Sweden, Denmark · 12 Days · 28 Moments · December 2015

Meli's Swedish adventure

10 January 2016

Copenhagen, best Burger ever @Oscar

9 January 2016

Last evening in Lund
Going out in Lund!🎉👍🏻😜❄️ @shotluckan Shots we took: 1. Kanelbulle 2. Super Mario 3. Breaking bad 4. Harry Potter 5. Dunderhonung 6. Scout

8 January 2016

Malbas against Norrköping
Running in Lund ❄️💨before we Go to the 🏀 match

7 January 2016

Ystad - a really nice little Harbour town in the really south of Sweden. Had a great afternoon with Georgi although it was super cold and she threw my hot chocolate on the seat (I still think she did not want to tell me that she wants another seat. ☕️🍰😝) But we got a new cake and hc.

6 January 2016

Palatschinken Time! Could not wait...we already at most of them 😝😁
Prinsesstårta och kanelbulle - typical and traditional Swedish deserts. I ❤️ the princess thingy...of course I do 👸🏼
Jena Assur Africa photograph exhibition in Lund
Kulturen Museum in Lund. A Map of the world in 1130. A little village in the middle of Lund. And finally a coffee shop for Georgi, but it was closed 😂

5 January 2016

Finally snow in Sweden

4 January 2016

Celebrating my 26th Birthday!🎉🍀❤️ Shopping, Indian dinner, cinema, basketball 👍🏻 what a day! Thx Georgia! 👩‍❤️‍👩

3 January 2016

Café Frei in Halmstad...best coffee
Basketball Tunier in Lund
Halmstad Beach Tylöstand
Next stop: Halmstad
Göteborg at Night 🌙⭐️

2 January 2016

Salsa, Bachata, Kazumba night 💃🏼
Trip to Göteborg with Azi and Leon, an arabic and US guy are showing me the city 😂

1 January 2016

Happy new year 2016! Ps: Crazy Swedish guys

31 December 2015

Glögg Glühmost for starter, Salmon, Swedish songs and Dinner for one at Gustav's parents house!❤️ One of my best new year evenings!🎉
New Years in Sweden. U buy alcohol in alcohol shops and dress up like for a prom
Malmö City

30 December 2015

What else?!
Girls power💪🏻
Lund 🌆
Müllentsorgung auf Schwedisch

29 December 2015

It was a blast^^ Missed the last train before construction stop. But had great help from Frank, who missed the train for me! Thx a lot and for the new year's invitation. We finally got to a bus with a sea of bags. Ps: everyone thinks I am Swedish, can u believe it?!😆