Germany · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2018

11 July 2018

The first leg of the trip was alright. Kaitlyn and i had the row to ourselves but we didn’t sleep much. After riding on a plane for what seemed like literally a week, we landed in Iceland! Let me tell you... there bathrooms a really nice. We got a quick bite to eat (Kaitlyn and I got chocolate chip muffins and water. But sadly the water we got was SPARKLING and the lady gave us change in Icelandic coins so we have no use for them at the moment). After that we got right back on the plane for 3 hours and attempted to sleep once again with a little luck this time, but sadly there was another person in our row so we were smushed. Later we got to the hotel, got our room keys, unloaded, and headed out again for dinner. We went to an Italian restaurant and i got basic spaghetti, it was extremely good though. Once we fished eating we headed back to the hotel for a bit then went out again to see checkpoint Charlie and the location of the Berlin Wall. LOTS of bikes that almost hit us too
Berlin Wall and checkpoints!
Around the hotel