Peru · 9 Days · 56 Moments · September 2017

Melissa 's tour through Peru

5 October 2017

Lima and the pacific coast ... we are staying at Bayview Hotel with no bay view at all.. we had dinner in their new mall in the Mira Flores area at a restaurant called Tanta .....very nice but very Americanized... I don’t really like Lima
Our friends from Israel ... Amir and Ioflette Wonderful knowledgeable people. They have three sons 26, 24, and 19 It was a pleasure to know them
The market place Monuel took us to in Puerto Maldonado before takeover no us to the airport
My last day enjoying the hammock in my porch at the beautiful Corto Maltes Lodge in Puerto Maldonado, Peru 🇵🇪 The Amazon 🙌

4 October 2017

This is the 60 meter Treehouse we climbed last night to get a birds eye view of what goes on at the very top. Absolutely beautiful What looked like rain was actually bugs peeing. It was disgusting but we are in the Amazon 😊
Pictures from around our landscape and yes! A sloth! So cute and Manuel found leaves I the jungle that they use for natural die to paint our faces. He says there are many colors
Some of the many creatures we saw on our 2 mile hike back through the Amazon to get back to our boat Beautiful butterflies that we didn’t see in our morning hike and a wasp killing a spider 🕷and dragging it with her We also saw a bird eating a dragonfly A bird catching a catfish in the lake A huge tarantula in a tree Many termite homes with their trails in trees The stuff you see in animal planet!!
Lago Sandoval in the Amazon, Peru The most beautiful, peaceful lake We canoed over this lake for several hours
The place we stopped at on the lake to have lunch. It was our tour guid, Manuel’s friends place and the monkeys we spotted that live around the lake
Rowing through the manmade part of lake the locals made as a shortcut to get to Lago Sandoval.... I loved this part
The beginning of our row boat tour through Lago Sandoval....
We started our excursion today at 5am... it was so beautiful to see the Madre de Dios river and the sunrise at that time... we were tired but it was worth it .... we are heading to a National Reserve, Lago Sandoval. We met some great people from all Over the world 🌎 British , England, ... our group had a married couple from Israel ... Imire and Iolette he studied physics and she is a physical therapists. Lovely people

3 October 2017

We went out on our first excursion and walked some of the jungle. We found and saw many beautiful things. Our guide is very helpful and knowledgeable because he is a native to puerto Maldonado and the jungle. His father is from Cusco and his mom is from the jungle. That tree is a walking tree because it actually moves to find better sunlight
Upon arriving At the Corto Maltes Lodge we met our tour guide Monuel, and met some of the animals the reside here. The cat is a resident here and his name is Bocce!... looks just like my Mimsy!! The two McCaws are Pedro and Peppi.... the Tucson’s name is Tukey! We had to arrive by boat from puerto Maldonado! The Madre de Dios river is beautiful
Arriving at the Amazon, Peru Corto Maltes Lodge .... beautiful! I would stay here again ... it’s like being in another world... untouched by society yet so beautiful
We are flying Avianca airline to Puerto Maldonado and there have been delays because of heavy winds. They are taking of all the luggage so we will not receive it until tomorrow .... ugh! Thank God I carried on all my amazon stuff ... never again flying Avianca

2 October 2017

PachaPapa was our last dining spot in Cusco. The friends we made that night at Treehouse restaurant suggested it so we decided to try it. As you walk in You would never thing this place would be so charming. We saw pizza on the menu and said let’s go in!! We decided to dine outside It was adorable with heating lamps at every table and the wood oven blazing in the far center of restaurant. They even offered me a blanket because I was cold!! We watched the chef prepare many guinea pigs as that is what Peru Ian own for. I loved it there
This is our second stay when we returned from Macchu Pichu to Cusco.. this hotel has lots of charms but is up very steep hills and harder to return to at the end of a busy day touring and walking the town. It is located. At the other end of our first Hotel San Pedro
Slept late after our greatest hike ever Macchu Pichu!! Touring the city of Cusco today and visiting different ruins later ... The city has great energy and how I love the old mixed with the new !!
The last place I got to see while visiting Cusco was called Puka Pukara... there were beautiful Mountain View’s from this ruin While visiting Sacsayhuaman we decided to hire a taxi to take us to the rest of the ruins. The thought of walking after climbing Macchu Pichu was daunting to say the least We hired a taxi to take us to Cristo Blanco Q’enco Tambomacha PukaPukara And then drop us off at Plaza San Blas where our hotel is near.
This ruin is called Tambomachay a beautiful place. I got the feeling that people of higher society occupied this place but that was just my feeling.
Q’ enqo ruins... I loved this place! It had cave like structure and narrow walkways made of Stone. There was something about this place
Cristo Blanco near Saqsayhuaman built I like 1945. I think? Cusco lights that up every night overlooking the city
Visiting Saqsayhuaman Mountain, another beautiful ruin here on our last day in Cusco ... the view was breathtaking at the top. And the llamas were so cute!

