United States of America · 10 Days · 15 Moments · June 2017

First Family Camping roadtrip

19 June 2017

Riverfront park fun with Shan and kids. Grumpy Merrick, but nonetheless a fun day 😊. Brad and Dan finally went fly fishing- had a blast & are planning the next trip!

18 June 2017

Happy Father's Day!! We packed up and headed back to Spokane with a stop at Dad's favorite store 😊. Merrick was intrigued but a little unsure of the animals at Cabela's; Hadley waved hello to all of them 😂. Back in Spokane we had backyard pizza, wrestling matches, and fireworks at Grandpa Dan's ❤️💙

17 June 2017

Day 2 at Hell's Gate: Met cousin Lewis (just a month and half older than Hadley), went for a hike with Uncle Ken and pups, went fishing, had a water balloon fight, adult game night, fun oh fun!

16 June 2017

Arrived at Hell's Gate State Park in Idaho, to camp with the Groh family. Hadley met more Groh family💗. Merrick ran barefoot, chasing Grandma Karen & Grandpa Irv on their bikes to the river. Spoiled with cookies in Grandma & Grandpa's trailer, playground time, snuggles & wrestling with Cooper & Callie.

15 June 2017

What a blast with the cousins! Saw the Gregg's new home/farm 😀. Went to Triple Play in ID- go cart racing, miniature golf, a quick wrestling match, ropes course, arcade, lunch, & water park fun. What a blast with Auntie Shannon, Cooper & Callie!

14 June 2017

Butte, MT to Spokane, WA. Saw some bald eagles & antelope on the way and stopped at the 50,000 silver dollar bar, Brad's childhood pit stop. Finally made it to Spokane. So happy to be with family!!!! The Grohs, Greggs, & Robbins 😊 Dinner with Grandpa Irv, Grandma Karen and G. Grandma Dixie. First time Hadley met Grandma Karen and G. Grandma Dixie ❤️

13 June 2017

Next stop Butte, MT. Long, rainy travel day broken up by an hour stop at an indoor trampoline place in Idaho Falls. The aftermath: long naps for both kiddos nearly all the way from Idaho Falls to Butte! Beautiful snowy mountain scenic drive. Had dinner at a great family place, Makenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub, in Butte. Then ended the day by swimming in our indoor hotel pool. What a fun travel day!

12 June 2017

Packed up and headed out of Kodachrome this morning. Definitely a memorable camping spot. Lots of scrapes, bruises, getting dirty, BBQ, campfires, mountain pies and s'mores; just how it should be 😊. To Salt Lake City to stay with the Siniscal's- showering is always so amazing after camping! Make your own pizza at the Flatbread restaurant & a stop at REI. Hard to leave our friends, but excited for the next adventure and family time!

11 June 2017

A nice afternoon hike to Angel's Palace Hike. Beautiful canyon followed by gorgeous vistas.
Hiked Mossy Cave hike and waterfall in the late morning. Had a great time & Merrick hiked the entire way to keep up with Nat & Viv. Hiking in the creek and behind the waterfall was a highlight. Hadley was a trooper- had a great nap all the way up 😊😊

10 June 2017

Kodachrome Basin State Park First afternoon. Reunited with great friends- the best!!! Dried up creek bed with a tunnel running through our campsite, made for fun adventures for Mer and the girls.
Beautiful drive to the campground. We made it!!
Quick stop in Parowan, UT for lunch and using Mom as a human jungle gym 😊
After a quick breakfast and ice stop, we are back on the road to head to Kodachrome, UT to meet friends for our first day of camping! The 100 things for little children to do on a trip dry erase cards were a hit- kept Mer busy while Hadley napped for nearly an hour 😊

9 June 2017

This is a little trip blog I decided to do to keep track of our little adventure. Our trek took us through 8 states, including CA: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Washington, Idaho, & Oregon. Started our day around 8:30, and after a couple of stops and a 2.5 hr. detour around I-15 due to a fire, we finally made it to Vegas around 7:30pm!! Our plans for getting there early enough to swim did not work out, but we were still able to squeeze in a late dinner and a walk around the sites to shake off the long drive. All considering, the kiddos did great. Lots of snacks, movies, games & singing, a couple of meltdowns & we survived!