North America, Asia · 5 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Israel Trip 2017

13 September 2017

I had my Life-Changing day today and felt the Holy Spirit work in me like I've never felt before!!! I have met some absolutely amazing people on this trip and look forward to continue growing with them for many years to come! Today started with a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee (crazy to reflect on the fact that Jesus walked on water here!!!), hiking on Mt. Arbal, Magdala Synagogue, Tabgah (most likely where the feeding of 5,000 took place, as well as where Jesus called his first disciples), down the Road to Capernaum (where Jesus taught in the Synagogue and Peter's house was), and finally to the Mt. of Beatitudes).

9 September 2017

We're finally in Tel a Viv, Israel staying at a hotel in the Judean Mountains! We can't wait to see the view tomorrow morning! The flight was good following the commotion delay and the two hours went by quickly after the previous 10.5 hour flight. The hotel is very nice and hopefully we can get a little sleep seeing as it's 1:20 am here but only 6:20 pm Michigan time! Thank you all for your prayers as we travelled! We can't wait to start our journey this morning!!!
We never left the airport here in Istanbul, Turkey, but was able to catch a nice cityscape picture. So now, we're finally on our way to Israel ! We're flying a very nice, new, leather seats and TVs ... Boeing-321. We had to all pile into a bus like sardines and drive to the row of planes (because they didn't have enough terminals). We had a bit of commotion which made me quite nervous but thankfully some of them were escorted to the front of the plane and everyone calmed down! 😲 Meanwhile, John was 10 seats in front of me while I mouthed to him "help me." Lol. I was praying the entire time ... kinda surreal and like a movie. No more worries though, thank the Lord everyone is settled down now ... as we're now almost an hour delayed! 😕
These stewardesses look like they're fresh out of a movie. Classy! Then, of course, I get a migraine from our 10 hour flight BUT found this amazing massage place! I got the "Head Up" massage - 10 minutes for $28 ... and he reduced my pain tremendously and gave me more like at least 15 minutes! ❤👍🏼☺
The "mall" inside the Istanbul Airport. I loved the "warnings" on the side of cigarette cartons! They should have them on our USA cartons!
We flew on a Boeing 777 ... It was huge! Biggest plane I've ever been on. It was nice having our own tv, remote, usb port but not much leg room. Next time ... first class! LOL. ✈
We can't believe the day has finally come to leave for Israel! Of course, we waited until the last minute to finalize packing and barely slept the night before because we are so excited! Our prayer is that we Not be just "tourists" but that we truly give the entire journey to God and that He will allow us to use our experiences for His glory! We can't wait to see what God has planned for this life-changing trip to the Holy Land! 🙏 Pit stop at Uncle Joe and Aunt Barb' s house for supper, fellowship and they drove us to O'Hare International Airport. Such a blessing so we don't have to pay for parking! 😉