Australia · 3 Days · 14 Moments · July 2018

Melbourne Three Days

28 July 2018

Last meal, again two meals, before returning to Adelaide. First at Mr. Ramen San. Tonkotsu soup is a must-have! I think is better than 元助 and we did not need to wait. Tried the black tonkotsu soup as well but was just average. Highly recommend for this place! Then had Shandong Mama again. Didn’t have the fish dumplings today but had fish ball soup instead. Yummy 😋! 炸藕盒 also nice 👍!

27 July 2018

Woohoo! Sexy ladies in the Crown casino. We bought $50 tokens-all lost at the end, with no doubt.😑
Tipo 00-Italian food Another restaurant has a long waiting queue. All hand made pasta with creamy tasty sauce. Food was worth the waiting but a bit over priced. Alan was still hungry after the meal!🤦🏻‍♀️ Well a second meal then-not a surprise for us.🤪
La Petite Crêperie Hardware Lane Beautiful French crepe and lovely cosy place Enjoying a warm winter afternoon
The Realmadrid Exhibition. Aim of this Melbourne trip.
🚃 🚃 🚃
The Hardware Societe. Oh my god the food was amazing 🤤! We had a lobster burger with truffle, and beef cheek! Even Alan was satisfied - he doesn’t usually like western style breakfast🙃 Healthy and yummy 😋. Five🌟 from me!
Second day🌤. Went pass the popular Hopetoun Tea Rooms. The cakes look extremely attempting right?! However a friend told us they are not tasted as good as they look. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Alright then, a photo would be enough 👀 BTW the dessert room and the building itself has had a history of more than 100 years.

26 July 2018

First & second meal! 🤣Went to the Momo Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu to try their Japanese style hot pot. Was told waiting time would be 45 mins for the next available table so we went to a HongKong restaurant first. Tried Charsu and Soyasauce Chicken. Chicken is average but Charsu is amazing!! Reminds me of 炳胜黑叉烧!🤤 Alright we then came back to MoMo-we have big stomach I know😅. Wagyu yapari oiishii-really soft and tasty! We chose the 12 kind herbal soup 🍲- it was not the kind of hot pot that I expected. Was expecting a thinker and sweeter kinda sauce rather than soup base. But still good though. Should have chosen the Kyoto Sukiyaki I think 🤔. Really miss the one we had in Sydney! 😭 Spent $14.8 at Hawker Chan and $123.3 at Momo.
Tsujiri Tea House. It’s okay but Kyo Tea House is the best!
Central Melbourne. Great place for shopping. Sad place for the wallet.😢
Always used Uber before but selected train this time. The station and train looks quite old compared to the Adelaide’s. And we had to pay $6 each for a Mykit card and $4.75 for a single trip fee-2 hours free for transfer. Cash or bank card are not accepted for public transport. Adelaide is more convenient in this matter.😂
Beautiful Adelaide Airport. Ready to rock!