Iceland · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2018

Megan's journi to Iceland

24 July 2018

Part 2: After we ate we went to the gift shop and looked around. They had some really cool stuff but it was all suuuuper pricey, so instead we went around trying things out and making fun of the prices. Our bus was coming at 10:30 to take us home so we waited outside for a bit and i was actually shivering. Once our driver got us we sped back to the hotel and swerved around every corner, but he was a nice guy. We gathered all our things headed backwards to our room took very long showers bc our hair was extremely crusty and crispy, grab some hot cocoa and are heading to bed. Great time today!!!🤗🤩
Early breakfast and trip to the airport... had to get up at like 6. After we to the train and cable car down we had a two hour car ride to the airport and when we got there we were so early we waited for an hour for them to check our bags. There was a lot of waiting around today at the airport, but once we got on the plane everything went smoothly. We rode Iceland air and they always have movies so that was great! We got to Iceland at like 5 ish and we headed right out to the blue lagoon at 6. It. Was. Amazing. So warm and relaxing and i never wanted to leave bc of the awesome face masks they gave you while you were there. The only weird part was all the naked people in the shower room. Uhh. We were given one free drink and i got a strawberry smoothie and it tasted terrible!! Other then that the lagoon was so cool and it had caves and saunas ugh so amazing!! We got out of the lagoon @ 9 ish and had dinner from a cafe. Mine was so good but i am still very hungry.

23 July 2018