Malaysia · 1 Days · 7 Moments · June 2018

🇲🇾 Melaka, Malaysia

24 June 2018

In the morning, we set off for Jonker Street again. We booked grab ride to reach the restaurant where we were supposed to have breakfast but it was closed already. We changed our plan and went to a place where it was famous for dim sum. We had a great feast to satisfy our hunger. Some shops were not open at Jonker Street. There were not many places to eat so we discussed among ourselves where to eat before booking grab to drive us there personally. Outside the mosque, we met a Korean lady tourist who approached us for the directions near map directory post. With our help, she expressed her gratitude to us. We took grab ride back to our place. We packed our things and booked another grab ride to meet up with our hired driver waiting for us at Yong Peng stop. He took us in and drove for 3-4 hours from Melaka to Singapore customs. We ate snacks, played the card games along the journey to kill boredom and fell asleep few times. We finally reached home in the evening. Sweet home sweet!

23 June 2018

Once we finished our dinner & had already cleared away everything, we continued to watch World Cup 2018 quarter-final match. We sat down until an hour has already passed by. After digesting food in my stomach for an hour, I started to wear gym attire and head straight to gym outside. The gym is just above the swimming pool. My hubby accompanied me there to join me for stretching out. It was empty at that time as it was already late. We were using all gym equipments to ourselves. We took a night stroll around the swimming pool and gym. We have realised how beautiful the surroundings looked like at night. The Shore Oceanarium might be one of the best airbnb accommodation I had in Malacca. If I were to go there again, I will definitely choose this place as my accommodation again. This whole unit we booked was meant for a big group of 8-10 pax. From these photos I took for you to see, you can tell from a glance that it is a private condonimum with swimming pool, gym and shopping mall.
Outside Christ Church, you can see many colourful trickshaws hanging around nearby to wait for any interested visitors who want to go sightseeing around this place. A lot of plushie toys are seen on these trickshaws. We came across a stall selling BBQ corn. We has tried it and it turned out to be very delicious! Next time I go there, I will definitely want to eat it again. We walked around the market and see a lot of yummy food being sold. The malaysian food is really fantastic. I love it. The colorful dim sum look attractive. Wish to have the chance to eat it but it drew long queues. We might had to give it a miss. All of us brought our food we chose to buy and gathered together again. We hailed grabride to go back to our residence. We placed everything we have on the dining table and prepared utensils as well. The nyonya food was the best among these food we bought back home. Jonker Street market is a place not to be missed when in Malacca. I like this place as I can see many.
When it comes to the best sightseeing places while you are in Malacca, Christ Church Melaka is a big must landmark to visit and never to be missed out otherwise the visit to Malacca is never complete. A water fountain was seen nearby. This place is also great for photo-taking. This 18th century anglican protestant church was built in 1573, that's the longest time humans could have ever known. Probably more than 444 years. Can you imagine how it managed to survive on through spanning for four centuries? Outside Chu San Gong, you can watch drink tossing up into air performance. This caught our attention so we stood there and watched from afar. We took a long walk until we reached shopping mall nearby to find place to sit down and buy drinks We had root beer with ice cream float at a&w restaurant. We finally settled down to give our hobby legs a long break. We chatted while shopping around. We waited for Jonker Street night market to open to public before heading there in the evening.
Like Malaysia's Penang, they showcased a lot on street art murals. In here, not much to see but it is great for shopping and exploring many unknown things which stimulated our interests. There were many other attractive places to visit but it only depended on our interests. It is important to accommodate within our free time. San Shu Gong is known to be the only shop selling malaysia's re-owned local snacks to bring back home for their loved ones. They mainly sell gula melaka snacks which are quite popular in Melaka. They are mostly used in Malacca. They also offer small cafes for exhausted or relaxed tourists to sit down for chat and buy drinks. There were a lot of museums in shophouses to visit but due to our squeezed time and a high volume of human traffic, we chose to give them a miss but only took a look outside while strolling around. They also included in selling Peranakan Nyonya traditional shops selling nyonya kebaya for women, beaded-shoes and pranankan served style food.
We came across a famous restaurant along Jonker Street which was fully packed with many people either waiting for tables and eating in. This place seem to exist for more than 100 years due to the antiques on display. We ordered 3-4 bowls of fishball noodles and laksa for ourselves while waiting for others to come join us as they went off to buy something earlier. Malaysian food turned out as shiok! I admitted that Malaysian food is simply the best and original. Our group continued eating, chatting and taking photographs after others came back to rejoin us from their shopping activities. Malaysian desserts are yummy. Gula melaka is often used in desserts. Also known as palm sugar. Very sweet. We planned to visit all places over at Jonker Street and bought food, clothes and souvenirs. We went shopping at a mall nearby. Just for relaxation and entertainment only. Sometimes we walked around few times and go to other mall nearby for currency exchange after our Malaysian currency ran out.
Upon arrival at our accommodation after 3-4 hours drive through Woodlands checkpoint into Malaysia. We booked the whole unit for 8 guests including the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen to be occupied during our stay. We contacted the friendly co-owner who left key in the letterbox at lift lobby for self-collection. This new condonimum is situated at Shore Oceanarium with a shopping mall. We checked in this place to unpack our belongings and took a short break. We were planning to depart for Jonker Street and visit Melaka Chapel. We decided to order lots of packed food for dinner tonight. My hubby and his in-laws booked grab rides with me to Jonker Street. We were divided into two groups that consists of four each but joined together at our destination. I think it was quite nearby. We alighted off at Jonker Street despite raining cats and dogs. For the past several days got heavy rain here. We had been hoping for a great weather so we can enjoy more through sightseeing.