France · 12 Days · 32 Moments · July 2017

Meigan's adventure in France

17 July 2017

July 17th(part 1) Woke up at 8:30am, went down and ate breakfast. The hotel has scrambled eggs!!!! Finally!! At 9:30 we went to the train station to find anis de flavigny. This train station was the first train station we went to before we went to Caen! After going in 5 stores i finally found anis de flavigny for mom and papa!!! At 11:30am we got on our coach for the airport! Got to the airport at 12:00pm. I found more anis de flavigny!!! After we got on the plane at 3:00pm. Im sitting between lucus and jill. I had dinner at 4:30pm. It was meh... 2nd flight was longgggg. I had timmys in Vancouver. We arrived in Kelowna at 12:20am. I went to sleep at 1:30am.

16 July 2017

July 16th(part 2) We arrived at dinner at 7:00pm. For a starter i got a eggplant parmigian. Soo good! Then we had chicken, mashed potatoes and garlic mushrooms. Dessert was ice cream ans pear. After at 8:30pm we walked to a boat place where u can take a boat on the la ceine. Then we went to another little store i got gma and ayden a necklace. After we took the tain again and found out cedar lost her phone.... we got to our hotel at 12:00pm. Went to bed at 1:00am.
July 16(part 1) I woke up at 7:15am, straightened my hair ate breakfast, packed a bit more and got on the bus at 8:45am for PARIS!!! Its 11:20am and we stopped at a gas station and i got theses copy chips of pringles called casino in the flavour of PAPRIKA, soooo gooood!!!! Now we are back on the road. We just stopped at another gas station for lunch, i got nestea and a salad, the salad dressing tasted like butter. So it was gross... now we are almost in Paris!!! We are in paris!!! We dropped our stuff in our hotel at 3:45pm and got dressed up. We walk to the ark de triomphe sadly we couldn't go up it. After we went to a little store, i got a eiffel tower gor ayden. Then we went to a car store, there was a really cool car. Then we went to another store and i got 2 post cards and 2 key chains. On the way to dinner we saw the eiffel tower from a distance... but we will see it better later tonight. Also i saw newlyweds getting pictures taken😍😍so pretty.

15 July 2017

July 15th(part 2) At 6:30pm tia and i are back in our room. We are just gonna hang till 8:00pm, then go for dinner. Dinner is at the hotel. Dinner was chicken with sauce and potatoes. Dessert was a fruit cup. I went to bed at 10:30.
July 15th(part 1) Well my sleep wasn't very good because i kept on waking up with bad stomach aches and my shins hurt alot, i probs have shin splints again....anyways I got up at 8:30am took an advil and went upstairs to eat breakfast. Went back to my room and got ready. We are our bus at 10:00am to go to Carnac, to see les alignments de Carnac. Then go to the beach for a bit and get lunch. The tour ended at 12:20pm, i got a post card from the gift shop. Jenni, jill, karissa, emily and i went to a burger place at 1:50pm. I got a cheese burger and fries, sooo good. It felt good to eat beef because in the whole trip we mostly ate chicken... then we went to the beach, we joined up with most of our friends. All of us tanned for most of the time. Tia, niko, cullen, erin, mckenna, simon, Nathan and i went swimming for like 30mins. The water was pretty cold. At 5:00pm we went to go get ice cream, i got melon and raspberry sorbet! Soo good. Then we got on the bus at 5:30pm.

14 July 2017

July 14th(part 2) At 7:00pm we had dinner. For dinner we had FISH!!!! And i liked it! For dessert we had a traditional cake but it was gross... at the restaurant there were creepy dolls looking at at 8:40pm we are back at the hotel and tia and i are going to do henna on niko and simon. Change of plans everyone is getting henna!! Everyone left at 10:00. Then i had a shower,and went to bed at 12:00am.
July 14th(part 1) I woke up at 9:00am, ate breakfast. Then got ready to go to the laundry matt but found out it was closed so had to walk back!!!!! Huh... 10:30-11:30 i did henna on mme russel and mme McDonald. At 12:20pm we bought snacks jenni and i. At 1:20pm we went to a laundry matt. Then at 2:20pm we went back to the hotel to quickly get ready because we are going to a museum then a nice restaurant. We will be trying to walk to the church at 2:50pm, since the museum opens at 3:30pm. Well the art museum was boring... also the archeologic museum was tooo.. its 5:00pm and i have free time till 6:20pm. Emily, jill, karissa, jenni and i went to some little store just to look. I got some frozen yogurt with raspberries, there were like only 6 raspberries😂but the fro-yo was good!

