India · 29 Days · 39 Moments · July 2017

India - A Great Experience:)

29 July 2017

On our last day at CHAI Hydrabad, Father Jobby and the rest of the CHAI team gave us a BBQ dinner with music and beautiful lighting at the patio. It was really sweet of them. I enjoyed it the dinner very much as well as the rest of my trip at Hydrabad!!

28 July 2017

After the wonderful ayurvedic massage, we had celebrated with a dinner of Western food (which I should mention was a long time craving of ours) and drinks at The Sky Kitchen, a pan Indian Restaurant πŸ€—πŸŸπŸ•πŸ€πŸ»πŸΈ
A worthwhile relaxing day - Ayurvedic massage and spa at Jivasri!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‡βœŒοΈ

26 July 2017

We spent our downtime at the Fernandas Hospital labour room. It was so much fun!! πŸ’ƒπŸΎ

25 July 2017

Fernandas Hospital ICU
Fernandas Hospital - A high-end private speciality Hospital (Maternal), Labour room This hospital has 5 sites, of which we visited 2. The first site we visited was dedicated in looking after uncomplicated births. The second site we visited deals with high risk pregnancies. The resources, hospital structure and certain services are very similar to our Canadian obstetrics except that they pay out of their pockets for the most part (only a small percentage have insurance and other benefits for coverage). We also had a chance to chat with one of the obstetric doctors who said that the population that we were seeing was minor. She explained "it was only the tip of the iceberg". She insisted that most of the Indians are poor and cannot afford care at the private hospital. They mostly go to government hospitals which are free of charge but quality of care is poorer due to a lack of resources. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to visit a government hospital in India.

24 July 2017

Visited Vijay Marie Hospital- Labour and delivery, antinatal and postpartum We spent about 2 days at this hospital. It is a private charitable missionary hospital run by a group of sisters (nuns). It was founded in 1948 after India had its independence during which many health issues emerged. Heather and I spent the day at the labour and delivery unit. It was very different from Canada. Though it is a private hospital, the labour room consists of 4 metal beds in one big room. Curtains are used to separate patients. It was interesting to know that episiotomy can be done by nurses. It was little disturbing to see that there was no adequate pain management in place. Also, there was no concept about coaching to push. Those women who we saw were in labour with no coaching to push, but all of a sudden, a baby comes out πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜Ÿ I was not sure whether those laboring women knew about pushing or bearing down 😐 then we rotated around NICU, antipartum and postpartum units.

23 July 2017

Continued to visit the nearby Qutub Shahi Tombs. These Tombs were built in the 1500s to honor 7 sultans in the area. He also built two smaller Tombs for his two favorite physicians.
We returned back to CHAI from Warangal. On Sunday, we were off to Golconda fort. This fort contains 9 doors, 42 windows and 48 tunnels that were built in 1134. As we were climbing up, there was a small Hindu temple of the God Snake 🐍 as the main shrine. They were having a festival that involved sacrificing animals (ie. goats). We hiked up 480 feet so we had an overall good workout day with spectacular views!!

20 July 2017

We enjoyed playing with those orphan children. They were so happy when we gave them gifts, toys and stickers. They even wanted us to take pictures of them. Dori Puzzle was a real hit! Thanks to my friend Nadine who donated this dori gift. So much fun 😍
An adventure during our day off at Warangal. Went to a park and climbed up a rock, where we enjoyed a breeze that was to die for. There was a temple up on the mountain called Ekshila Hill Temple and it was built in the 12th century. Then we visited the thousand pillar temple and another old Goddess temple near the lake. Great day out πŸ€—

19 July 2017

Interacting with orphanage children at Karunalayam Warangal
Warangal - Karunalayam Nature the best!

17 July 2017

Final Presentation at JMJ followed by "snaps" as usual πŸ˜‰

16 July 2017

Snaps taken at the end of our rural placement!
Went to a local Rama Temple at Shamshabath during our day off at rural

15 July 2017

On our last day at rural, JMJ students were super sweet and prepared yummy dinner with Chicken Biriyani for us πŸ˜‹ It was so great to be with such good hearts β™₯️ We ended that awesome night with some dancing to Bollywood music 🎢
A small group of us went to an extended family's house and chatted. The lady in that house gave us jasmine flower mala to put on our hair. Then we went to Jasmine gardens and helped pick flowers! It smelled so good 😊
Visited a local village at Shamshabath (rural)

14 July 2017

Primary Health Center in Shamshabath rural area

13 July 2017

Monkeys in rural - never a dull moment with these creatures around πŸ€£πŸ’πŸ΅
Accommodation at rural - yes we slept on hospital beds and stayed in a hospital ward for one week. Only the ground floor OPD in St Theresa hospital branch in rural shamshabath is functioning. JMJ nursing students were also staying here for one month for their community placement.

