North America · 5 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

Melanee's journi to Costa Rica 2017

29 June 2017

We all got another wake up call at 5:30am from the howler monkeys. But after we all got up, we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel. The Guvilan Hotel has had the best food so far. It was more of a homestyle cooking. Everyone loved the fried chicken last night. In the morning we went for our pineapple tour. We learned how the locals grow organic pineapple. Our guide, Miguel, let us pick our own pineapples and eat them right in the middle of the field. Costa Rica produces the best pineapple in the world! It was interesting though that the workers come from Nicaragua to work the filed. Before lunch we went white water rafting in Rio Sarapiqui. It was so awesome. With the rainfall this week the river was a class 3 rapid. Everyone had a lot of fun jumping into the water and splashing around. We all enjoyed nachos for lunch and everyone was excited to eat something other than beans and rice. We later stopped at a local school on our way to La Fortuna. The kids were excited to ask us lots

28 June 2017

This morning we took a boat back to our bus. The river was high and it took us a while to ride up stream. The river is such a beautiful place. I loved to see how the people of the village use boats to transport everything. On our way to Sarapiqui, we stoped for snacks. The group loving the plantanas (plantain chips) and we also tried the empanadas. Very delicious. Everyone is trying to use their Spanish a little more and ask for things in the native language. All the kids are trying to embrace the culture. Anna Claire is even starting to dress like a local. Pura Vida! We just zip lined!! We completed a total of 9 zips and on the last one we flew over Rio Sarapiqui. It was the most amazing view! And it was so much fun!

27 June 2017

OMG! As I was walking back to my room, at the end of the jungle, I nearly put my hand on a snake that was hanging out on the handrail. He wasn't a big snake but that doesn't mean he wasn't poisonous. In the afternoon we went for a walk in the town or Tortuguera. The village is amazing. It's very small and everyone uses the water as transportation. They even have water taxis. We got to walk on the beach and visit the Sea Turtle Conservatory. Our group adopted a sea turtle and named her Irene, after our tour guide.
This morning after breakfast we took a boat tour on Palo Verde. We saw howler monkeys, spider monkeys, more iguanas, and caiman. We even got up close and personal with baby caiman. We also saw a sloth, but it was so far away it was hard to get a good look. Alyssa has the vision of a hawk. She could spot the animals in the trees immediately.

26 June 2017

To get to our hotel, we had to take a boat down the river. On our way we saw a baby crocodile, lots of iguanas including the Jesus Christ iguana that runs on water, and spider monkeys. We arrived at our hotel in Tortuguera. We are literally staying in bungalows nested in the middle of the rainforest. The only way to reach the hotel is by boat or plane. They have a nice pool although wifi is limited. But there was a blue crab in the pool. Overall, today has been fun, but a bit too relaxed. I know the rest of the trip is going to be very active and everyone is very excited about that. Tomorrow, we are going to go into the town of Tortuguera and hopefully do some shopping!
Monday we transferred to Tortuguera, Costa Rica. On the ride over we learned a lot about the history of the country and the process of making coffee. Coffee produced in Costa Rica is of the best quality even though the country doesn't widely export the product. We stopped at this fruit stand and tried something called sour sue or in Spanish "guanabana". It was slimy and sweet with a touch of sour tang. Delicious! We stopped at a banana plantation and got to walk through the rows of banana plants to see how they are grown and harvested. The Ticos pull up to 25 banana bunches through the field at one time on these rails. It was very cool.

25 June 2017

Flight out of New Orleans is delayed because of weather in Houston. Hoping we make our connection to Costa Rica.