Australia · 5 Days · 44 Moments · March 2018

Melbourne, Australia

1 April 2018

Reached Melbourne Airport. Saw this owl soft toy very cute. I have a small one, size like a keychain. Wow, Victoria secret body mist and lotion cost only $10. I have bought one lotion for myself and one body mist for my sis. Haha.. Melbourne journi end. See u guys on Tasmania Journi.
Morning, another new day. Today Melbourne turn to springtime. Changing of time, early than summer time 1 hour. Having breakfast at Mcd cost $8.30 with hot chocolate and mc muffin. After breakfast, get ready to airport, going to Tasmania ✌️

31 March 2018

While packing, snap a picture of my alpaca. Made with real baby alpaca fur. So soft. Love it so much. Cost $69 😅
The district Docklands and Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. Taking uber back to hostel at Elizabeth street cost $7.60. KFC cost around $12 with 3 pcs chicken, 1 pcs of bread, 1 gravy, 1 tomato sauce and 1 can of 7up. End of the day. Good night
Docklands Pier. Walking from Elizabeth street around 30 mins.
Next stop~ St. Anne’s Winery. Tasting various type of wine.
Sovereign Hill. Worth to go. Experience their living style.
Arrived in Gold Museum. Opposite site of Sovereign Hill.
Another new day. 1st stop~ Creswick Wollen Mills. Since 1947. Feeding Alpaca. So cute 😍

30 March 2018

4th stop, reached the main destination. Penguins parade. Watching penguins going back to their home from the sea. Cannot take pics, so not much photo. End of the day. Goodnight
3rd stop, dinner time. Dinner at Nobbies Ocean Discovery Center. Got seal rock here.
2nd stop, koala conservation centre. Watching koala living style. Beside that, got wallaby also..
Reached MARU koala and animal park. Located in Grantville. Kangaroo, koala, wallaby.....
Now in Box Hill. Heard from the tour guide, a lot of Chinese is staying here. Quite nice city. Photo capture in bus. 😂
Pass by Chinatown when going to the meet point at Extragreen. Today we going to Philip island to see little penguin..
This is Tianjin Garden nearby Chinatown .
Pass by parliament of Victoria.
Walk to nearby small garden to take a rest.
Next stop going to St. Patrick’s cathedral. Just opposite of Fitzroy garden . Very nice architecture.
3rd day~ woke around 7.15am, temperature around 13c in the morning. breakfast at subway, cost $5. After, take Uber to Fitzroy Garden, cost around $9. Very beautiful garden.

29 March 2018

Dinner time, at Sarawak Kitchen. Roasted pork fried rice. Very big portion . Cost $10.90.
6th stop. Toilet time. Pass by a small town Winchelsea .
All the way back from Port Campbell saw a lot of cow 🐄 sheep 🐑 horse 🐎. Got 3 type of cow, black and white, brown white , and whole black cow.
Pass by a small town- Colac. Think to stay here, seem like very peaceful place
5th stop~ port Campbell National Park. Stop for 30mins😑 very rush. Overall this tour is okay, but just dislike of rushing all the time..
4th stop ~ finally reached the 12 apostles. Stop for 1 hours.
3rd stop at Apollo Bay for lunch. Eat at nearby Apollo bay hotel food court. Extremely not recommend to eat the fried rice here. The taste quite bad for me. And a normal fried rice cost $9 and roasted chicken fried rice cost $14. But the roasted chicken quite nice. The pizza look tasty. After lunch, go a park nearby for toilet.
2nd stop ~ signage of great ocean road, and a beach nearby. stop for 10mins😑
1st stop here, a chocolate factory. But just for 15mins.
Breakfast from 7-11 last night. Cost $2.10
After pass by the West Gate Bridge, mostly will see all the way is factory area, lake and field.
We on west gate bridge now. Is a highest bridge in Australia and third longer bridge in Australia.
2nd day~ today following a day tour to Great Ocean Road. Meet up point here.

28 March 2018

Queen Victoria Market. Take Uber from the garden around $13. BBQ stick cost $6.50 and 3 for $18. Got 3 type of meat - lamb, pork and chicken. The hot doughnut very nice, selling at doughnuts van, cost 5 for $7.50. Grape around 1kg cost $6 and 1 box of strawberry around 10 pcs cost $4. Cheaper than Malaysia. Opening time of Queen Victoria Market everyday is different.. so check before going.
Royal Botanic Gardens. Various type of bird and flora
Reached royal Botanic Gardens road entrance, opposite side is a Shrine of Remembrance.
After visited Chinatown, we going to royal Botanic Gardens. Take Uber cost around $9. Around 15 mins from Chinatown. When on the way, pass by this building, was very nice, so I just captured it.
Reached in Chinatown. Feel like in China 😂 saw a Chinese restaurant menu, 3 popiah cost $6 😱 nearby here got a Chinese museum. Entrance fee cost $11, but we didn’t go inside
Very nice building
After lunch, walk to Chinatown. On the way pass by this church. ⛪️ St. Francis Church
1st meal in Melbourne VIC. McDonald’s 😂 Taste better than Malaysia😂, especially the 🍟 cost $8.70
Check in hostel- Elizabeth Hostel located at Elizabeth street. 对面就是麦当劳。地点还算方便,但酒店设施还好。
走出机场第一家店- McDonald’s 😂 Taking skybus from Airport to city. Not very far, take around 30mins. The bus is a double deck bus. After arrive to the main station, take a free mini skybus (north lane) to city centre nearby our hostel. Skybus from airport cost $19.50 per person. Take Uber cost around $45.
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