12 July 2017

On our way to rural where we stopped at NIRD and explored.
On our way to rural placement from JMJ. There were 13 people in a seven seater van. Transportation in India was crazy πŸ˜›

11 July 2017

On our second last evening at JMJ, Principal Ms Bandavi requested us to wear sarees and take "snaps". As per her request, we did it! We were so colorful πŸ€—
Visited a boys residential school in the community. It included grades 5-10.
World Population Day celebrated at Anganwadi Community Center by JMJ Nursing students 🌎

10 July 2017

Visited the Shivananda Leprosy Clinic. We heard a lecture by Mr. Ganapathy who explained all about Leprosy and treatments provided at the organization. Then he took us for a tour of the facility where he introduced us to some of the patients and explained their current status and the ongoing treatment.
The next day we went out into the community with Ms Indumathi who showed us different housing structures and how people live in those houses. It was a good learning experience to know how people literally live in a small tiny places with no windows and have issues with good drinking water. Due to a lack of good drinking water, they save water in containers on a day to day basis. However, people who are better on a financial basis live in concrete (pakka) houses which were built spaciously with good air circulation.
On a side note, I just wanted to document some of the delicious food we had while we were at JMJ.

9 July 2017

It is our day off! πŸ’ƒπŸΎ We went to Lumbini park, Birla Mandir and also went on a boat ride. It was a superb experience with lots of nature surrounding us and a cool breeze that was much needed! We ended the day with the dinner at Pizza Hut πŸ€£πŸ˜‡πŸ•

8 July 2017

Then we went to a community centre called Anganwadi - a place similar to a day care but this centre is run by the government. This centre takes care of children under age 5. Lunch is provided at this centre for children and also pregnant mothers. As a source of nutritional foods, the government provides protein powder to each family who has young children. There is a care lady (Aaya) and a Teacher who take care of these children for the day. Parents will drop off their kids in the morning and pick them up after lunch. We interacted and played with those children. It was so much fun!!

7 July 2017

We visited a Urban primary health centre and chatted with the medical officer about the functioning of the centre, patient population, common treatments etc.

6 July 2017

We arrived at JMJ school and college of Nursing. We will be staying here for this entire week. The Principal Ms. Bandavi welcomed us and introduced us to professors Indumathi and staff, and then showed us our rooms. After we got settled in our rooms, we had snacks and tea. Then principal Bandhavi talked about JMJ, and oriented us to JMJ school and college and the associated St Theresa Hospital which is also in the same compound. Then we met Hilary, the masters nursing student, who took us for a tour of campus and the hospital.

4 July 2017

After the orientation at CHAI, we went to visit Pratyasha (Life of Hope). This particular organization provides end of life care. As the head nurse, Nirmala talked to us and mentioned that most patients, who are 21 at this time, are left by their families and had been on the roads for a long time before they got to Pratyasha. When these patients got to Pratyasha, they were going to die due to malnutrition, infection, etc. But, she talked about some stories with happy endings where dying patients got better and reunited with families after receiving proper care and help from Pratyasha staff. It is incredible to see those patients smile 😊 There is also a HIV clinic. Here men and women who are affected by HIV are separated into different rooms. The boy in the picture is the son of a woman who was getting treatment for HIV at the time. That boy was also affected by HIV and is deaf and mute. He is a happy and smart boy. He wanted me to take a picture of him and I was more than happy to.

3 July 2017

We went out to explore the city of Hydrabad when we had a day off. We went to Charminar and Lad Bazar. We had lots of fun experiencing the culture and heritage for the first time in a crowded busy city!
Had a terrible experience at the Mumbai airport. The London to Mumbai flight was delayed by more than a hour. For our next connecting flight to hyderabad, we only had less than 20 minutes to reach the flight in time. We had to pick up our luggages and had to re-check. I literally ran 5K through Mumbai airport to get to my gate, passing all the obstacles like getting through checkins, passing by people, etc. By the time I reached the gate, I was panting so hard. The only relaxing moment I had was when I saw Abby who smiled at me and my co runner Mark Prablo. I was also relieved to know that we didn't miss the flight. Luckily that flight ended up being delayed (which had to be done anyways!!).We finally were picked up by Sundar and reached our destination point CHAI. They were waiting for us for a long time but we had a great welcome!

1 July 2017

First time by myself traveling out of Canada hooray!! What a way to spend Canada Day. Let the adventures begin! ✈️