Switzerland · 1 Days · 6 Moments · July 2018

Megan's voyage in Switzerland

20 July 2018

Got up really early this morning and rode a bus to neuschwanstein castle that was never finished. It. was. Gorgeous. We tried to spend all our euro coins that we had left bc we can’t exchange those so we bought a lot of food and snacked for a while. After we toured the castle which literally took 30 min bc the lady rushed us through, we walked back down the mountain, hoped back on the bus and went just down the road to the luge. It was actually pretty fun, it was just a slide and it didn’t really go far up a hill which was kinda disappointing but it was still cool. Got back in the bus and were off to dinner. We ate at this really expensive restaurant named Bird or something and we got burgers. They were pretty good burgers too, but no dessert😭 Got right back on the bus after a little mix up with the checks after i had to pay 5 extra dollars (oh well) and we’re off to the hotel. The view this trip was amazing, My favorite. Got here and everyone was exhausted so we went to our rooms. ?
Switzerland, it was beautiful! 😍😍😍
Castle and heading up to castle
Castle views
Castle views