1 October 2017

That was our elevation at the base of the mountain and then at the summit!! That was my activity chart for the day climbing Macchu Pichu!! ❤️🙌🙌🙌. Exhausting!!
Erin and I were sitting In A shaded hut st the summit hoping Angela would make it and we turned around and there she was!!! We were ecstatic! We captured some great pictures of all of us accomplishing what we came to do!! This journey was not easy to say the least, but worth every second of pain and wanting to give up! We did it!!!
After 2. 1/2 hours me and Erin reached the summit! What an amazing feeling!! There were other people at the top from all over the world cheering and encouraging us! It was amazing. We had to leave Angela be behind at a certain point because the stairs got so narrow we couldn’t see her anymore but we had confidence that she was going to make it
I was struggling and had to take many breaks to get to the summit but the views were picture perfect and the people we met along the way were inspirational and amazing all having the same spirit as me Angela and Erin 💛🙏
These are Pictures as we started our ascend to the summit. I was already struggling and had no ideas what was yet to come. The views took my breath away though
These are more pictures as I explored the ruins before my hike up to Macchu Pichu Mountain
We were used at 5am to catch the bus that would take us to the base of Macchu Pichu Mountain That was the line at 6:30a. It moved quite quickly Upon entering we visited all the ruins at the base of Macchu Pichu Mountain and Waynapicchu Mountain That was my favorite place I visited in Peru 🇵🇪 I got a certain feeling that just resonated through my body.... simply amazing !

30 September 2017

This evening we ate at The Treehouse! I had potato gnocchi because it made me feel Like home. My dish was absolutely delicious. I also had a local beer with some Berry in it. It was also delicious. We met a family from Minnesota that was nervous about climbing tomorrow because they had two younger Boys with them and we also met a wonderful female couple that did the four day trekking to Macchu Pichu! They sat next to us at the restaurant and we talked and dined with them! They were our neighbors from Connecticut! What a small World 🌎 their stories were so Inspirational to me! I’m so glad I met them. It was as if we were supposed to meet them! Before bed I got another nose bleed ... ugh. The elevation 🤣
Walking the city of Aguas Calientes Macchu Pichu.. very small and poor but everyone is happy and always singing and playing music in the square and celebrating ( not sure what) where our hotel is located
We had a wonderful lunch with a picturesque view of amazing mountains and stream outside our window.. it was called Toto’s restaurant and I tried alpaca for the first time!
We are staying at Gringos Bills Hotel ... I feel we are among a cluttered neighborhood ( you can see a family in one of the pictures that is right nest to us) but yet I like it because I feel like I’m experiencing their culture and way of living 😊

29 September 2017

Friendly little girls we met in the small market place in Pisac! A lovely market place. The girls handed me their lamb as to take a picture so they can receive sols from me! I gave them one!!😊
October 1, 2017 Climbed Macchu Pichu!! ⛰ We can take that one off the bucket list
Lots of history here in Pisac! This place was named after the Pisac birds that made their home here in this region ... Erin and I climbed to the top which wasn’t easy. We had to see the castle that was built there! Not your idea of a castle that we imagine in our minds ... very simple and beaten down but beautiful scenery and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and laboratory in the you see in the photos
Climbed many, many, many stairs to feel the aura of this place .... Ollytaytambo.... the Temple of the Sun.. the Quenchas ( original people) used the best stone to make this place ... just beautiful Ollytay means warrior Rambo means resting place The original people named each village or area after something that was indigenous to the region
Beautiful Saltineras.... breathtaking !
Spectacular Moray .... September 29, 2017
Chinchero... our first destination on our tour September 29, 2017... this was a very religious place... the church here I not open anymore but you could see the beautiful art work displayed in the outside entrance The Church was never really completed like most of the host or iCal sites here in Peru 🇵🇪. When the Spanish invaded the Quentchas never had opportunity to complete it

28 September 2017

Templo De San Pedro Church.... connected to our hotel in Cusco
La Merced Church... I went inside and a service was taking place. Such a beautiful church
Cusco rich in culture and traditions. I took so many pictures of the local People here going about their day! Everybody is so nice. I loved people watching and absorbing my surroundings... old traditions mixed with today! It was amazing to watch
Picturesque scenery and beautiful mountains landscape the city of Cusco Plaza De Armas
Plaza De Armas ... The Catedral amazing church I did not get to enter
Compania De Jesus Church ... went inside and was just rich with beauty!
Our beautiful hotel .... very authentic ... Hotel Monasterio San Pedro! Very quant ! Here for two days I got a nose bleed in the first night here in Cusco I believe because of the elevation. We are at about 11,000 meters. I got elevation sickness on my second night here! I was having headaches and it just got worse as day went on I threw up all Over tour guide Bus at the end of our tour through Sacred Valley Then I threw up outside hotel after cab ride Then threw up again in hotel ... rough night for Me I’m glad it happened at end of night because I had a beautiful time touring all those special landmarks and villages and laboratories in Cusco 😇
Flight from Lima to Cusco
Domestic flight LCPeru to Cusco. My carry on luggage was too heavy so I had to check it in. They allow 8 kilos, mine was 10.8 kilos 🤓
On our way to airport
Manhattan Inn Airport Hotel
Manhattan Inn Airport Hotel, Lima. Not so great. Dinner was good Breakfast was good

27 September 2017

Landed in Lima yesterday. We are staying at Manhattan Inn Airport Hotel. We arrived a bit late so didn’t explore Lima . The Hotel isn’t that great but the dinner as good as well as the breakfast. Flying to Cusco today!