Europe · 320 Days · 94 Moments · August 2017

Melissa's year abroad in London (U.K.)

7 July 2018

This day I met my French friend Clara in London because we wanted to watch the England match in a pub. We went to the Anchor beside the Thames. It was stacked and we could barley find a seat. In the end we got some bar stools and a Pimms for which I had to wait in the queue forever. Anyway, the game against Sweden was really good and people were singing and cheering all the time. That was pretty cool and exciting because England won 2:0. Afterwards we had a Chocolate Martini in Wood Street and then went to Soho where the Pride Parade was taking place that afternoon. That was really crazy because they were all partying. The mood in the whole country was amazing that weekend because first of all, England made it to the Semi finals, Pride Parade, Wimbledon, Formula 1 in Silverstone and lastly the really hot weather.

1 July 2018

Today was the last day I saw Ilka. She is leaving on Saturday next weekend. Anyways, we planned a surprise day for her where we first had lunch at a fancy restaurant and afterwards went to 2 cocktail bars. It was a really lovely day where we just enjoyed each other’s company. Later I gave Ilka my farewell present. It was a photo book I made with all the memories we made together. Then on the train home I really had to say goodbye to her and I was crying so much because I’m gonna miss her as she was a big part of my whole year abroad.

30 June 2018

In the afternoon my family also came to London so I asked them if it was okay to join them. They said yes, so we met at a pub in Shoreditch where we had a drink, watched a football game and went to the Flight Club to play Darts afterwards. That was so funny but unfortunately I only won in the last round. Jana, a Former Au Pair and her boyfriend Flo also joined us because they are here visiting us. Later we went to Waterloo and walked along the Thames, took some pictures and searched for a place to have dinner. In the end we ate at the Real Greek which was delicious. Before we went home we also stopped st Dreams in Edgeware to have waffles and coffee.
Today was Hanna’s last day so we booked a table at the Skygarden to have Breakfast. We even told them that it was my Birthday so I got a small plate with a cake which said “Happy Birthday”. The weather was very good so we had an amazing view above London. We spent some time up there and walked to the Borough Market afterwards where we tried some food. Then we went to the Shopping Center in St. Paul’s before we took a walk in Hyde Park. It was too hot there so we just searched for a space in the shadow to lay down a bit.

24 June 2018

On Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast in Janes garden. After we got us some lunch from the supermarket we headed back to Cambridge. First of all we went to Zara because they had summer sale and just opened the shop. We tried some clothes and also bought some. Afterwards we went to „Next“ to leave our bags with Rosie who works there. Then we went to the river and hired a punt to do it by ourselves. I have to say, it looks much easier than to actually do it. We really struggled to get around the river and had a few crashes. After half an hour we were so exhausted and just sat in the boat to have lunch. Then we went to the pub next to the river to watch the England football game. That was awesome because England won 6:1. Afterwards we just had a lazy few hours in town before we went to the station and took a train back home.

23 June 2018

Today we went to Cambridge to visit Jane, Ilka’s host grandma. She invited us to hers because the last time we were there she promised us a city tour. So she we arrived, she picked us up at the station and dropped us in the city center where we explored the city a little bit, got some takeaway lunch and sat next to the river to eat. Later that afternoon we met Jane again. Her friend, who is a tour guide, showed us around King’s College, the Chapel, other Colleges and important sights in the city. Afterwards we had a Coffee and Chelsea Buns at Fitzbillys, a famous cafe in Cambridge. Before we went home to her house, we just walked around and went to some shops. At her place we had a glass of wine and just talked. In the meantime her Husband Mike prepared a delicious barbecue. Then two of Janes daughters joined us for dinner. It was a lovely evening there.

17 June 2018

Today Hanna and I went to London where we went to see St. Paul’s from the inside, had a burger in Covent Garden and met Ilka afterwards. Then we went to a pub because Germany was playing against México and we wanted to watch it. While we were there we were talking and had a cider. When we left the pub, México had scored a goal already but we couldn’t watch it to the end because we would have been late for the Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley Stadium. We took the Metropolitan to Wembley Park and walked up to the stadium. We had seats in the upper ranks almost on the opposite side of the stage where we had a great view. There were two acts before the actual performance which was Anne Marie and someone else. At 8:15pm the concert started and everyone was screaming. He is so amazing. He literally plays everything just by himself with a guitar and no band in the background. The evening was unforgettable and we sang along the whole time. 🎶

16 June 2018

After I had to babysit in St. Albans last night and went to Ilka to stay overnight, the next morning we decided to go to Windsor since we couldn’t make it for the Royal wedding. We took the train and had to change 3 times. After 2 hours we finally arrived and started exploring the city. Then we went to Nando’s to get takeaway for lunch. We got a nice place on the Long Walk in front of Windsor Castle where we ate our food. Then we took a walk along the famos long Walk and afterwards we went to the Eaton High Street where we saw the College and had a coffee in a pub where we also watched the World Cup. In the evening we met Marina in London and went to Smith of Smithfield to have dinner.

9 June 2018

This Saturday we went to the Summertime Ball. It’s like a small festival at Wembley Stadium which takes place every year. In the morning, Kheya and I went to the High Street to buy some face glitter. Luckily we found some at New Look. Later that morning, Ilka and Kheya’s friend came over to get ready. We put some face glitter on and obviously took some pictures afterwards. Sunil dropped us off in Stanmore where we had lunch at Nando’s and bought some sweets at the supermarket. Then we took the tube to Wembley Park where already thousands of people were running around to get to the stadium and find their seats. When we finally made it in the stadium we bought water and headed to our seats. The whole show took place for 7 hours straight with no breaks. More than 20 world famous artists were singing their songs which was amazing. We were just dancing and singing the whole time. My favorites were Ann-Marie, Rudimental, Sean Paul, Jonas Blue, Jess Glynne and many more.

31 May 2018

Today we got up very early because we were going on a highland tour. We passed beautiful landscapes, hills and sheep. We had a major stop at Loch Ness where we hiked up a hill, had our packed lunch and enjoyed the sun. Later we stopped in front of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland with a height of 1345m. There was even a little bit of snow on the top. The most impressive point was Glen Coe. This Glen was amazing. We could have spent hours there without getting bored. The view was incredible and the nature breathtaking. Unfortunately we had to leave after like 15minutes. On our way we saw many highland cows (also called Heilan coo) and sheep which Scotland is famous for. 🐑 🐄 After a 13,5 hour bus journey we finally arrived back in Edinburgh. We packed our stuff for the morning because we left for the airport at 3am Friday morning.