13 July 2017

July 13th(part 2) After we went to the Saint Pierre Cathedral at 1:20pm. Also we bought a candle to light to support the church. Then we went and met up with everyone for the tour of Vannes. The tour was 1h 30mins and it was kinda boring you couldn't really hear her sometimes. There were street performances!Then at 3:30pm mme martin took us back to the hotel but she kept on reading the map wrong so we were lost.... everyone's feet were so sore!! Then finally we got to our hotel at 4:45pm...Now we are chilling in our rooms doing henna till 7:30pm for dinner. For dinner we had duck... and then tiramisu for dessert. At 9:00pm we went into town to see fireworks!! Fireworks started at 11:50pm. We had to sit on a very steep hill...we got back to the hotel at 1:00am. So tired!
July 13th(part 1) I woke up at 8:30am, got breakfast. Our hotel gave us our own dinning room! At 10:00am we left to go to the market, it was a 30 min walk. We have free time till 2:00pm. Tia, jenni and i went to a tea shop called Kusmi Tea, i got some tea for haegen. Then we went to a bakery called Le Brun, we got little cakes there. They were good! Then i got a post card. For the rest of the time we just went in other random stores. I also went to a card store, the cards are sooo pretty!!! I got haegen and mom one! Moms is the pink one and haegens is the cute mouse one At 12:30pm we went to Le Quatre for lunch, i got a salade caesar palace.

12 July 2017

July 12th(part 2) For dinner we had lasonia and salad, for dessert we had chocolate mousse. Then 9-10pm i did henna on jenni, tia did some on me and i did some on tia. Tomorrow simon is gonna come over and do henna😂i went to sleep at 12:00pm.
July 12th(part 1) I woke up at 8:30am and went to eat breakfast at 9:00am. Now at 10:00am we are taking a bus to a castle for a tour at Josselin. The ride was 1h 30mins. The town here is so tiny and empty... like no one is here. Before the tour since it starts at 2:30pm so we have free time till 2:14 so Jill, jenni, karissa and i are at Anatolie Kebab right now for lunch at 12:30pm. Its not very fancy..its ok. Then we went to the castle Josslin. The tour was good, a lot of info. Now at 3:50 pm going to vannes,1h drive.Got to vannes at 5:20pm. Our hotel is called Kyriad Hotel. After I went to the grocery store and got snacks, then went to the hotel at 6:15pm. The hotel is a 4 star hotel! Its really nice but crappy wifi...dinner is at 8:00pm in the hotel.

11 July 2017

July 11th(part2) At 8:00pm we went back to the hotel and started packing up since this is our last night in Saint Malo): then at 9:00pm i went to hang in karissa, selenas room. I went back to my room at 10:20pm. I went to sleep at 12:00am
July 11th(part 1) At 10:00am we went on a boat to Dinard for a market, i went with jenni, jill and karissa. I got strawberries and I ate veggie noodles and chicken roll for lunch at 12:15pm, soooo goood!!!The guy that worked at that food truck was so nice that he gave us rice chip things for free! Also i got 2 cheap tanks and 1 bracelet. Then we went back to Saint Malo and got european underwear because mme said its a MUST HAVE and they were cheap, i got them at Undis. Now we are going back to the hotel for a bit before dinner at 7:00pm. I hung out in selena and karissas room from 3-5:40pm getting ready, i did jills, jennis and karissas hair and makeup. Before we go to dinner we are going back to undis because selena wants to get European underwear too! After we went to dinner at Chez Henry at 7:00pm, we had chicken and fries again... but the chicken was better. Everyone was dressed so nice. I wore a dress and my jean jacket because its was cold.

