Austria · 85 Days · 18 Moments · October 2014

Megan's Austrian Excursions

27 December 2014

Zoo fun
It snowed the day after Christmas. Snow is actually fun if you only see it every now and then and you don't have to drive in it.

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!
I played with Legos the entire break... It was wonderful.

24 December 2014

A finch just flew into the kitchen on Christmas Eve. Surely this is some form of good luck. He was adorable and I got to hold him. It was great.

23 December 2014

Christmas Markets and hot chocolate in front of a palace (:

21 December 2014

I may not understand a word of what they're saying, but the Austrians definitely know how to eat breakfast. I'd take this over bread and Nutella any day.

7 October 2014

I think that was a pretty successful first look, so thanks Vienna. See you in December Austria!

6 October 2014

Uncle Ben's!
The garden.. All of it is their personal garden.
How are there lemons here??
Helping Oma
Snack time!!

5 October 2014

The cutest bug I've ever seen.
Eating brunch the Austrian way

4 October 2014

This is the view out of my window

3 October 2014

First look at the Swiss Alps.