30 May 2018

On our third day in Scotland we participated in a free city tour. We saw different buildings in the old town, learned that J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter novels in various Cafés throughout the city and got inspired by a lot of buildings and things in Edinburgh and Scotland overall. We even saw a grave of a guy named Thomas Riddell who is Lord Voldemort in the novels in the graveyard. But it isn’t confirmed that this name was the reason for her to use it in the books. After 2 hours of information and storytelling about the city, we went to the National Gallery for literally just 5 minutes. It is very small and definitely not interesting. In the evening we decided to take part in a pub crawl because the one we did in Dublin was so much fun. Unfortunately it was a bad decision to do. After the second bar the group abandoned us and we had paid for nothing. We were so angry. So we had a Sub and went to a pub just by ourselves. There was even live music and we enjoyed it there.

29 May 2018

On our way we met some people from New Zealand who were also searching for the entrance. It turned out we were on the wrong side of the gorge and so we tried the other one. Finally we found it. It was a rough and Streep way to get down but it was worth it. We got rid of our shoes and waded through the ice cold water to get further into the gorge. You got an illusion that the water was red because the ground underneath it is red sandstone. We spent some time there, had lunch and enjoyed the calmness. When we left we had struggles getting our shoes back on because our toes were frozen from the cold water and we could barely feel them. After walking back to the small village we headed back to Glasgow by bus. There we had a coffee at Starbucks and later dinner in a Bavarian Brauhaus which was lovely. Then we went back to Edinburgh to go to sleep.
Today we wanted to go to a place called Finnich Glen or also the Devils Pulpit. We saw it on the internet when we searched for the most beautiful places to visit in Scotland. Unfortunately it’s in the middle of nowhere with no public transport and there are no instructions how to get there. It’s a well kept secret. Because we thought it’s easier to go there from Glasgow, we took a train there and went to a tourist information. We asked them about Finnich Glen and the lady said it’s a bit dangerous and not easy to climb into. Nevertheless she searched for busses to a close town and explained where we roughly have to go. So we bought sandwiches for lunch and took a bus to Killearn which is 1h away from Glasgow. There we tried to find our way and walked 5miles when we met some people and asked them if they know where it was but they gave us a shitty description. So we went to a forest where we heard water and down the gorge we saw it. But the question was how to get down there.

28 May 2018

The sun was shining and it was so hot. After we spent some time on the top of the hill and enjoyed the view, we walked back down. In the center we went to a Tesco to buy some food for our breakfast the next morning. ☕️ Later we bought some wine and crisps and went to the park before we had dinner in a pub. We ordered salad with goats cheese and chicken pie with mashed potatoes and veggies. It was lovely. Then we went back to our hostel where we shared the room with 8 other girls and got ready for bed.
Today we got up at 3am. Luckily we checked the trains straight when we woke up to see that all of them were cancelled. There was another option to take the bus but we didn’t plan for that. So we were quite in a hurry to get to the station ans caught a delayed train. We arrived at the airport 4 hours early and had breakfast there after security check. When we wanted to leave for our boarding flight, I realized I had lost my jacket. So we headed back to the security to look if it was there. After asking 2 people I luckily found it because the house keys where in the pockets. Anyways, we flew from Luton to Edinburgh and took a shuttle bus into the city center where we checked in at our hostel. Afterwards we explored the city a little bit and had lunch. In the afternoon we decided to walk up the hills to Arthur’s Seat. First we climbed the wrong hill so we had to get down to get up the other one. The views we got rewarded with were breathtaking. We could even see the sea from up there. ?

27 May 2018

On Sunday me and Hanna met in the Oxford Street because she wanted to go shopping. Unfortunately we didn’t know that the shops don’t open before 12 pm on Sundays, so we were too early and had a coffee at Starbucks instead. When they finally opened we went to Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Hollister, Levi’s and some more. Later we met with Ilka, Konstantin and Marina at Brick Lane to check out the street arts there. It’s amazing what you can do with just some spray cans. In the evening we went back to my place because Ilka was sleeping over in order to get up early to catch our train in the morning.

26 May 2018

This Saturday we decided to go to Kew Gardens, a botanical garden in southwest London that houses the "largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world“. 🌿🎋🌺 It’s a huge garden where we went for a walk and had a look at all the different plants and flowers. The weather on this day was amazing and it had up to 28 degrees. ☀️ Later we went to the south side of the Thames where we walked up to the Tower Bridge because Hanna hasn’t been there so far. Then we ate dinner at the Real Greek which was very lovely. Afterwards we had a drink in a pub before we went back home. While walking home, there was a thunderstorm with heavy rain so we had to hide besides buildings with a bigger roof to keep our clothes dry until it almost stopped. ⛈

20 May 2018

Today Kheya and I went shopping in the high street. We wanted to get an outfit for summertime ball. After going to several shops and changing in many fitting rooms we found a matching top which we bought. I also got some shorts and Kheya another top. For lunch we met my host parents at Mod where I got a salad and a vanilla milkshake. In the evening we set up our terrace which is my favorite place now to sit and relax.

19 May 2018

Royal Wedding 👑 👰🏻 Today we went to London to watch the royal wedding. Everyone was so excited and was just talking about this topic. Initially we wanted to go to Windsor Castle to watch it live, but then we decided that it was not worth waiting for many hours to see them just for a couple of seconds. So we wanted to meet at Bank station but we couldn’t find each other for 20 minutes. Finally we met where we wanted to go and went to a rooftop bar called Skylight. We had to wait in a queue and missed the beginning of the wedding. But everyone in the line was live-streaming it just like we did. When we finally made our way to the top, we bought a jug of Pimms and enjoyed the sun and the wedding ceremony. Later we had lunch and relaxed in a park with a cup of Ben&Jerry‘s. In the evening we went to the Dirty Martini Bar and had dinner at Libanese restaurant.

17 May 2018

Today, the kids, Anu and I headed to London to watch a Musical called Chicago at Phoenix Theatre. Before that we had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Unfortunately we had to eat in 10 minutes because otherwise we would have missed the beginning of the show. The musical is based on a 1926 play of the same name by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins about actual criminals and crimes she reported on. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice and the concept of the "celebrity criminal". The show was really good and we enjoyed it.

13 May 2018

After breakfast we took the tube to Leicester Square to meet Hanna. We had a quick bite to eat and walked around a bit. When Hanna left, Ilka and I got Starbucks and listened to a guy playing guitar in Covent Garden. Later we decided to go to Primerose Hill to enjoy the view and the sun. In the evening we had dinner in a pub. I got the lamb shank pie which I already had a couple of month before which tastes lovely.

