Australia · 17 Days · 17 Moments · November 2017

Miss and Elle’s Journey to the Whitsundays

13 December 2017

Yesterday was a very emotional day as Eloise left our road trip to fly back home to Melbourne. We had one last cocopops breakfast and hung out in the town for a while before trekking off to the airport. With Nick’s plane coming into the same airport he was able to snap some emotional goodbye photos and keep me company as my best pal flew away from me ♥️ It’s been such an unforgettable trip full of laughs, adventures and many incredible near misses. The road trip is over for now, however keep your eyes peeled because you never know when we will be back for journi #2 🤙🏽

12 December 2017

Today we lived in style! We chucked out our budget and pretended we haven’t been living off baked beans and fantails for our whole trip. With good intentions we gained a prime seat up the top of the ferry, and after lasting one photo and about 30 seconds we bailed due to fears of being blown off. Upon arrival at Hamilton Island we took one look at the hill/mountains (who knows which one) and went straight to the buggy hire. After cruising around like we owned the joint, feeling like celebrities and laughing at all the peasants walking we checked out some amazing views and once again our breaths were taken away. In the afternoon we lay by the pool and enjoyed our moctails (no drinking and driving on buggy’s 🙄) and managed to avoid sunburns again! When leaving the island we came across several dilemmas including a lost ferry ticket and attempting to board the wrong ferry. We watched one last outdoor cinema together and it’s off to the airport tomorrow 😭

11 December 2017

Best day by far!! Today we went on a speed boat adventure tour through the Whitsundays stopping at Whitehaven beach. The snorkelling was incredible, we have never seen water that blue before and we were told that they haven’t seen a day so perfect in 2 years! Our first snorkelling spot was filled with hundreds of fish that swam around us while our instructors threw fish food at our heads trying to get us eaten alive. Our second spot had amazing coral and they even spotted a turtle but we weren’t quick enough to see it. Our last stop was Whitehaven beach where we couldn’t believe our eyes at how beautiful and soft the sand was. We did a bush walk up to an incredible look out and took about 1 million photos to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Like every other day of this trip we spent the whole day laughing, mostly at all of the pasty people from the UK sporting killer sunburns and debating with them about why summer Christmas is always better. We will definitely be returning!

10 December 2017

Today was the day we have been leading up to for our whole friendship, the terrifying Sky Dive! At the 5am wake up call, spirits weren’t high but by the time we were suited up and asked for the thousandth time whether we wanted insurance, photos and videos (only and extra $200) we were ready to go. Our skydive was momentarily put off due to intense wind conditions but with the amount of jokes we were making about potential injuries we barely even noticed. The jump was incredible! The wind was so fast and it went so quickly, the pressure in the ears was so intense I still have blocked ears while writing this at 8pm! After our high of skydiving we went for a nice walk around the harbour to start to feel normal again and then caught up with Phil for lunch. We found a nice cafe looking out onto the lagoon and it was great to be able to tell someone all of our funny stories from along the way. Not many days left now but we are certainly making the most of them!

9 December 2017

Waking up to free camels rides was definitely a good way to start the day and it only looked up from there.🎉 After our quick trip to Arabia in the big 4 car park, we were off on a 6 hour drive to Airlie Beach which consisted of sing alongs, frappes and in-depth conversations about the difference between hills and mountains. When arriving at Airlie Beach we instantly felt like we were in paradise after seeing the amazing caravan park and lying down for a relaxing afternoon at the lagoon. The screening of “inside out” at the caravan park had us excited at the prospect of a chilled night but instantly made us feel sad after we were the only people to show up to the movie over the age of 5. Still being children at heart we will probably bail half way through the movie and fall asleep but with a 5am wake up tomorrow for skydiving that might not be the worst thing.