10 July 2017

July 9th(part 3) Now we are going to dinner at 8:00pm to the Corps de la Garde. For dinner i had a crêpe and for dessert i had a crêpe with chocolate and ice cream! Now im back at the hotel at 10:00pm.
July 10th(part 2) AThen jenni, jill, karissa and cyan went to the old part of town at 4:20pm and i got a crop top, tank, bottle of sand for mom, bracelets for Ayden, Haegen, Me and one more for me cuz jill, jenni and karissa as a friend bracelet. Then we went to a candy store there was alot of different candy. JENNI SPENT 17 euros by accident 😂Then me and jenni went to the beach to join simon, cullen, mckenna, erin and tia. At the beach we saw a group of 4 girls and simon and nathan asked for their snapchat but they got turned down. Couples minutes later 2 of them went over to Nathan and simon and started talking to them again, then they went back to their posse. Then we joined up with nathan and simon and we all went to talk to the girls together minus erin and tia. We talked to the girls about age, where they are staying and other stuff. They are 15 and quite nice! Only jenni and simon really spoke in french😂they actually are staying in the hotel next to us!
July 10th(part 1) We woke up at 7:30am and went to breakfast i ate the same thing as yesterday. Then went up to our room and got ready at 8:56am we went to go on the bus for our tour and hike. The bus ride is 1 hour long. We started at 10:30 and there was a big light house! Our hike was at cap frèhel to Fort la latte. It was an hour long. Then i went to the gift shop, i got an necklace and a post card. Then we went to the top of the tower, everything is so beautiful!Then we went for lunch at 1:15pm for a SALAD!!!! Finally some vegetables! Then at 2:15pm we went back to Saint Malo. We are going to the Intra Muros to look at stores and find bracelets with, jenni, mandi, jill and karissa. Then ill be going to the beach! Before going back to SM we stopped at a grocery store and i got candy for back home.

9 July 2017

July 9th(part 3)
July 9th(part2) On the way to the pool place after the pond i saw rocks cover in clams!!Once we got to the pool place we jumped off a ledge! The water is sooo SALTY! And i didn't do the pencil dive so my shin on the water... the pool place gets filled with water when the tide rises and the pool is submerged in the ocean, so cool! After jumping we tanned for a bit but jenni, corbin and mckenna left. At 2:30pm we left to go search for food. We ate at La Dent Creuse for lunch at 3:00pm, i order La Patte Croche, cullen had to leave because she didn't feel very good, same as josh. Then we went to a bathing suit/ lingerie and i got a bathing suit top and a tank. After we got ice cream, i got mango sorbet. Also we watched a street performance. Then went back to the hotel to try stuff on at 5:30pm. Then dinner at 7:00pm. For dinner we had chicken and fries... no veggies AGAIN! huhhh well dessert was good i had a nutella crape. Cullen and i went to sleep at 12:00am, mckenna was out at 10:30pm.
July 9(part 1) I woke up at 8:00am then got ready. Today mckenna, cullen and i are matching because all out our outfits are black and white. I went to eat breakfast at 9:00am so i can meet up with jenni and niko because today is a FULL FREE DAY!!!! YASSSS! After breakfast jenni, niko and i went to go look for Jacques Cartier so we could get a prize. But mine and jenni's map thing screwed ys over😂 so we were lost for 1h 30mins! When we were lost we saw a cool rat looking thing. When we finally found our way back at 11:00am we went swimming! About an hour later mckenna, erin, tia, corbin and cullen joined us! Mckenna and i did another photo shoot. After a while we all decided to go the the ocean pool it was a 30 minute walk and i was sooo sore!!! On the way we stopped at a swimming pond cause we saw a water fall thing. Also we saw a big school of fish!! Like HUGE!!! Another thing is that we also saw that guy from Mont Saint Michel!!! His name is Adam!