12 May 2018

Today I finally redeemed my birthday voucher for a cocktail class at the Dirty Martini Bar I got from Ilka and her aunt. I invited some friends and we had a lot of fun shaking cocktails and drinking them afterwards. 🍸🍹 Later that evening Ilka, Konstantin, Hanna (the first Austrian girl I have met in the U.K. since I am here) and I went to Marinas place to hang out a bit before we headed to a club/bar in Covent Garden to celebrate into Hanna’s 20th Birthday the day after. We were dancing and singing and enjoyed the night.

7 May 2018

On the bank holiday Monday, where almost everyone had the day off, we decided to rent some bikes to ride around the city. 🚲 We went to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace up to Hyde Park where we had a break. Almost everyone was out this day in the park pedal boating, playing with water or just relaxing. Later we went back to Leicester Square where we had lunch. Afterwards we walked back on the south side of the Thames. The day was actually quite fun and I would rent a bike again even though it was quite expensive.

6 May 2018

This Sunday we went to Richmond Park. It is a National Nature Reserve, London's largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation. In the park you can find deer herds, ancient trees and a range of rare species including fungi, birds, beetles, bats, grasses and wildflowers. 🦌 We prepared a few things for a picnic beforehand so we could eat there. The whole afternoon, we were walking around the park, saw some deer, beautiful flowers in the Isabella plantation and had a lunch break at the lake. There we also enjoyed the sun and 28 degrees. ☀️ In the evening we had dinner and met some friends at a karaoke bar afterwards.

5 May 2018

This weekend the weather predictions were so good, that we decided to go to the sea side. Because we have already been in Brighton last September, we took a bus from there along the coast to Seven Sisters. On the way there we stopped twice to go to the beach and have something to eat. When we finally arrived in Seven Sisters it was breathtaking. The landscape was so beautiful with a small river and hills with cows and lots of sheep on them. 🐄🐑 We took a long walk up the hills until we reached the edge of the white cliffs. The view was amazing. We spent some time there and enjoyed the sun and the wind before we walked back. After a short break at a Cafe, we headed back to Brighton where we bought some ice creams and a bottle of wine and enjoyed the sunset. 🌅 Later we had dinner at Ask Italian and almost missed the train back to London if we hadn’t been running through half of the town to catch it. Overall it was a beautiful day were we got a little bit sunburnt but also tanned.

28 April 2018

After we had lunch in London, we took a train back to St. Albans where Ilkas host dad picked us up at the station in a Jaguar sports car. That was pretty cool. Before we went back to their place, we just popped by a shop to get some food for the evening. When we arrived there, we played with the kids until lunch and afterwards they had to take a bath. Before bed, I read some goodnight stories to them. When all of them were finally asleep, we made dinner, had a glass of wine and watched a film we already wanted to watch in a long time. Then we went to bed because the kids get up very early every morning. Daisy woke up at 5 am so Ilka had to carry her around. At 6:30 am the boys got up so there was no time to sleep anymore. They kept us very busy the whole morning by running around and playing. St lunchtime we went to the playground and the bakery but it was freezing cold with just 2 degrees. In the late afternoon we walked through the park in St. Albans and had a coffee in a pub.

27 April 2018

This week I already went to London on a Friday evening. That has never happened before. Ilka and I met two of her friends who were here on a weekend trip at the Hard Rock Cafe where we had Nachos as a starter and a club sandwich as a main. 🥪 Later that evening we went to Marinas flat where we stayed overnight.

22 April 2018

This Sunday, Ilka and I met in St. Albans to go for a walk in the park and have some waffles at the Waffle House. 😍 Later I got invited by her family to a barbecue at their house. They picked us up and we went to their place where I played with the boys and had a lovely dinner. 🍗

21 April 2018

In the evening we went to a punk circus called “the Bekkrell Effect” with the kids. Before the show began we had dinner at the Diner. Everyone ordered a burger, chips and a milkshake. It was delicious. The show itself was a bit strange because it wasn’t just acrobatics, but screaming and a it had a whole storyline. After all it was a nice day and I enjoyed every second of it.
Today, Ilka and I met to have a nice barbecue in the park. She made a salad and bought a grill whereas I had fruits, bread and biscuits. On our way to the park we stopped at Lidl to buy some sausages. When we arrived and set up our little barbecue, people were starring at us. Maybe they are not used to have this here or they were just jealous that they didn’t came up with this idea. 😂 Anyway, the food was delicious and we enjoyed the time there. Unfortunately it started to rain and we had to leave. We got a bit wet, but it was worth it.

18 April 2018

This week, the weather was amazing.. ☀️😍 We had temperatures up to 29 degrees. Even though it’s still spring, it felt like summer and I had to buy sunscreen. In the afternoons I just relaxed in the garden and enjoyed the sun on my skin. Even my mood brightened after those beautiful days. 💁🏽‍♀️

15 April 2018

You can already see that springtime is here.. 🌸🌺🌿 On this Sunday I went to London to meet Ilka and her aunt to catch up. Later that afternoon we had a lovely lunch. I ordered asparagus with potatoes and sauce hollandaise. At 6 me and my family went to the cinema to watch “Ready Player One”. It was a good movie which pointed out the issues that we spent to much time in the virtual reality aka online. 🎥 🍿 After the movie we had dinner at Nando’s.

14 April 2018

2 weeks have gone by in no time and it’s time to say goodbye to head back to London. I had a good time at home where I met my family and friends, enjoyed nice food and our beautiful nature. 🏔💕

6 April 2018

Around 4 we arrived in Karrösten at the house of my grandmas sister. She turns 70 the week after so we thought it would be nice to surprise her. It was beautiful. The weather was incredible and the view amazing. You just could see mountains with snow on it wherever direction you turned to. Later in the evening we took a walk and after dinner we went to bed straight away. The next day we also took a short walk and in the afternoon we started our journey back home. It took 6 hours because there was traffic due to roadworks. It was a nice trip..
Today we started a small road trip across Austria. We got up very early and went to Salzburg by car. On the way there, we stopped to have breakfast at Landzeit where we obviously got the 4 seasons mugs to stock up our collection. At 9:30 am we arrived in Seekirchen am Wallersee where I had an appointment at a university for Sports- and Eventmanagement. After that we went to the lake and enjoyed the view and the beautiful weather. ☀️ Then we continued our trip via the countryside of Bavaria in Germany to Tyrol. We just stopped to have lunch around 12.

