Finland · 13 Days · 6 Moments · November 2017

Year 2 in Finland

10 December 2017

Won our game last night against Forsa 💛 We streaking now

3 December 2017

Oldest player on our guy’s team came out to the karaoke bar after our team party. Super cool guy, speaks great English. I was taken a little back when he turned around and kissed a guy full on the mouth, but I’m not sure if it was a gay thing or a “this is my best friend” thing. Either way, the more sugar in the Finnish Koolaid, the better.

1 December 2017

All this snow over the course of 24 hours. It’s the slush in my shoes and the snowflakes in my hair and the cold hovering on my nose and the quiet. The snow is a quiet that I’m still not comfortable in; it’s deafening in a way that makes you wonder if you ever heard anything at all.

30 November 2017

Getting on my nerves. Apparently, my basketball shoes are too narrow. Causing the bones in my left foot to be way too close together and the nerves are thickening due to the compression. Which is called Morton’s disease or Morton’s Neurosis. I wonder if the guy who found this disease also made the salt. Maybe they’re cousins. Hm. Any- who, I have to get a shot every few weeks to keep the pain away, and I’ve been advised into getting new shoes. Whoooo-hoo. This is my third shot in two months, cortisone and a local anesthetic. But I also can’t practice today, because In about 12.35 seconds I won’t be able to feel my foot; hopefully this time it will stay centralized there and not creep up my whole leg again. We’ll see. Lucky enough, our lovely team physician (pictured here) is also a fantastic karaoke singer, so I’m sure we’ll see him this weekend at the next team party. His English is spectacular and he has really kind blue eyes. And a fantastic Frank Sinatra voice. All for now🧡

28 November 2017

Day before our game. We’re halfway through regular season sitting at 7-2. I smell a championship y’all

27 November 2017

Gameday lunch has been servedddddd.