smelled coyote urine. It's actually more pleasant smelling than I would have imagined. Haha Everly was quite the challenge in the museum. Everly is a runner and has made me fully understand why some people decide to buy a leash for their toddlers. The rest of the day has been spent at the hotel. We are heading to the pool and then we'll call it a night. Tomorrow, we head to Albuquerque.

16 June 2017

Day 1 We drove for 12 hours today and finally made it to our hotel in Dallas. Along the way we made a few stops to drop off some of our painted rocks and actually picked up a couple from Richmond, Virginia. Here are some of the highlights from today's trip: Everly screamed for about 6 hours of it for no apparent reason at all. I took a wrong turn 4 different times. The car started making a crazy buzzing sound as a result of the weight from the luggage on top (I successfully fixed this problem with an elephant from a McDonalds Happy Meal). Everly decided to pull her pants completely down when walking from the car into the gas station. She also saw a fly in a bathroom stall which resulted in her entire foot going into the toilet water. The rest of the trip was just the kids getting way too much screen time. I've realized that in order for us to stay sane on this trip, that's going to be a necessity!