2 April 2018

It is Easter Monday and after lunch we went to the Lake Faak to watch the dance of my little cousins. The weather was so nice and I enjoyed the sun. ☀️ In the later afternoon my cousins, my aunt and uncle came for a visit and we talked, had dinner and caught up a bit. I’m still sick but it got better already.

1 April 2018

Today is Easter Sunday and we went for a walk in the afternoon. 🐶

31 March 2018

It is the end of term and my holidays start. 2 weeks back at home in Austria. 🇦🇹 Unfortunately I got sick just the day before I flew from Gatwick to Klagenfurt but nevertheless I was looking forward to it. When I arrived there my mom, my two little cousins and my aunt picked me up. We went home and had Easter dinner. Almost everyone of my family was there and welcomed me warmly.

27 March 2018

My very first concert in London!!!! The Wombats 😍🐻 Live at Ally Pally! I was so excited to go there even I was going on my own. I took two busses there and had to walk a bit up a hill but it was so worth it, because I got rewarded with an incredible view of London. After I queued up for a few minutes I entered Alexandra Palace and was flashed. I got myself something to eat and drink and then just enjoyed the music of the pre-bands. I had such a good spot in the middle but as time passed, it got so crowded and I couldn’t see anything. Next to me was another girl who went there on her own so we started talking. When the concert started the crowd got mad and rowdy and I couldn’t concentrate on the music. So I tried to find a calmer place in the back and from there on it was just amazing. I had such a good time and one of my dreams came true. I sang and danced and it was perfect. I came home after half 12 and fell into bed more than happy.

24 March 2018

In the evening Lucy’s (Ilkas host mom) 40th Birthday party was taking place at the Beech House in St. Albans. She invited me too which was very kind of her. But before we could go there we had to look after the 3 kids, play with them and bring them to bed. I read some stories to the boys and Ilka sang Daisy to sleep. Then we got ready and hired an Uber to go to the party. When we arrived at least three different people who didn’t know us or even each other asked us if we were sisters which was kind of funny. 😂👯‍♀️ We think it was because Ilka straightened her hair for a change. The night was funny and I stayed at their house until Sunday afternoon.
It was Victoria’s last weekend in England so we met to have breakfast for the very last time. I ordered lovely pancakes with fruits, cream and coffee. I also gave her a farewell present with pictures and a card.

21 March 2018

This day I had my second exam. I had to go to Princess Gate which is located near the underground station of South Kensington and the National History Museum. The exams were pretty ok. Now I’m just waiting for my results.

17 March 2018

This weekend was St. Patrick’s Day. 🍀 Actually, we wanted to go to pubs and take part in the celebrations but when we arrived at Trafalgar Square, there was nothing. The weather was awful and it was raining so we decided to go to the dirty martini bar in Covent Garden, buy some cookies and just hang out. I stayed in London overnight and on Sunday we tried to go to the St. Patricks Day parade but we missed it. So we used the tickets we had left for the Monument and climbed more than 300 steps up there to the top. The view was great but it was so windy and our legs burnt from reaching the top.

10 March 2018

Today we had to get up very early, because we booked a table in the Skygarden for 9 am. The weather wasn’t that good that day, but at least it wasn’t raining and we had a good view above London. The breakfast was lovely and we took many pictures afterwards while wandering around and enjoying the skyline. Then we went to the Tower, the Tower Bridge and finally met Ilka at the Borough Market. The atmosphere there was nice as usual and we tasted a bunch of cheese and other delicious snacks. We also had lunch there before we headed on to the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Next we took a bus to the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye and furthermore through the Oxford Street to Marble Arch. From there we walked to Hyde Park where we played with some squirrels and finally went to Buckingham Palace where we took some pictures. In the evening we had cocktails in the Dirty Martini Bar and went out for dinner.

9 March 2018

Yesterday my cousin came to England to visit me for a couple of days and to explore London. Today we went to Camden Town. At first we had breakfast at the Diner and afterwards we went to the Market. It was beautiful as always. Then we walked to Primerose Hill to get a great view of London. In the evening we ordered pizza from Dominos and watched a movie.

18 February 2018

On Sunday morning we had breakfast in the hostel and went for a walk afterwards. We visited different parks and the famous Royal Crescent above Victoria Park. Also, there were already flowers blooming in the parks. I guess not naturally, but anyway. We also did a city tour and went in some shops. After we had lunch in a bagel restaurant, we headed back to London by bus. When I was on the train home, they said there was an incident in Mill Hill were a person got strucked by a train. So all the connections to Borehamwood got cancelled. There were some other people who had to go to Borehamwood too, so one suggested to share an Uber. It was a funny but a bit scary journey home and I was relieved when I finally arrived there. The good thing is, I had to pay nothing for it. 😂

17 February 2018

Later that evening we had dinner at an Italian restaurant called „Ask Italian“. The food was lovely, but I couldn’t finish it because the portions were so big. After dinner we wanted to go to a bar to have a drink but everything was already closing at 11 p.m. Some time later we finally found a gin bar. Firstly we wanted to order a cocktail, but the Barkeeper convinced us to have a gin and tonic. He had such a big knowledge of gin and offered us different ones to smell and explained them. That was so interesting. We decided to go for a strawberry and later for a raspberry gin. They were lovely. 🍸 At midnight the bar closed too, so we went back to our hostel and our shared 10 bed room.
This weekend we took a trip to Bath, a city in southwest England close to Bristol, known for its natural hot springs and 18th-century Georgian architecture. So on Saturday we booked a Coach there and checked in at a hostel. After that we explored the city and wanted to go to the Thermae Bath Spa. When we arrived there, there was such a long queue in front of it. Signs said, that if you stand to a certain point the waiting time is 180 minutes, but the queue was even longer than that. So we didn’t know what to do, because we didn’t wanted to wait there for 3hours. In the end we decided to wait anyway and luckily it was faster than expected. So after 1,30h we finally made it. We changed quickly and checked out all the different areas. There were steam rooms, an infrared room, an ice chamber, rain showers and a rooftop pool. We weren’t allowed to take pictures but we took some and got caught. 😂 But this evening was relaxing and worth the wait earlier.