8 December 2017

Today started very early and strange at about 3am when Eloise started acting like she was out of a scene of paranormal activity. Waking up to find her sleeping in the opposite direction to me, repeatedly squeezing my arm, laughing and complaining of her serious state of dehydration, I thought she’d lost her nut. Turns out she was asleep the whole time, and thought it was all a dream. After this our day turned out a lot more chilled, sun baking on the beach. We got our first sunburn of the trip after we getting a bit cocky thinking we didn’t need sunscreen in our newly tanned state. Then came a 5 hour drive to Rock Hampton which was fairly uneventful except for being intensely tailgated by trucks who refused to use the over taking lanes to pass us. Instead they were content watching our singalongs through the back window. The caravan park is nice at Rock Hampton and they are advertising free Camel rides tomorrow so we are pretty stocked 😄 tomorrow we will be in Airlie Beach!

7 December 2017

Today we left sunny Noosa with spirits high and ready for a luxury night in Hervey Bay after hearing so many good stories. However when we got there we spent about an hour trying to find where we were meant to be and where everything was happening. After deciding that there was nothing happening anywhere, we settled for a quiet caravan park and set up on the beach for a day of reading. In the afternoon we walked along the road to find some dinner and went to the local pub so Eloise could get her first salad of the trip to feel better about our diet of coco pops and fantails. Bed time at 8pm tonight while we’re saving our energy tomorrow for a big drive to Rock Hampton. (not many photos today, but the caravans on the side of the second photo is where we are staying. Swag with a view 🏝)

6 December 2017

Today we left the comfort of the Johnson’s and trekked back into the wilderness. We drove down to Noosa and had a look around the town before driving out to Noosaville where there was a nice camp ground on the river. We had a 5 minute speedy set up to put up the swag and then we were back into the Main Beach of Noosa. We spent most of our day sunbaking, reading and fantasising about returning in 20 years time on a mid life crisis girls weekend. We then discovered that Noosa isn’t the best place for budget travellers as we had to search for 30 minutes for a take away fish and chips. Dinner on the beach was then followed by ice cream on the beach and a Maroon 5 sing along. Pretty good night in our eyes! Finally enjoying the warm weather and hope it lasts until Airlie Beach 🏖

5 December 2017

After seeking refuge at the Johnson’s house and going to sleep without the fear of being washed away in the middle of the night we woke up fresh and determined! We smashed out the domestics by drying out all of our equipment, putting on a load of washing and rearranging the equipment in the car and were then set with the task of repairing our bent tarp poles. When our attempts of trying to bend the poles back with our bare hands became pointless, Terry took the reins and brought a new set of poles. With spirits high we set off in our bikinis for another great day of beach weather, however pretty soon we realised that this beach day was too good to be true. Today would be the second time in two days that we would have to test our fitness and sprint to the car in the pouring rain. Although our sun baking was cut short we couldn’t complain about coming home to a hot shower and a TV. 3 days of sun predicted from now on so all we can do is cross our fingers and hope Noosa brings the sun

4 December 2017

A fun day at Wet N’ Wild was all we wanted, but wowee did we get more than we bargained for. After 3 hours of fun it all came to a sudden halt when a giant thunderstorm hit the Gold Coast and we had to evacuate the park. Not to be dramatic but we basically rode the tsunami back to our site which now resembled Atlantis the lost city #SOS. With bent poles, ruined tarps and no outlook of the rain clearing up we hightailed out of there. We drove for a while coming to terms with our newly acquired homelessness before calling the Johnsons who allowed us to shack up with them a night early. Despite our strong resemblance to drowned gutter rats we are in high spirits. Looking forward to Mooloolaba tomorrow... and draining the rest of the water out of our ears. Sorry for the lack of photos, it just wasn’t our day

3 December 2017

Today was our biggest day yet! We were up early and off to Movie World making sure we got there half an hour before the rides opened to get in optimal roller coaster time. To our surprise it was a very quiet day with no lines for rides at all! We tackled all of the roller coasters early to avoid the predicted thunderstorms but to our luck there wasn’t one drop of rain for the day. We stared in the Speed Racer show after being caught on the dance cam and projected on the big screen. Eloise experienced an incredible near miss involving a phone, a roller coaster and a not so secure pocket. 5 hours later and we found ourselves writing a review on a phone case website praising its quality cases. Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better we stumbled upon a local Christmas Carols where we got into the Christmas spirit and showed the children just how carols should be sung. Don’t know how Wet N’ Wild could top today but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow 🎉

