Greece, Italy, Spain · 10 Days · 46 Moments · June 2016

Burg to Europe 2016

19 June 2016

Day 11: Dali museum! Snail = rebirth. Spoon, meat, cannibalism = eatable beauty

18 June 2016

Day 10: visitor's quarters and gate keepers house.
Day 9: today we are at park Güell. Gaudi made these pillars to look like trees. They had 60 plots and only sold 2 for this green space. Work in smog and pollution in the city and then travel to the Green Park for green space. Later turned into a park because they couldn't sell any plots.

17 June 2016

Day 8: on the boat from Italy to Spain. Boat was very similar to the last boat but it was filthy! The cabin bathrooms had black mold and hair everywhere. Jess got burnt on the top deck 😂 the bot was super rocky so our sea sickness friends were having some troubles. Glad to be off!

16 June 2016

Day 7: Burg babies loving life!
Day 7: this is what everyone was waiting for
Day 7: Pantheon! Kostas keeps calling everyone who is under 18 a 'baby'. "Baby tickets! Over here". So the term, Burg Babies, was born.
Day 7: we stopped for a quick slice of pizza. My slice had mayonnaise on it! Weird
Day 7: here is the Trevi fountain. Last time I was here it was under restoration so there were blockades and walls covering it. You throw one coin to come back, two to fall in love, and three to come back married. I came back and I came back married!
Day 7: we made it to Roma! The bus driver took us the wrong way and a 3.5 hour trip took 5 hours so we lost 2 hours in Roma. We ran through the city to make sure we saw all the big ticket items such as the Vatican
Day 7: this is the wedding cake building because It looks like a wedding cake. I can't remember what it holds

15 June 2016

Day 6: I stood in line for an hour to go see David. The rest of the group went on a guided tour of Florence that I've been on before so it was nice to be away from the large group of 50 people. I stayed for an hour and sat with some art majors and drew David with them. I found Jeane after and we sat in a lovely cafe. We had pistachio gelato and cappuccino. We had dinner in town and got back to the room around 10. Tomorrow we leave for Roma and we get on the boat at 10pm for Barcelona.
Day 6: this is the largest baptismal in Italy. In the Middle Ages you would have to be baptized before you enter the church for the first time so the baptismal is separate than the church.
Day 6: the tower has seven bells, one for every note. Bella only ring on Sunday morning. 100,000 inhabitants in Pisa. 45,000 students come for university of Pisa.
Day 6: we are in Pisa! The square used to be called, Miracle Square
Day 6: Pisa

14 June 2016

Day 5: on our way to Montecantini from Ancona which is a five hour drive. We are passing the time by playing games on the bus.
Day 5: fun from the boat. It was a lot better than we thought! There was a casino, pool, lounges, arcade, and karaoke. The boat was very smooth and Jeane taught us how to play Liverpool rummy.

13 June 2016

Day 4: we made it to the ferry! It is way better than expected. It feels like a cruise ship minus all the live entertainment. There is a casino, discotheque, lounges, video game room, bars, and a pool. We stayed up late playing Liverpool Rummy. The ferry ride is 24 hours. Yikes! Didn't know that. Apparently we have a 5 hour bus ride to Florence tomorrow night too.
Day 4: stopped in modern Corinth for lunch. We had traditional moussaka and svaluki before we left Greece.
Day 4: Lais "sp) is the most famous geisha and lived in Corinth. One drachma would give someone a good living. She would charge 10,000 drachma for one night.
Day 4: Pegasus was given to Bellafortunatis (sp)? In the Acropolis on the mountain who was protected by Athena.
Day 4: Corinth is where Corinthians comes from in the Bible. This is where St. Paul spent most of his time.
Day 4: fun fact: temples were originally not for praying. They only have the statue of the God and the alter is outside. Christians brought the alter inside the temple.
Day 4: Apollo temple from 6th century b.c. The columns are monolithic (monos lithos)meaning that they are made out of one piece of stone. Local limestone. Missing one column - 6 for east and west and 15 for north and south. "Matter of time. This is the earth quake center of the country" there are also three active volcanoes.
Day 4: statue heads of Perseus and Aphrodite. All the statues in the museum were stolen and found in Miami, Florida and returned.
Day 4: we are in Cornith on our way to The overnight ferry. This is the ancient city. On top of the mountain you can see Cornith's Acropolis. It's hard to hear the guide so I have no other information. 😩

12 June 2016

Day 3: front of boat!
Day 3: the last island was the biggest island. Aegina is most well known for its pistachios. We had pistachio gelato, fried anchovies, ripe olive patte, and dipped our toes in the Mediterranean Sea!
Day 3: this is Poros island. It's super small and we only had 35 minutes on the island. We chose to climb to the top and take pictures at the bell tower.
Day 3: loving the boat cruise! These pictures are from Hydra Island. It took us 3.5 hours from Athens to get here. There is no transportation, only donkeys! We rode a donkey for 15 minutes around the island and then window shopped for the rest of the time. Some of the members of our group are getting sea sick but they continue to stay in good spirits!
Day 3: we are on an all day boat cruise of the Greek Islands. We will see the islands of Hydras, Aegina, and Poros. We can do optional excursions so stay tuned! On one of the islands the only mode of transportation is by donkey!

11 June 2016

Day 2: tried a Mythos beer on the rooftop of the hotel
Day 2: this is our tour director, Kostas (Coast-as), with our local guide, Georgia.
Day 2: Acropolis and all it's wonder.
Day 2: war between Athena and Poseidon happened where the olive tree is in the photo. Hole has water in it, Athena made hole with spear, excavation found petrified roots of olive tree, olive tree planted. Position of sacred olive tree of Athena. Building as worship to Athena and Poseidon. Had wooden statue inside that is believed to have fallen from the sky and not from human hands. Shape of human body with two legs joined together. Statue is magical and they would put a tapestry on there statue every four years.
Day 2: dark spots are from years of acid rain.
Day 2: Mucille. Comes from 'Mousa' which is where museum comes from. Dedicated to Musa
Day 2: Olympic stadium! Holds 70,000 people. The stadium is used now for The Marathon where runners from all around the world start in the city, Marathon, and they end in the Olympic stadium. The Olympic torch starts in Olympia and goes through the stadium. It is made out of marble from northern Greece.
Day 2: 'Pan' means old. Panhellenic = Old Greeks
Day 2: temple of Zeus. Columns are in Corinthian style. Only 17 columns are left out of 104.
Day 2: Bus tour to Acropolis with a guide. Fun fact: Sophia means wisdom which comes from Philosophy (sounds like Philosophia)
Day 1: stray dogs are common but they are well taken care of. The government catches the dogs, vaccinated them, neuter/spays them, and ours a collar on them with their vaccinations date.

10 June 2016

Day 1: saw changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown solider. 400 pleats on skirt to represent the 400 years of the Turkish government occupation. Tights are made of wool, 120 nails in the red leather shoes, tallest soldiers, stand guard but can walk every 20 minutes
Day 2: Acropolis. 'Polis' means city (Indianapolis, Minneapolis). Built of limestone. 4 houses of the Gods were built to help guard the city in 472-457 B. C., 5.5 years to do all the sculpting
Day 1: church of Metropolis. This is the newest church at 150 years old. The next church is 1,000 years old from the Byzantine era. These two churches sit side by side.