16 February 2018

On Friday my old classmate Michaela flew from Ireland to London to visit some friends over the weekend. So we met in the city to walk around a bit and catch up. We went alongside the Thames to the Borough Market where we had lunch and furthermore to the Tower Bridge. Later we took a bus to Trafalgar Square and walked back to the station where we passed Westminster Bridge and Big Ben. In the end we grabbed a coffee and then she had to leave in order to catch her train. On my way back home, I stopped in Mill Hill to hand some cookies over to Victoria. That’s when I saw her home and her family for the first time. When I arrived at home it was already late and we ordered some pizza for dinner. 🍕

15 February 2018

It was half term this week, so I had a bunch of free time. That’s why on Thursday, I decided to go to London with my friend Victoria because it was the first sunny day in quite a while. At first we went to Oxford Street because I wanted to buy a new bag from Longchamp. Victoria bought one too, but from a different store. Then we had lunch at Vapiano and bought delicious cookies at a small bakery called Ben’s Cookies. Later we took a bus down to the Houses of Parliament because Victoria hasn’t been there so far. She also wanted to see the London Eye so we did that. It was such a lovely day we had. ☺️

10 February 2018

This Saturday, we decided to take a trip to Oxford. We took an early train and had to change 2 times until we arrived there. Unfortunately it was raining and very windy but nevertheless, we walked around and explored the city. We saw some colleges, a castle, a market and had a delicious breakfast. Later we went to a shopping center. In the evening we went to the Choral Even Song at the Christchurch cathedral. It was very interesting to attend an English worship for the first time in my life. Then we went home and watched a movie. Ilka stayed overnight, so the next day we had cookies for breakfast and went to the bingo hall. Unfortunately we haven’t won anything, again. In a Shop we did an ugly clothes challenge where we picked the ugliest clothes for each other and tried them. It was so funny. Later in the evening we went to the cinema to watch 50 shades of grey. 🎥

5 February 2018

Today I surprisingly got invited to a premiership game. My host dad texted me in the late afternoon if I’d like to join them because someone couldn’t make it and there was still one ticket left. Obviously I said yes.😂 So my host dad, my host brother, his friend and I went to Watford by car. On our way there, we stopped to have dinner at McDonald’s. Arrived in Watford, we had struggles finding a parking spot. When we finally found one, we had to hurry because we were late. We arrived at the stadium 7 minutes after kickoff but luckily there wasn’t a goal so far. The game was Watford vs. Chelsea. Of course I cheered for the home team because we sat in their section. It’s quite a difference to go to games here compared to games in Austria because you sit directly at the edge of the pitch and can even see the faces of the players rather than just watching it on the big screens. The atmosphere is amazing too. All the fans are screaming and cheering for their team. In the end Watford won 4:

27 January 2018

There was live guitar music and a singer which created such a great atmosphere combined with the old fashioned interior and the Irish people. We ordered cocktails and wanted to eat something afterwards. Unfortunately there was no free table so we had to wait. When we finally got one we ordered burgers which took forever until we got them. So the waiter gave us 35% off the bill and two complimentary cocktails on the house, which was so considerately. In the end they changed the pub to a club. There was even a female sax player who played live to disco music. We left at 11:15 pm and went straight to bed. Sunday: We got up at 5am and took our booked airport shuttle. We checked in and had breakfast. We had separate seats again but both of our rows were free, so we sat together. The sunrise we saw during our flight was amazing and breathtaking. See for yourself. ☀️ I even tried to sleep a bit but the flight was less than an hour. After we came back home we ordered pizza and watched MamaMia
Saturday: We got up at 7:30am to take a shower and get ready for breakfast. The one in the hostel doesn’t have a great variety but it was ok. After that, we went down to the city center to meet one of my old schoolmates who lives in Ireland at the moment. The three of us got Hop on Hop off tickets for the coach so we hadn’t had to walk all the time. We did some sightseeing and went to the Guiness Storehouse to get a tour with the tickets we purchased in advance. It was very interesting but it was so crowded. At the end we got a free Guiness beer which actually hasn’t tasted that bad. We had it mixed with blackcurrant to make it a bit sweeter. Later that day we checked out the Jameson Distillery again and had a small snack. After Michaela left, me and Ilka had coffee and cake on the international chocolate-cake-day. Then we decided to pack our stuff for the next day and went to that pub called Bad Bobs which we saw the day before but had no time to visit.

26 January 2018

Then we wanted to go to the botanic gardens, but when we arrived there 1hour later, it was closed and we had to walk through a huge cemetery with mysterious gravestones. So we had to get all the way back from the north of the city to our hostel. We got changed to go out and got a tip from the receptionist for a pub crawl later that night. At first we had a nice dinner with cocktails before we went to that first pub. There we met some people who participated too. They were from Italy and the USA. So we headed to the next pub on that list and our guide informed us about the special offers there. That went on for 4 Pubs until we finally went to a club. On our way we met so many different people from all around the world and talked to them. We left at like 2am and could barley walk because we already walked 30km this day. So it took a while until we finally came back home. It’s amazing how many people were still up at this time partying. It was a such a great and fun birthday. ☺️🥂
My Birthday Weekend in Dublin!!🥂🎉 Friday: Ilka stayed overnight so that we could go to the train station together. We had to get up very early to catch our train to the Airport and even had to run because we were so late. On the train we started celebrating my birthday with wine and chocolate but when other people entered the train it was a bit embarrassing to drink so early in the morning. Anyway, we had separate seats on the plane but it didn’t matter because we were so excited to go to Dublin. When we arrived the weather was quite nice and we took a bus to the city center. From there we tried to find our hostel to check in. We stayed in a room for 8 girls but that was okay because we didn’t spent much time in our room. After we left all our stuff there we decided to eat something and explore the city. We walked all the way down to the south of Dublin to check out the Temple Bar area, went to the Guiness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery.

23 January 2018

Today I had my first driving lesson here in England. Before that, I informed myself about the rules and did a small test. I was so excited and anxious the whole day, that I had to pee like every five minutes. When I entered the car for the first time it felt so weird. You sit in the left seat, the gears are on your left and you have to drive on the left hand side of the road. The first five minutes I felt insecure but after that it got better very fast. I even chatted with my instructor during the lesson and he told me that he didn’t expected me driving so good. 🚗 I had a second lesson the next day. We went on the motorway, practiced parking and did some huge roundabouts. One of them was 1km long. No joke, it was huge. After these two days I feel pretty safe on the streets. I’m looking forward driving on my own and with our new car which I hope we get in the next few days.

20 January 2018

This Saturday afternoon Victoria, Ilka and I met in Borehamwood for a coffee. We had such a fun conversation there and exchanged stories about our lives. Later we had dinner at MOD Pizza but our main goal was to go to the Bingo. The place was stuffed with people. I think there were more than 200. It was so exciting to play, our hearts were racing and our hands shaking. Unfortunately neither of us won anything. Before we went home we had som ice cream at Candy Lounge. Ilka stayed overnight at my place and on Sunday morning we had breakfast in the Delisserie. I ordered a club sandwich but couldn’t finish it because it was such a huge portion. In the afternoon we tried our luck at bingo another time but with no success. In the meantime it was snowing all morning long and it was freezing cold.

