North America · 7 Days · 27 Moments · August 2017

Adventure in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

10 August 2017

Our favorite restaurant...Las Ventanas. Well worth a second trip even if it was a 10pm reservation.
This couple we call "The Jones" have visited this resort 62 times. They are here this time for 30 days. They are royalty here. We just can't keep up but we sure want to try!
Adventures on 5th avenue. I'm not a fan. People are pushy and want to sell us drugs!! I just wanted to souvenir shop!

9 August 2017

Beautiful am
Franklin left his mark on is at the RH. Claimed our beach chairs by the pool and awaiting the sunrise. The cleanup work of the impact is under way. No doubt the resort will be back to normal in no time!

8 August 2017

Dinner at Azia, the Japanese hibachi table. Was ok eats, rookie chef but had a great time at our table with some people from Philly and Ohio (one who skis VT Smuggs!)
Today was a rainy and trying day but we got through together and are turning it around. Screw you Franklin we're over it!

7 August 2017

They tie down the big chandeliers in the heavy winds!! And a little wildlife. Jack's long lost cousin??
A little rain storm. Buttoned on with rations.
My amazing cabana boy!
Breakfast. Amazing fresh fruit.
Day 2. Heavy rain shower around 5, up at 6 to claim our beach bed. Tried to see sunrise although it's a little cloudy.

6 August 2017

Dinner second night far exceeded expectations yet again. Only 3 course this time. So full!
Walked the beach into the town. Wicked hot. Well take a taxi next time. Can't wait to get some fun things to bring home for people!!
It's a rough Sunday.
Cutting down the coconuts so it doesn't fall on anyone's head!
Chair reservation!

5 August 2017

Off to dinner. Best mojito ever!!
On our way in our private ride!!
Here we go!!! And my luggage made it through the confusion.
Patiently waiting in Orlando after a gate and terminal mix up and another run through security. Flight behind schedule now....
After a bumpy flight...welcome to Florida!!
Headed to shuttle!

4 August 2017

Headed to the hotel. Beautiful city lights!!
Traffic and heavy rain. However a double rainbow!!
Started our travel to Boston for the evening!! Quick stop in West Leb for a brow wax then back on the road!!