8 July 2017

July 8(part 3) Just got to our hotel its called IBIS, its right by the ocean! Im rooming with cullen and mckenna. Cullen and i really wanted our room veiw to be the ocean but we didn't... we got a cement wall😒😂at 7:00pm we had dinner at a pizzeria, i got a margarita pizza 🍕after mme McDonald walked us to the older part of the town. At 9:00pm mckenna, cullen and i walked to the beach. Jenni, erin and tia joined us! We had a little photo shoot. Then we went to the hotel had showers than ate snacks and went to bed at 12:30am.3
July 8(part 2) Mont Saint-Michel is soo pretty. The streets are so crowded!! Also the tide was down so there wasn't any quick sand. Then Niko, Jenni and i walked around and looked in stores. I bought a mini eiffel tower for Janaeya, a bracelet and a soap that looks like a purple macaron. When we were walking to the restaurant we were saying stereo typical stuff about Americans and then we were singing their national anthem and a boy in front of us was like "nice try" and then all of us including him were saying stereotypes about Canada and America 😂 we took a pic with him. He was from South Carolina. After that Jenni, Niko and i went to lunch at Auberge Saint Pierre, i had spaghetti.After we went to see a short movie about MSM, so cool, really interesting effects. Then we walked up to the church. Soo many stairs, my legs were burning!! After look at the church we went to the gift shop, i got another post card. Now we are going to Saint Malo for dinner and our new hotel
July 8th (part 1) Well i woke up at 5:15am and couldn't fall back asleep so that was great... at 6:00am jenni and i started to get ready i straightened my hair today, i also straightened Jenni's too! Then i fished packing up because today we are going to Mont Saint-Michel! Its one of the more crowded and touristy places, so there will be alot of cool things there. I gonna try to look for Anis de Flavigny, its a french liquorice candy that mme McDonald always has. At 7:30am ill be going down to get breakfast with Jenni.The coach ride will be 1-2 hours long, ill be fine since i bought chips yesterday for this ride😂On the way down to the lobby the boys locked themselves in their hotel room 😂 today is an orange backpack day😒well cullen just chipped her tooth😂 i also saw really big windmills.

7 July 2017

July 7th (part 5) On the other side of the park there was a group of teenagers smoking and vaping and playing loud music. We were eating soda crackers and pepperoni and played white people music😂. At 10:15pm i went to the hotel. I had a shower and started packing up since this is our last night in Caen. I went to sleep at 11:30pm.
July 7th (part 4) Jenni, Cedar, Karissa, Jill and i tried to look for the Licorice candy but couldn't find it. Then we saw some bracelets but they were to expensive, so we went to get ice cream at Louise, the raspberry sorbet was unbelievably awesome! After we went on a carousel! So fun! Now we are going back to Caen for dinner:) before dinner jenni and i, also a couple of people stopped at the grocery store to get snacks, i found cool candy there and chips😋Dinner was at 8:30pm. Dinner was ok barley any meet on the ribs and the apple pie tastes weird.. jenni and i i were making raps and nathan taylor called over a guy cullen thought was cute and nathan told him that, i took a picture of him. After cullen, mckenna, erin, mandi, niko and i walked around in the streets around out hotel at 9:30pm. Then we all joined josh, simon, Nathan and collin they were hanging at the park in front of our hotel.
July 7th (part 3) We walked on the beach for a bit and took some pictures. Also we found a cool little bunker, there were stairs that lead up to a tiny room! Now we are on the way back to the bus the boys were saying "ferda boys" and a man that work near the juno beach asked if we were Canadians cause he knew Americans wouldn't say ferda boys, so that was cool. He was from Quebec. When we got to the movie place we were waited outside till it was our time to go in and when we were waiting niko accidentally step on his sunglasses and broken them so that was funny 😂. So i just watched the 360 movie in Arromanche, i was ok. We went to the gift shop, niko and i got aviators. Then we took a little train that drove us down to the little town right beside the movie place at 5:45pm. In the little town we had 45 minutes to rome around a bit.
July 7th (part 2) In the gift shop a girl said WHERES THE FOOD? IM STARVING! She said that in snotty way too. So i sad quietly IM SO HUNGRY as im eating my sorbet😂 and then she looked at jenni and i. Cullen said she was making fun of us but idc😂. After the museum. Then we went to the memorial. Everything there was beautiful, neat and clean. After we are going to Juno Beach to see were 1 million germans died because they invaded france.
July 7th (part 1) I woke up at 8:00am, got ready and went down stairs to eat breakfast. For breakfast at 9:15am i ate a baguette with butter, ham and cheese, fruit salad and juice. So good! Then jenni and i went and hung out in our room for a bit, i watched a movie. After we went to a tma down the street from the hotel. When we were walking back to the hotel jenni asked french police men if she could take a picture of them, they said yes. Its 10:30am and we are on out way to the Caen Memorial to learn about WWl & WWll. On the way to the memorial i realized that there barely any parking lots, you just parallel park on the side of the road. The streets are very narrow. Its 12:45pm and we just finished the museum, it actually wasn't that bad. It was interesting but kinda sad. Anyways now we are having lunch at the museums cafeteria. I had a sandwich called Le montagnard and orange juice. Then i had a raspberry sorbet.. so goood! After we went to the gift shop, i got a couple of souvenirs.