13 January 2018

Last week my friend Victoria, who I met in Germany last year while working there, came to London too. She is staying for half a year just one train stop away. So this Saturday we decided to go to London because she’s never been there before. We started our sightseeing tour at the Tower Bridge, then walked along the Themse to the Borough Market where we had fish and chips for lunch. Later, we walked across the millennium bridge to St. Paul’s, had a coffee there, took the bus to Covent garden and walked the whole Regent Street up to Oxford Street. We also did some shopping because there were sales everywhere. In the evening we went to Vapiano where we had our dinner and went home after that very tired because we walked like 15km during the whole day.

6 January 2018

This weekend we went to the Wembley Designer Outlet to do some cheap shopping. Unfortunately I just found one piece whereas Ilka bought more clothes. Later that day we went to Ilkas aunts place, talked a bit and had some wine. In the evening we went to a pub to have dinner. I had a lamb pie with mashed potatoes. It was so delicious. We stayed in London overnight and after a late breakfast we walked to the London Dungeon to finally use our tickets we bought 3 month ago. Unfortunately we walked in the wrong direction at first until we realized it. So we had to turn around and walk 45minutes until we got there. The London Dungeon itself was ok but I imagined it to be better and more informative than it really was. Of course it was a bit scary but the actors were not allowed to touch or scare you. So it was more like a play than a dungeon. The weather on Sunday was soo good. Blue skies and sunshine. In the late afternoon we also enjoyed the sun set right behind the Big Ben. 🌆

24 December 2017

Holidays!!! So, during my two weeks at home in Austria I met a lot of friends and relatives to catch up with them. I also had a few doctors appointments, went shopping and enjoyed my time at home. Twice I think it was snowing. That was beautiful. Furthermore I went to Christmas markets and 3 times to the cinema to watch Bad Moms, Star Wars and Dieses bescheuerte Herz. It felt like I never left home because everything seemed pretty much like it had always been. Unfortunately the time ran so fast and the two weeks had been gone in no time.

19 December 2017

This day I had to get up very early but I couldn’t sleep the whole night before that, because I was so excited to fly home after almost 4 month in the U.K.. So I got up just before 2 a.m. and got changed when Sunil dropped me off at the station. Unfortunately the train was delayed and I had to wait for almost 45 minutes. When I arrived at the airport I had a coffee and cookie before I headed to the security check and got on the plane. This time we also had a delay of 30 minutes because some passengers take to much luggage on the plane and there was no space for that. ✈️ Anyway, after a 2 hour flight I finally arrived in Ljubliana and wanted to find my taxi driver when I saw my name on to colored sheets of paper. My cousin and my grandma surprised me and picked me up there. That was so lovely. At home I was so happy to see my dog and my other family memebers. 💕

18 December 2017

On the last evening before I returned home for my Christmas Holidays we exchanged our presents in front of the Christmas tree. Me and Kheya got matching grey fluffy onesies. Furthermore I got a small bag with my name on it and a beauty set with nail polish and stuff. They also promised me to get me another present from America after the holidays. And they did. When they went to a American football game in Miami, they went to the shop inside the stadium and got me a Miami dolphins jersey. 🐬 I got Kheya a beauty mirror with LEDs on it, Maan a scratch off world map and a deflated football, Anu a Avocado slicer and a avocado cookbook and finally Sunil a Jack Daniels hot chocolate fudge. I think all of them were happy with their presents. 🎁 Was a funny last evening together. ☺️

16 December 2017

On the last weekend before Christmas we went to a Christmas market in St. Albans. This one was much nicer and lovelier than the ones in London because there were no tourists that destroyed the atmosphere. We had a mulled wine there and sat down in a tent to drink it, when suddenly there was a performance of a glee and dance club. These little girls danced and sang and it was so cute. Besides they had very good voices. 🎶 On Sunday, we went to London to have a proper afternoon tea. It was Ilka‘s first time there and she enjoyed it as much as I did. Even though we had almost nothing to eat before we went there, we hardly couldn’t finish all 3 plates with sandwiches, scones and sweets. Stuffed we decided to go to the Dirty Martini bar in Covent Garden to try the new Christmas cocktails. And I can say, they were amazing. After that our beloved chocolate martini couldn’t be missing so we celebrated our last day before Christmas with it together. 🍸🍹

10 December 2017

It was one of my best days in the U.K. so far. ☺️ This day it was snowing more than in the past 5 years. 🌨 In the morning the whole family was so excited and took a lot of pictures of the snow because it is so rare. After the first excitement we had breakfast and because we couldn’t drive with the car on the snowy streets we decided to take a walk to the supermarket to buy food for our lunch. My host dad borrowed me some boots so that I could walk in the snow. We had a lot of fun and threw snowballs on our way there. When we came back home the whole family helped to prepare lunch. We had a typical English breakfast with eggs, toast, baked beans, bacon and sausages. On the internet there was a small competition going on between my family’s friends and relatives about who could build the biggest snowman. That’s why we went outside in our garden to take part. It was a lot of fun but after that my hands were freezing cold and numb. & Of course we took pictures to upload them. ⛄️
It’s snowing!!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️ Yes you heard right. I never thought I’d see that happening in London. Of course it was predicted before, but I never believed in it. So I woke up this morning and put my blinds up to have a look out of the window and I saw..... nothing because I have a rooftop room and the windows are diagonal so there was snow on it. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs just so see the beautiful snow spread all over the ground. At this Time it was snowing heavily. There will be a huge chaos on the streets today. The next thing I realized is that I have no boots so I have to buy some in the next few days.. 🙈 Now it looks even more like Christmas time. 🎄

9 December 2017

This morning we went to London to visit one of the christmas markets. We wandered around and hat a mulled plum cider. It was so delicious. We also looked at the different Christmas offers there but it was freezing cold and windy next to the Themse. So we decided to have lunch in a restaurant. In the afternoon we went back to the Christmas market and had Crêpes with chocolate and nuts as well as another mulled honey mead. Because I didn’t had to babysit unlike I thought we went to the cinema and watched „Love is thicker than water“. It was the worst film I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

3 December 2017

This Sunday evening we set up the Christmas tree and decorated our living room. 🎄 It’s not a real Christmas tree but one, you can use every year. Me and the kids started to unwrap the boxes with the decorations and and hung up everything. Because the tree was very empty and my mom sent us angels and stuff I got it and we beautified it. Kheya also put some angels on our sky box and provided our radiators with Christmas hats to keep them warm. 😂🔥 Now the house looks like Christmas is coming pretty soon. We all have chocolate advent calendars which we open every day to shorten the time until Christmas. I also got an advent calendar from my whole family which is so nice because everyone filled another bag for each day. Can’t wait to open all of them. Furthermore I got one from Ilka with pictures, quotes and vouchers. So cute. 💕 Love them all.

