Greece · 8 Days · 49 Moments · August 2017

Santorini - the sunset island

2 September 2017

Last sunset in Oia ... yes it's packed up here 😳
TIPS Packing: - bring enough long shirts/jackets, it is windy here and when the sun is gone, it is getting cold. - hiking shoes are a must - hat/cap...the sun is really intense TIPS Oia: - the best and cheapest food you find in the Ammoudi bay. There you have a great sunset too. Actually th ed best. - the sunset point view is overcrowded. - reserve a table if you plan to go to a specific restaurant. - avoid big restaurants. The fish is not fresh. - in fancy restaurants you pay ~60€ for 2. General TIPS: - take a vehicle and leave the bigger village to get to know Greece. - family tavernas are the best. Our hotel: ⭐⭐⭐ It is not tge fanciest one for sure. The light did not work and we had to ask for new towels 2 times. But they are really friendly, greeks and the food is amazing. You are in 3min in the centre of Oia, but far away from all touris and noise. You have a spectacular view to Thirasia and the sunset. It us also one if the closest to the beach and Ammoudi bay (without stairs)
Last day means hardcore chilling 😎😎😎

1 September 2017

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dimitris Tavetna in Ammoudi Bad 😊 food was really good. Not the best Tzatziki but good. The manager is from the US and really nice. The few is simply amazing.
Going down to the old port by foot and taking the Austrian (🇦🇹) cable car up, that's how we did it. Third option, a donkey for 6€ (same as one way cable car).
[F] more pics from the volcano boat tour 🌋 It is really crowded, and if you are used to the amazing scenery for a couple of days now, it is just a couple of rocks... You can also spend from 150-500€ p.P. For "semi private" trips, but you go to the same stops as all the boats and mix with "poor" people at the Vulcano, hot springs or the beaches... it is just crowded with tourists 😓
⭐⭐⭐ Friday is Vulcano day! My captain and I jumped on a touri boat for 20€ p.P and drove to the hot springs. It is the picture with the brown, yellow water 😂 we had 30min to swim around. it was interesting. They say the water is really good for the skin. I have no proof yet, but what I know is that your clothes will be yellow for the next few days...yep even after showering^^ The next an last stop was the vulcano itself. We had 1.5 h time to go up and...yeah look at stones 😎 although it is active, we did not see much. Mostly you smell it. But if you never have been to a vulcano, I still suggest you go there. The view is great. You see the whole island if Santorini and Thirasia. Costs: 20€ boat 2.50€ vulcano 1.80€ bus to Fira (one way)

31 August 2017

Ride back home with the ATV with a quick stop in Perissia.
⭐⭐⭐ Red beach 🌋 We stopped there for few minutes. Because we have heard that is quite small but super croweded. It is really nice, but yep still at 6.30 there were a lot of people. So spending the afternoon at the black beach was the right decision.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great food at black beach! The young waitress sang all the time and had the typical greek attitude, what I like so much. The beach is clean and for 7€ you can rent an umbrella and 2 "liegen" for a day. 😊 There we also found the real greece. A 90 year old man (at least he looked like) sold the umbrella and spoke no word english, but smoked all day 😂
⭐⭐⭐ 2nd stop was in Akrotiri. To visit a really small cadtle. It was nice, calm. In this town I had tbe first time tge feeling we are in Greece. In Oia all greek speak perfectly english and are quite "western". I have been to greece a couple of times, and back then I loved the culture. The joking around, the laziness 😊
⭐⭐⭐ Our first stop: lighthouse in the south. Driving there was amazing, but you really don't have to see the lighthouse. It is surrounded by a fence anyways and a loot of people are there. But the view to the tower and at it, is worth it too.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Today we rent a ATV and cruised through Santorini. The island is just 12km long, so you can easily surround it in 1 day. We rent a 450 ATV, bacause the smaller ones have hard time to go up a hill with 2 people. We paid 55€ for 24 hours. I suggest if you have the money, you rent to small ones, because it is really fun to drive it. Also take some warm clothes with is super windy.

