North America, Europe · 3 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Meg and Jan's voyage in Spain and France!

21 June 2017

Last night we ventured to El Born, the bohemian chic district in Spain where young couples and local 20 something youngsters gather for tapas, spirits and deep conversations. One could get lost wandering the streets due to the captivating buildings and peaceful vibe. We stopped in for a melon cocktail for mom and a glass of cool rose for me at a local spot where the music kept us singing and the servers kept us entertained with their suggestions for great late night cuisine. We finally settled on cute little place offering grilled clams and buy one, get one free Moscow Mules (how could one go wrong?)! We also ordered the seafood paella to share, but I must say it wasn't my favorite so tomorrow we venture to Cadeques where the seafood is fresh from the Mediterranean and where paella is a speciality! El born is both romantic and charming and a must see if you ever find yourself in Barcelona.
We walked along quiet streets with beautiful historic apartment buildings and joined crowds along Las Rambles as we walked to to the beautiful marina. Barcelona is alive with laughter as people enjoy a glass of cava to accompany an assortment of delicious tapas!
Breakfast on the balcony of the Barna House B&B

20 June 2017

Somebody thought this was a good idea...shots of Grappa! 💃🏽
Mojitos and Tapas at La Pepita!
Barcelona you are more wonderful than I ever imagined! We have walked along your beautiful streets, shared smiles with your beautiful people, drank wine and enjoyed delicious tapas in your cafes! You have officially found a forever spot in my traveling heart ❤️
View from our quaint little balcony !
Finally made it to Barcelona and we are staying in a lovely hotel!

19 June 2017

What do you do when United bums you out and cancels your flight? Go get a cold beer, some food, and make the best of it!
And we are off ✈️💃🏽💃🏽