6 July 2017

July 6th (part2) Caen is soo beautiful there are a bumch of little stores everywhere! Now we are going to Caen to see castles, gonna take alot of photos for grandma and mom back home. So we walked to the castle and it was so boring, also it was so hot i was sweating so much. After the castle we walked to part of the city at 6:00pm where our restaurant was. We had 1 hour to kill so jenni and i went to McDonalds and order a smoothie. I ordered in french! Then we went to a bakery called Alban Guilviet, i got macarons and i also ordered in french again. The lady that helped me was so nice. At 7:00pm we walked to our restaurant called Boeuf & Cow. I ate a chicken kabob with rice and for desert i ate a brownie:) In france I've noticed everyone is skinny/fit, probably because they have smaller portions than Canadians. Anyways after dinner we walked back to the hotel. The door locks are magnetic, which is cool. At the hotel i did some henna on jenni, also myself. Then i went to bed at 11:00pm.
July 6th (part 1) For breakfast i ate ginger bread, it wasn't that bad actually. When i order OJ i saw the weirdest thing the flight attendant that gave me the juice looked exactly like mrs. Coombs. When i got off the plane at 8:00am, i was so excited!! Since we were in PARIS! In the airport, instead of stores they were called boutiques! There was an M&M's boutique! Then we got to ride in a VIP bus, sadly no WIFI:(. I sat with jenni. When we got to the train station at 10:30am jenni, mme russel, lucas and i went to go get euros from the ATM. It was easier than i thought it would be. After we went to "city" a grocery store. I got juice and strawberries. I talked to the clerk in french, but i only said bonjour, non and merci.. lol. The strawberries look weird, but tasted sooo good! The train station reminded me up harry potter and the inside looked like the train off the polar express! The ride is 2-3 hours long....
July 5th (part 1) we had to wake up at that was great. Also Cullen and i didn't get out of bed till 4:00am. When we got ready we went down stairs to the lobby for breakfast. I wasn't very hungry, but mom said i had to try, so i ate yogurt and an apple, also drank so juice. I was half asleep still. Then at 5:00am we left for the airport. OUR FLIGHT WASN'T TILL 8:00am!!!Anyways when we were waiting Jenni and i checked out the gift shop and got some snacks. Then me and niko were telling each other riddles. When we got on the plane, which was a small crappy one. I had to sit with a randome dude... plus the whole way i had to listen to mme martin talk to a girl and a guy (romeo) in FRENCH... Romeo was a rotary exchange student. Once we finally got to Vancouver it was 9:18am. Our flight was at 9:05am... so we had to RUN! But guess what when we got to the gate, we found out that out flight was delayed for 1 hour... huhhh. At 10:30am we boarded the plane.
July 5th (part 2) Jenni described the plane to be a "BIG ASS PLANE" lol. On the plane in was sitting beside a mom and her kid... it was annoying. I just watxhed movies and slept. Then at 6:40 pm i got to sit with emily, zoey and mckenna which was great. I watched movies and fell asleep for a while. Near the end cullen joined us, which was very squishy but the her and mckenna went back to cullens seat and nathan sat beside me which was ok.

5 July 2017

July 4th I got all my stuff packed up and went to mckennas, but cullen was a bit late so instead of leaving at 4:00pm we left at 4:30pm. During the drive i listened to music on Mckenna's phone but it was boring so i fell asleep.. then woke up, then fell asleep... over and over. At 5:30pm we stopped at rock creek for sandwiches, but guess what they were closed... so i got potato salad, cheesies and peach tea. Finally at 8:30pm we got to the hotel (Confort Suits- Kelowna). Then we HAD to go to the pool to say hi to Mandi, but we ended talking to her and her mom for an HOUR... huhh. Plus i saw mme martin in a bathing suit... finally mckenna lied and said we had to go because our pizza came, the pizza did come but 15 mins after to mckenna saying that. Then we ate pizza and watched " Boarderline Security". After i had a shower after cullen, and got ready for bed. Amanda was sideways and in starfish position on the bed, lol. We didn't go to bed till 1:00am-2:00am.