30 August 2017

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Let's go wave riding!🌊 We found a secret public beach, just next to our hotel. Not too many people and great waves. Sun comes at midday, so not too hot too.
[F] lunch at the bay ... crystal clear water 💦 Also you could see the octopus hanging an the clothes lines to dry 😬 🐙
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Best Food we had so far. Funny Thing, it is also a lot cheaper than "upstairs". Totally recommend this place "Katina"at Ammoudi bay. 🦑 And real greek staff!^^ Beer big:4€ Calamari:11€ Greek salad: 8€
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ammoudi Bay 🏊 it is nice to swim and to cliff dive, but bit dirty and a lot of people. Still recommend to visit it.
Ammoudi Bay: the old harbour of Oia. Greece as you know it!🚣
[F] good Morning ☀️ We made our way to ammoudi bay ...
Our way down to the bay. A crowd of monkeys came along. The transport people up to the village on very slippery stairs. In my eyes just animal cruelty! 😑
Beautiful view down to the bay! 🌺

29 August 2017

⭐⭐⭐ Oia Gefsis: Dinner with sunset for 60€ 😆 it was good, but too many tables and people. Stuffed calamari: 22,50€ Santorini Salad:10,50€
Finally in Fira! 💪 I think we really earned this lunch with that view!😎😎😎 Fira is really nice, but more touristic than Oia. Although Oia is quite crowed too, it has more charme. After lunch we drove back by bus!
[F] church in Fira -> then we had frappe and some fruits above the old port Someone with a mega yacht was also there, wonder who that was 🤔
[F] from the 2nd church to imerovigli The view is just breathtaking 🤙🏽😳
Imerovigili is a small town after Oia. It is in the middle of Santorini and has amazing hotels. It is really nice and a great view on both sides (east and west) I think next time we stay here.
[F] luxury hotels along the way ... doesn't get more awesome than that with this view 🙌🏼
2nd stop: Ekklisia Profitis Ilias! On the way to Fira, you will see the most luxurious hotels ever. It is amazing!
[F] from Oia to the first church 🙏🏻 😇
Church of panagia! Finally the first stop on the hill. And yes we were still tired 🤣
[F] Oia before sunrise 🌅 🙌🏼 If you do the hike from Oia to Fira on the edge of the crater (which is a must) do it in the morning, only then its possible to see the city without thousands of tourists
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The early bird, catches the sun rise! Or almost 😎 Today we hiked from Oia to Fira. 10km. We started at 6 to avoid the heat. It was a wonderful hike. With 2 stops an a lot of taking pics we needed 3.5h. 🗻 we had Oia almost alone at 6!

28 August 2017

Oia by night. Super view from the Restaurant Apsithia. ⭐⭐ The food was ok, but totally full. No place to move. Staff was friendly though.and actually quite expensive.
[F] Quick jump into the pool before watching the sunset 🌅
Next to our hotel is a little nice church on a hill. PLUS a really good place to watch the sunset.
[F] Greek chopper 💪🏼
[F] Hike from the hotel to the lonely beach of baxedes
Beach life 😎 me fighting with the sea and Felix trying to get in (because he has no water shoes)
From Ether Sutdios to Baxedes Beach 🤸 it was hot🤣 but the beach is cool. No people but a lot if waves. Although there are deck chairs, you cannot rent any umbrella. So make sure you come early to get some shade or bring your own. Ooor do it like us and lay close to the stones on a hill 😂 👉 next moment...
Good morning 😊 in Greece you get coffee with cold milk when you ask for Cappuccino but it is quite yummy.

27 August 2017

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Restsurant Karma! A really lovely place...also bit expensive, but not too bad for Santorini. Food was excellent ☺
Sunset from our pool. 🕖
Sunset in Oia, yes it is beautiful and crowded!
Oia...see youself 😍
5€: Welcome to Thira 🤣
Our lovely hotel in oia/ia 🏖 //ether studios// Only 91€ per night and they also have great food. A lot of hotels have old boots on their roofs, like ours.
We stopped at the bus Station and walked 10min to our hotel through Oia. Such a lovely village 🏛 The bus terminal is a really small place with 3 ATMs and 2 restaurants^^

26 August 2017

Public Reggae bus ride to Fira, the capital 😎 for 1.80€ From here we drove to Oia...the postcard village.🌅 more pic will follow...