Germany · 1 Days · 15 Moments · July 2018

Germany day 2

12 July 2018

Started today off with breakfast at the hotel. Kaitlyn and i both had a croissant and two pieces of watermelon, there wasn’t that much stuff that we liked, i tried to have a ham & cheese sandwich but it was no bueno. After we ate we went straight on a bus tour around east and West Berlin. Our guide was super nice with a GREAT accent. After the tour we went on a boat tour and our guide decided to come along. Once we finished the college kids split from us and we went to the topography des terror. It was very interesting to read about all the stuff that went on with the Nazis. After that we went to dinner at this really cute German restaurant and it had some really good food. Once we finished the girls went to the mall of Berlin and we got ice cream and Kaitlyn, Brynn and I each got a bathing suit top. We went back to the hotel afterwards and are now going to bed! Ready for Venice tomorrow!!
Dinner: chicken with mozzarella and spinach and a cream sauce. Side salad and fries
More streets
Parliament again
Boat tour
Cathedral again
First gay movement (something like that)
Pic 1: red tower Pic 2: cathedral Pic 3: where the book burnings took place
One of the largest government buildings. Our guide said it was like the White House, except the president does not live there, just works there.
Pic 1: where laws are discussed before they go to parliament Pic 2: parliament. It has tons of large glass windows and ceilings to remind parliament that “the people are watching”. It faces away from the where the emperor used to be because the emperor didn’t like them (he wanted to rule all by himself).