Qatar, Nepal, China · 6 Days · 19 Moments · October 2017

Melanie's tour through Nepal

20 October 2017

Friday was spent traveling from the Kathmandu Valley to Chitwan. I couldn’t understand why in a country the size of NJ that would take an entire day, but now I get it. Terrain and traffic take a lot of time! All day and into the evening, in fact. The ride was fascinating - to the point that I neglected to catch up on my posts that I had planned on, but didn’t because I was caught up in the beauty of Nepal.

19 October 2017

Miriam made very special arrangements with the fine folks at Rescue Network Nepal (RNN) for Jen’s birthday. We enjoyed mo:mo’s and Nepali Pizza with RNN friends and family.
We moved on to visit Swayambunanth, the monkey temple. Monkeys were everywhere!🐒 Of course there was much more to see than just monkeys.
Thursday was Jen’s birthday & it was full of good stuff! The goddess Laxmi is known to bestow random blessings on people on the third day of Tihar (Diwali). Coincidence that she’s in country? I think not! We started the day off by visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square, that’s the big one, but there are others. I’ve visited three of them! It’s full of temples for Hanuman and Shiva with his bull Nandi. Hanuman’s temple was closed, but Miriam managed to persuade the guards to let us peek in. We continued on through the food market, Asantol, & then onto Thamel for shopping.
Next? Shopping, of course! Off to Bhaktapur we went to see pottery, paper making, & more sacred everything.
At the stupa, there were so many monks, worshipers, tourists, ships and souvenirs!

18 October 2017

Pashupatinath Temple was next. This temple, located on the sacred Bagmati River, is dedicated to death and reincarnation. The people here believe that if they die at the temple, they will be reborn as a human, preferable to being reborn as an animal. While we were there we saw a corpse being brought in for cremation along the river as well as the burning itself.
After the Everest flight, it was time for breakfast. We found a great little rooftop place overlooking the Boudhanath Stupa. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site & is breathtaking to be near.
We didn’t climb Everest, we took the easy way & got a spectacular view! (It’s the pointy one on the left).

17 October 2017

Rescue Network Nepal, an organization Miriam works with that does first aid trainings throughout Nepal, provided us with lunch and a first aid demo. Their tourniquet demo was particularly nice because it could save the limb and releases nicely.
At the zoo we saw local animals

16 October 2017

The fruits of our labor... It was delicious! The fruit at the end was a pummelo from the yard
Maya teaching us to make pilau and a potato chutney for lunch at Miriam’s home.🍽
Buying vegetables for today’s Nepalese cooking lesson
Goshen House, our home in Nepal.
Our host, Miriam Krantz, had commemorative mugs made for each member of our group 💕☕️🇳🇵
Goshen Guest House, Patan

15 October 2017

Arrived in Kathmandu!
Completed the first leg of our journey. Stopping at Hamad International in Doha Qatar for karak tea & a photo op with Bob!