North America, Europe · 11 Days · 73 Moments · August 2017

Italia 2017

21 August 2017

Missed our connecting flight due to long lines for Customs/Passport Control, but at least we got bumped to first class!!
Dear Travel Journal, I like to go to the beach. It was my favorite. I liked Italy. 🇮🇹👍🏼😁 - Gianna
Fiumicino International Airport Alla prossima Italia!! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
44 via Giovanni Paolucci Goriano Sicoli, L'aquila, IT 67030

20 August 2017

Picnic @ Parco Regionale del Sirente Velino Appenine Mountain Range
Rocca di Mezzo Bar Voce Gelateria Piazza Principe di Piemonte
Road Trip - Castelvecchio, Gagliano, Secinaro, Rocca di Mezzo

19 August 2017

Saturday night in Goriano Block party The girls' first Jiffy Pop Movie night Scopa at Max's house
Antico Pizzeria Napoletana Pizza Antony - Buffalo Mazzarella, Tomatoes, Wurtzel 4 Cheese Pizza
Dear Travel Journal, I went to the playground and ate lunch today. Now I'm painting mommy and daddy's toenails. 💩🤷🏻‍♀️ - Alexa
Relaxing in Goriano

18 August 2017

Round 2 Trevi Fountain Spanish Steps
Imperiale Pizzeria Ristorante for snacks Salad French fries Watermelon Cantaloupe
Roman Colosseum
Gelato snacks Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II Roman Forums
Lunch at Osteria Pizzeria di Agrippa Caesar salad Gnocchi with butter and Parmesan cheese Pinot Grigio Cheese and margherita pizza from a caffe
Piazza di Pietro Pantheon
Day trip in Rome Parked at Villa Borghese Spanish Steps Trevi Fountain
Road Trip - Rome

17 August 2017

Dinner party @ Donato & Esperanza's house. Cream cheese and caviar spread on crackers Pizza Marinated eggplant and red peppers Mozzarella cheese and grape tomatoes Green olives Quiche Chicken Watermelon
Goriano Centrale Park
Goriano house modifications
Hanging out in Goriano

16 August 2017

Playing cards at Bar Centrale in Goriano.
Goriano Cemetary
Bioagriturismo - La Porta dei Parchi
Lunch at Punto Ristoro in Anversa w/ Donato & Esperanza, Freddie & Maria and Theresa (from Hinckley, OH) Antipasta w/ sheep & goat cheeses, prosciutto Wide noodles w/ boar meat (cingalle) Aged sheep & potatoes Salad Fruit Brownies
Dear Travel Journal, That's old houses 🏡 in Sulmona -Gianna
Church of Santissima Annunziata - Sulmona
Cafe Europa in Sulmona for gelato 🍧
Road Trip - Sulmona & Anversa

15 August 2017

Watching Shrek on the new TV 📺
Hanging out at the house, photos by Gianna 👌🏼
Dear Travel Journal, We just went in the town to find treasure We went on a hill only -Gianna 🇭🇺😁
Pescara Beach 🏖Ippo Beach Club - Playa Segunda

14 August 2017

La Pasquina Ristorante Glocal Antipasto Fetuccine Pomodoro Margherita Pizza 4 Cheese Pizza Veal Salad Lexi's 1st Italian beer tasting
Pescara Beach at Sunset
Shopping at Megalo Mall
Italian IKEA adventure
🇭🇺👩🏻 - Photos by Gianna
Dear Travel Journal, I have 5 people in my family we are Going to Italy 😍😘👍🏼 -Gianna
Road Trip - Chieti (IKEA, Megalo Shopping Mall, Mediaworld) & Pescara

13 August 2017

Playing made-up Joe games 🤦🏻‍♀️ Then headed out to town for the Sagra Della Ciambella E Ceci All'Uccelletto - Festival of Chickpeas
Paddle boats on Lago di Barrea
Lago di Barrea
Hotel Holidays for a 4 course lunch 🥗🍝🍗🍉 Antipasta Pasta w/ Red Sauce Pork skewers, grilled vegetables, sausage, veal Salad, Fruit Digestivo
Lago di San Domenico
Castrovalva - View from Anversa
Road Trip - Anversa, Castrovalva, Scanno, Barrea
Visiting the fountains

12 August 2017

Sagra Della Taccozza - Festival of the Wide Noodles
Getting to know Goriano.
Stopped at Tigre Supermarket for groceries and goodies.
Ate a late lunch at the Restaurant at the second exit off the Autostrada in Abruzzo. Primo XL Pasta Tomato and Cheese Pizza
Waiting for the rental cars 🚙🚌
We made it!!

11 August 2017

Delta flight 64
Atlanta International Airport
Delta flight 2133
Checking our bags
On our way to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport!