United States of America · 6 Days · 22 Moments · April 2017

Melissa's adventure in Kaneohe, HI, United St

15 April 2017

Playing along Lanikai beach. Was lovely beach but no facilities. Big rocks not far from shore with fish living nearby.
Sunrise at Lanikai beach. Was aiming for the pillbox hike but didn't make it in time. Also no where to park.

14 April 2017

Magic Beach Lagoon to watch the Hilton fireworks show.
Ala Moana mall, briefly. Hope to come back soon, lots of shopping.
California Pizza Kitchen... Awesome food.
Makani Catamaran. Mostly sunny skies but it rained for 5 minutes towards the end. Michael puked. It was hot. Scarfed down subway before setting sail.
Iolani palace, King Kamehameha statue, legislative palace.

13 April 2017

Halona blowhole. Stopped on the way home (and then it poured!)
Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Bacado burger... Avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese. Best. Burger. Ever. Got the "big" size and was huge!!! Chicken fingers also Ono. Also, Hawaii Kai is lovely.
Sea life park. Saw the sea lion show, dancing sea lions! Was really cute. Charlotte only wanted to stay in the bird cage and have birds land on her. Also saw baby sea turtles, number 12 and 18 😊
Waimanalo beach. Mild waves, the kids loved it. Was a different ocean experience from Kailua beach. Also the change rooms were much nicer. Had a picnic lunch and then a swim. And a sunburn. 😯
Hike up to Makapuu lighthouse. Charlotte didn't make it all the way up so we waited along the path for the boys.

12 April 2017

Sunset on the North Shore
Shave ice at Polynesian Cultural Center. Ate at Tita's grill (food truck). Was Ono.
Polynesian Cultural Center again, this time we watched the Samoa show and the Maori show, both great but Samoa was best. Kap was host, funny. Climbed coconut tree, danced with fired, demonstrated how to husk and split and milk the coconut.
Tropical Nut Farm. Cracking macadamia nuts for the chickens and sampling the flavored nuts... Kona was delicious. Also cheaper prices on souvenirs we already bought 😕
Success! We slept in. Getting used to Hawaiian time 😊

11 April 2017

Polynesian Cultural Center. We were late arriving ( as usual!) But the luau was amazing - great food and awesome show. Tried poi. Tried chocolate haupia cake and guava cake. Tried poke and lomi lomi salmon. Lots of hula and a fire dancer. Went on canoe ride, guide was Mark. Charlotte Loved!
Kenekes Grill. Was going to try Uncle Bobo's but is closed on Tuesday! Saw lots of beach parks on the way. Tried a plate lunch, food was delicious and the lady at the counter was really nice. She had hair down past her knees.
Kualoa Ranch, jungle tour. Guide was Topher. Saw Jurassic World set (indominus rex enclosure) and looked out over beautiful valley.

10 April 2017

Kailua beach. Sunny despite rain warnings. Lovely day and only minor sunburns.

9 April 2017

Early morning flight and not as prepared as we thought we were.