2 December 2017

Today we packed up and left the hoolahoop town of Byron Bay and visited an iconic market. There were many cool hippy stores but we only came away with strawberries which was disappointing. After the market we journeyed on to Surfers Paradise where our main attraction was laughing at all of the schoolies kids who looked miserable from their last night of hangovers. Although it was raining for most of our visit we managed to get about half an hour of sun and lay on the beach. Then we were off to the sunny Gold Coast theme parks! Our spirits were not so high however after a 2 hour set up attributed to a stupid lady at reception and difficult tent pegs (a story for another time once we’re finished fuming). After set up, things were looking better after spending the afternoon at a beautiful pool and watching kids movies in the common room. Off to movie world tomorrow so stay tuned!!

1 December 2017

Welcome to our new followers, we are gaining online fame very quickly and it might go to our heads. Today started with a speedy pack up in the rain as we headed off to Byron Bay. We drove through torrential rain (far worse than Melbourne’s I’m sure) and arrived in sunny Byron where we discovered that we were the only people over the age of 18. #toolies2k17. After a browse through the shops we settled down at the beach and were surprised by how warm the water was. We were able to grab dinner after standing outside a pub for 3 minutes, while they stared at our fake looking real ID’s and wondered what the hell 20 year olds were doing here. Had a great night walking around the town and watching the buskers before we took it upon our selves to be unofficial red frogs for the schoolies delinquents. This provided hours of entertainment as we did laps of the town and listened to the schoolies drama. Now we are going to hide in our swag and hoping we don’t get vandalised ✌🏽

30 November 2017

Today we hit the road again and said goodbye to the Bourgeats. After a 6 hour drive to see what was meant to be one of the highlights of our trip we were very underwhelmed by the not so ‘big banana’. However as always, our spirits were lifted by singing our lungs out to Taylor’s newest album. After arriving at Coffs Harbour we had a smooth set up and spent a bit of time at the beach. Splashed out on a $3 fish and chips dinner and then set up for a big night of rummikub and Harry Potter. Unfortunately our riveting activities were interrupted by a group of campers inviting us to play drinking games. Despite feeling embarrassed being caught playing rummikub and having brought no alcohol we had a great time playing games and hearing about the country town where they were from. Can’t wait for Byron tomorrow 🎉

29 November 2017

Today we hit Manly beach for some sun baking and sleeping to recover from out big walking day yesterday! After sprinting through the Sydney CBD we managed to get onto a ferry across the harbour to reach Manly beach. We settled in at the first beach we saw and lay there for a couple of hours feeling very underwhelmed until we realised we were a 5 minute walk away from the real Manly beach. We could not believe how clear the water was and it’s got us very excited for all the beaches to come! Pretty relaxing day and ready for our drive to Coff’s Harbour tomorrow 💪🏽

28 November 2017

Our first day of sightseeing did not disappoint! We did a 9-5 day of walking to make sure we got every view possible of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The royal botanical gardens was very nice to walk through and free which is also a bonus considering we aimed to spend under $15 today (and succeeded). Highlight of the day was definitely seeing one of the main characters of Pitch Perfect standing on her balcony 5 meters away from us. Unfortunately we were too star struck to say anything to her 🤩 Can’t wait to relax at Manly beach tomorrow!

27 November 2017

Today we got off to a blistering 6.30am start, racking up many speeding and red light fines (sorry to all the parents reading). We had a quick Maccas stop in Euroa which left us feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next 7 hours of driving. After failing to find the dog on the tucker box we were happy to stumble upon the big ram in Goulburn. Some of the highlights of our trip so far are yelling “you’ll never make it to Sydney” whenever we passed anyone and holding up the traffic in 40 zones while coping evil stares. Haven’t even seen anything but having a ball, more updates to come when we actually do something worth writing about 😄