Mexico · 4 Days · 23 Moments · January 2017

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30 January 2017

After Juan's Cafe we walked around a bit more and stopped at a panaderia. WOW! We picked out a horn shaped pastry stuffed with a very thick whipped cream ($0.25) and took it to the park. Sat on a bench and gobbled it down. It was to die for. I told Kip it would have cost $5.00 in L. A. !!! LOL. Time to head back to the room where we read for awhile and then took a nap. Love the siestas! Up and out to look for a place to have dinner. We stopped in another church and took some pictures. I never tire of going into the old churches. I can just feel the spirit move me. It was difficult to see the statute of St. Jude and all the rosaries that had been hung on him and the candles lit. At the base of the statue were pictures of loved ones who needed his help. It was heartbreaking to see the pictures of the children. We searched Yelp for a place for dinner and ended up at a pop up restaurant with rickety tables and it was obviously very popular with the expats. Don Lupe!
Another fabulous breakfast served by Paco at the Sarabanda. We walked to the Biblioteca which was obviously a popular spot with the expats. Lots of rooms in this beautiful old building. A small theater, rooms with books in Spanish, rooms with books in English, artists selling their craft, a nice coffee shop, rooms for teaching/studying, learning English or learning Spanish. Like most buildings here in San Miguel, the entrance opened up to a beautiful courtyard. After years of searching for the perfect turquoise ring I finally found one by a local artist in the library bookstore! It is my one splurge this trip, and I am thrilled! We stopped for lunch at Juan's Cafe across the street from the bookstore. Appreciated the "RESIST TRUMP" sign at the entrance. Another popular place for the expats who came in non-stop to talk to the proprietor and pick up DVDs from him. He had a list they could peruse and they would rent the DVD. Kip had the BEST French toast.
Dinner at Don Lupes where they had open mic night. Guacamole, salsa, chips, two beers, Coca Cola, shrimp fajitas, carne asada, ice cream, chocolate cake. $20 including tip!
San Miguel de Allende
Inside the church.
Enchiladas con queso at Juans.
Well we know how the Mexican people feel about Obama vs Trump!

29 January 2017

Strolled around the plaza and sat in the park. HUGE white bulldog sprawled on her belly on top of the wall. She was immensely popular. Everyone was taking pictures of her. Sunday evening and the crowd in the plaza was huge. I think one of the things I love most is the views of the churches and the way they look different depending on the time of day and how the light is hitting them. We ended up getting dinner at Mama Mia. I would not recommend this place. It is very popular because of the music, but definitely touristy. The food was sub-par and the service was terribly slow. Back to our room. FREEZING outside. We were surprised at how cold it was when we stepped out of the restaurant. Cozy in our room at Hotel Saramanda with a nice fire blazing away and our easy chairs pulled up in front of the fire.
Much cooler this morning. After breakfast at the hotel where once again, Chef Paco kept bringing out one treat after another, we walked to the Fabrica Aurora which is an old fabric factory that was converted into a mall of art galleries. One thing we have learned is that when they say they are opening at 10 a.m., you should arrive at 11. It was the same at Parque Juarez yesterday. Everything was supposed to start at 10, but there were still people setting up at 11. There was some beautiful art, but most of it way out of our league price wise. I did buy a few things, but nothing big. We had lunch at the gallery, first mediocre food we've had since we arrived. Walked back to the hotel and took a nice siesta. Walked toward the town square and decided to stop at the mercado by the hotel. We ended up following a series of shops for blocks. VERY inexpensive trinkets. Ended up with two bags of goodies.
This young lady was a pro at balancing on top of the wall. Needless to say, she was very popular!
Galeria Aurora

28 January 2017

After breakfast we walked to the Parque de Benito Juarez. A lovely large park. There were two happenings today. First, the flower sale, which meant rows upon rows of gorgeous potted plants. What really grabbed me was the man who had dozens of bonsai. Breaks my heart that I can't bring any plant back to the U.S. The second is every weekend they have local artists selling their wares. Many of those selling painting do not want photos taken, which I can understand. We purchased some trinkets. Prices here are amazing. After the park we continued to walk around, admiring the architecture and the colors of the buildings. The door knockers are often works of art and I took many pictures just of the knockers. We ended up at for lunch at a restaurant and so far, all the food here has been perfect. We want to move here. P.s. Our lunch, iced tea, coffee, a ham and cheese croissant, avocado salsa, bouillon, and a big plate of chilaquilles: $8.00 American.
Breakfast at the Hotel Saramanda was amazing. Our chef was very attentive and obviously very proud of his service. We arrived to a beautifully set table with a side tray next to our table with a charcuterie tray. Freshly squeezed juice and specially made cold mint tea. A bowl of freshly cut fruit waited for us. The options for our main dish seemed to be endless. We finely stopped him and ordered the soft scrambled eggs with Serrano jam. After breakfast he took us on a tour of the hotel, which is really a bed and breakfast. Each room is tastefully furnished and some at the top have gorgeous views. Every room had a private sitting area outside of the room.
Procession from the church around the town square. The people following were singing. Beautiful!!
Inside the churches.
Ok here is a pic of the chilaquiles. Best I have ever had.
Delicious food at La Parroqiuero (?). Chilaquiles.
Cafe Parriquia.
Amazing flower sale in Parque Juarez.
The churches are beautiful!
I was a little hesitant when we arrived last evening. Streets that are very old, worn buildings, dark. Then we checked into Hotel Sarabanda and the facade of the hotel did not do justice to the interior. It's like we stepped into a gorgeous Mediterranean villa. There are only five guest rooms, and we are treated like royalty. Our room is spacious, with a fireplace, beautiful high beamed ceilings, a large bathroom with a huge whirlpool tub. Tons of storage space. Tasteful antique decor. We dropped our things off and wound our way through the cobbled streets to the main plaza. It was about 8 p.m. and there were people everywhere. Children dancing around, street vendors, roaming musicians. We passed by an alley with a huge painting of the Virgen de Guadalupe surrounded by twinkling lights painted right on the wall. We had to smile when we passed a Hamburguesa stand with a huge line of locals. Our first sight of the church was breathtaking. Old, interesting, different.

27 January 2017