25 November 2017

.... So we decided to have a coffee to warm up. After that we went for a little shopping. Ilka had to buy a shirt for her little kids baptism the next day. In the afternoon we went to her aunts flat where we had drinks and another birthday cake. When it was time for our dinner reservation we left the house. We had steaks and cocktails and enjoyed a nice evening. Even there she got a dessert on the house because of her birthday. She chose an apple crumble and they served it with a candle as well. It was such a lovely day where we had a lot of fun. ☺️
This morning, I had to get up very early to catch my train to London. It was Ilkas birthday and we booked a table for 9am at the Darwin Brasserie at the skygarden. I met her on the train there and gave her my presents and an advent calendar. Even she made one for me. That’s so sweet of her. When we arrived there we had to undergo a security check before we could use the elevator to the 36 floor of this building. In the restaurant we had a nice buffet and a hot dish. One of my presents for Ilka was a birthday badge. The waitress recognized that and she brought her a slice of cake with a candle on it. That was such a nice gesture. Even if we were only allowed to stay for 1h, we were there for 3h. We wandered around the skygarden with its plants and enjoyed the beautiful view above London. Gladly, the weather was so good with sun and a blue sky so we could see miles. We took at least 100 pictures there before we left the building. Outside there were only 3 degrees and we were freezing...

12 November 2017

After a nice breakfast which consisted of fruits, yogurt, croissants and English tea we went back to Cambridge. This weekend was Remembrance Day. It is a Memorial Day observed since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November in most countries to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918. So there were a lot of parades all over England. We saw some soldiers leaving a church in Cambridge after the celebration. It was freezing cold with 6 degrees and very windy today so we tried to stay inside buildings, had lunch and a coffee in the afternoon. We went back to London and then home when it was already dark outside. It was such a lovely weekend and I will definitely go back to Cambridge in spring when the weather is nice and warm and do some punting on the river Cam.

11 November 2017

Follow-up: But before he did that, he mentioned the choral evensong in the chapel were he allowed us to go. So we went there and after we stepped inside we were speechless. The chapel was so big and beautiful. We were just taking a seat when the choir started to sing, supported by a big organ in the middle of the hall. I got goose bumps because the acoustic and sound were so touching. Sadly we were not allowed to take pictures or videos. After that we went to the house and had dinner with the whole family. They were so nice and I felt so welcome. I even got my own room for the night. We talked the entire evening until we went to bed late.
This weekend we were invited by my friends host grandma to visit her in Cambridge and stay there overnight. We left on Saturday morning and arrived there at 11am. She picked us up at the station and dropped us near the city center where we went to a museum to visit an exhibition. After that we wandered around the city and saw all the famous colleges there starting with King’s College, st. Catherine’s College, St. John’s College, Trinity College and much more. Sadly, all of them charged an entrance fee and we didn’t wanted to pay that much for that. Even though the weather wasn’t that good we enjoyed our time there. I also bought a University of Cambridge jumper. In the evening all the Colleges were closed and not open to the public. When we went by the King’s College, there was no guard in front of it so we sneaked in. We were impressed by the campus of it and bumped straight into a guard who asked us if we were members of the college. We were too afraid to say yes so he kicked us.....

5 November 2017

This afternoon I went to one of Maan’s football games for the first time since I’m here. It took place in North Watford. Before the game we stopped at McDonald’s for a quick lunch. The weather was quite good, sunny with a few clouds but despite of that, with just 9 degrees and wind it was freezing cold. I wore a shirt, a jumper, and a coat, had a hat, a scarf and gloves with me and was still shaking. Maan‘s team played very well. Even he scored a goal straight from the corner. My host dad is the teams coach and he was shouting at the players during the whole game because they made a lot of mistakes and put not that much effort in their play. In the end they won 5:0. ⚽️ After the game, all 3 of us were freezing so we made a nice hot chocolate with cream when we got home to warm up a bit. 🍫

4 November 2017

This evening, my host family invited me to dinner and movies in our home town. At first we went to Nando‘s, a chicken restaurant where we shared pitta and humous as a starter and as a main I had a grilled chicken pitta with chips. After this delicious dinner we went to Sainsbury‘s to buy some cheap snacks for the cinema. We sneaked them into the cinema hall and went to our seats. The movie we were watching was Thor 3 - Ragnarok. It was such a funny Marvel movie and I laughed almost the whole time. I would definitely recommend to go and watch it.

3 November 2017

I know it’s been a while, but I had no time to update this. Last week there was the half term break in England so I had one week off. That’s why my mom came here to visit me for 8 days. During this time we did a lot of sightseeing in London for which I haven’t had time so far. Almost every day we walked 13 kilometers but we saw a lot of the city so it was worth it. We had great afternoon tea, visited the national gallery, saw the most famous sights, went to interesting spots like Camden Market or Borough Market, saw a football game, went to Madame Tussaud’s, Oxford Street, Harrods, Covent Garden, Greenwich etc. Luckily the weather was good throughout the week so we didn’t had to take an umbrella. It was a great week and I am so glad that she was here. 💕

12 October 2017

Yesterday evening my host mum, her friends, a friend of mine and I went to the local Bingo Hall. It was my first time playing it professionally. We got a free book with 12 pages and a pen to mark the called numbers. The first round was a bit hectic and confusing because it was so fast and they said it like seven - one, seventyone (71). The second one was easier, because I got used to the spelling of the numbers. And guess what, I won a full house. I was so excited and my face turned red and hot. I had to share my win with someone else, but I got at least 25£. I think two rounds later only two numbers were missing for another full house on my paper. When my last missing number was called I screamed so loud that everyone in this big and quiet hall stared at me. At this time I won alone and got 50£. 💸💰 It was a fun and successful evening where I won 75£ in total. I’ll definitely go there another time and try my luck. 🍀

8 October 2017

Since I am already here for 1 1/2 month and only had Wraps, Burgers, Rice, Pizza or Indian food to eat, I decided that it's time to have some meals from Austria. I searched for Austrian restaurants in London on the internet and found 3 of them. So we picked one, not that far away from the city called "Kipferl" and went there for lunch. There was a long queue waiting in front of the restaurant when we arrived in Islington. Some time later we got a table and the menus but couldn't decide what to eat because everything sounded so delicious. Finally we ordered Almdudler, Spinat Knödel and had an Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream for a sweet ending. In the end I found out that the restaurant owner and their employees where from Austria too. That was a piece of home I had today. 🇦🇹

7 October 2017

Yesterday we went to London to go to the Bavarian Oktoberfest there. We wanted to compare it with the original one and the "Kirchtage" in Austria. It was funny to see English people in fake "Dirndls" and "Lederhosen". They looked so different from the ones we know. When we arrived at the venue, we heard loud music and people singing to DJ Ötzi. Another funny thing was, that you saw who was from Austria or Germany and who not. There was a band which played typical German music and sometimes English one. The English people only sang along when there was an English song which made it so easy to filter them. The prices were horrendously high but we shared a beer and a Wienerschnitzel. I would not recommend to do that because British people are not able to cook it in a proper way. In the evening we went to burger&lobster where we ate a burger and got a free cocktail in the dirty martini bar. We slept at Ilka's aunts place and had a nice chat there to the middle of the night.

25 September 2017

Yesterday, one of my biggest dreams came true: Seeing a Live NFL game. 🏈 Last week was 'Maan's birthday and as a present I gave him the second ticket so that I didn't had to go alone. After struggling getting the tickets in the first place I made a good deal and got them for half the price. On Sunday Morning we were pretty excited and couldn't wait to go to Wembley Stadium. The game was starting at 2:30pm but we had to pick up our tickets earlier so we left at 10:30am. When we arrived, there were already a lot of people but nothing compared to an hour before the game when everything was overcrowded. The vibes around the stadium were amazing. People were celebrating and everything was a huge party. Everyone was wearing another jersey to support his team even though they weren't even playing this day. We had pretty good seats, close to the middle line. The game itself could have been better. The final result was 7 Ravens - 44 Jaguars. All in all it was a great and memorable day. 🇬🇧

16 September 2017

Last weekend I went to London, more exactly to Camden Town. After the terror attack on a train on Friday we were a bit afraid to go there because they increased the risk level of another attack to the highest step. Nevertheless, we decided not to worry about and make a trip to the city. At first we went to the flat of Ilka's aunt where we wanted to spend the following night. After that we went to Camden Town with its multicultural atmosphere, shops and markets. We explored the small market stands with its handcrafted products and smelled the different types of food. In the evening we visited a couple of Happy Hour Bars and crashed a bachelor party. Furthermore we had traditional fish and chips with salt and vinegar. The next day we had breakfast in the flat and went home in the afternoon. Luckily nothing else happened and we are safe home. #staytogether

9 September 2017

This day, Ilka and I went to the city center of London. At first we visited the Tate Modern, where a lot of art is exhibited for free. After that we walked alongside the Themse and listened to musicians who were singing and sharing their songs to the whole world there. In the afternoon we visited the Borough Food market with lots of fresh food, cheeses, sweets, fruits, meats... everything smelled so good but we couldn't buy everything. The final thing we did before I had to go home was visiting the Tower Bridge. Next to it was a big Chinese Food Festival where a lot of people took part in. In the evening I had to babysit. We ordered some pizza, chicken sticks and potato wedges. They were allowed to stay awake until midnight so it was a very long evening until they finally went to bed.

5 September 2017

Today was Kheya's first day of secondary school. Therefore I had to get up very early to wake her up and get ready. She looks gorgeous, doesn't she? In the afternoon I had an appointment for a national insurance number in Camden Town. I almost had to wait 1 1/2 hours until it was my turn. After that Maan and I went to "the Diner" and had an Oreo milkshake, chicken wings, burgers and fries. It was so delicious but we couldn't finish our lunch because we were so stuffed in the end. 🍔🍟 Furthermore I finally got my HSBC debit card. It was a long way to get there but now it's done, thankfully.

2 September 2017

Today my German friend Ilka and I went to Brighton. I stood up at 6am and got ready because my train was leaving at 7:30. 2 hours and one change later we arrived at Brighton. The first thing we did was walking down to the beach. It been a long time since I've seen such a lovely and beautiful city. We walked alongside the beach and a lot of cute shops until we got to the Brighton Pier with its food kiosks and amusement arcades. After that we discovered a bit of the city center. There we saw small and cute coffee shops which offered freshly baked cakes and cupcakes. In the afternoon we took a rest at the beach and relaxed in the sun. The water was quite cold but nevertheless we stepped inside with our feet. A cone full of icecream and a walk later we searched for restaurants to have dinner. We ended up eating in a burger restaurant, again. Before we left we went to an original pub and drank a Pinte of cider. Our train left at 9pm and now I'm on my way home after this beautiful day.

31 August 2017

Today was a really relaxing day. I colored two pictures and we took a walk to the high street in order to get some fresh air. Now we are watching some premier league deadline day transfers on TV.

30 August 2017

Today's the first day of rain since I moved here. ☔️ It got pretty cold outside. Only 13 degrees. Brr..

28 August 2017

After a nice breakfast, I went to St. Albans by train. I got invited by the host family of the German girl I met the day before to have barbecue with them. They warmly welcomed me and I had a nice chitchat with them. The food tasted so good and I spent a wonderful bank holiday there. In the evening I returned and watched a new series called Divorce with my family.

27 August 2017

This day, I met another girl. She's from Germany. After a complicated journey to London (a lot of trains were cancelled), we finally found each other. At first we went to her aunt who lives in the center of London. After that the three of us went to Notting Hill where the Notting Hill Carnival (2nd largest carnival after Rio) took place. There was a huge area covered by people who were dancing, singing, drinking and eating. We wandered through the streets and enjoyed the fascinating lifestyle of the Caribbean community. Later we went to Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden where we had a glass of wine. At half past 9 we were pretty hungry and searched for open restaurants which was very difficult because it was Sunday. Around 10pm we finally found a burger restaurant but after that I had to leave to catch my train home.

26 August 2017

Today I met some new people. A girl from Brazil and a girl from Spain. Together we went to North Greenwich where we walked alongside the Themse to the Center of Greenwich. We ate something at Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant, went to the market and enjoyed our time at the park.

25 August 2017

We just had some pizza delivered. It's the first evening, I have to babysit. 😂 Hopefully everything works out perfectly.
That's a picture of my new home. ☺️

24 August 2017

Just got my first letter which says I have to register to be able to vote. 😂 otherwise I could be fined with 80 pounds??

23 August 2017

I just arrived here and had a good first day. Saw a little bit of the town when trying to open a bank account which turned out more difficult than I expected it to be. Here's a picture of me and the kids. ☺️

22 August 2017

Sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight to departure ✈️