Saudi Arabia · 10 Days · 32 Moments · August 2018

hajj travellog 2018.

26 August 2018

What i have learned from this journey?well this log is just a descriptive account .i didn't write about my feelings which i have observed everyday during the holy journey. I have seen happy people ,and i have seen grumpy people like me .i have seen people sleeping all the time and i have seen people crying and asking forgiveness under the open sky with a temperature of 45 degrees with sweating and tears flowing like sweat. I have seen people wasting food like anything and i have seen people running like crazy for the free food and water as they had none . I have seen people sleeping and complaining all the time in AC controlled tents and i have seen people under the sun and moon for consecutive 3 days without food and water. And i wonder i only wonder that whether both kind of hajj is acceptable by Allah.May Allah accept my hajj and i have decided to do hajj again after 5 years ,alone .inshallah.
More random pics
Our daily step counts .u can see the difference. Although its not accurate to the perfection.

25 August 2018

Our hajj stop overs .base camp was Mina .the tent city.

24 August 2018

Day 7 At home sweet home .After reaching home we were so tired and hungry that o ordered a huge lunch and man we ate like kings and slept like beggars. May allah accept our endeavours.
Some random thoughts and impressions . Nothing is perfect except God
Day6 23/8/2018 That's it after meeting nadeem we took our saptco bus and reached our actual bus to depart for Riyadh .That's another long story to tell. But anyways we reached Riyadh by 130 pm on Friday .

23 August 2018

Day 6 3rd day of eid.we had a long day ahead . We planned that we will go rammi at 12 sharp and then immediately we will go to makkah and do the tawaf e widah .but plans got cancelled .this is hajj .so unpredictable. By 1130 we got out .it was so hot .reached jamarrat and it was crowded like anything . Couldn't breath. But we finished it some how and then went back on the same horrendous u turn to go back to base camp instead of makkah . We reached base camp ,took lunch and after 1 hour put our bags in the bus to go for makkah . We had to leave before maghrib so we started early . There was 2 much traffic but we reached haram by the same routine of almakhsuta . We called nadeem in the way and decided to meet . We did our tawaf e widah which was the last ritual and our hajj was complete . So much for a VIP hajj. I think we didn't struggle that much but we did struggle a bit . We met nadeem and maheen at the end of our tawaf and man what an experience to see ur kid bro .i feel so fresh.

22 August 2018

Day 5 22/8/2018 Second day of Eid and we depart early for makkah . We arranged a taxi who dropped us at musfilah bridge and then we walked towards harum.we did our tawaf e ziara in the scorching heat and then we went for saai . Ground floor was absolutely jam packed so went to the 4 th floor which was comparatively silent We finished the saai Alhamdulillah .came out of harum ,bought lunch and then by the same taxi reached train station to go for rammi again . We did rammi with ease but the journey back to the station was horrible . We called it long short cut or u turn .we were tired of tawaf ritual and then this walk .ohhh my god it was like going on top of k2 . And half and hour walk back to base camp . The time we reach back to camp we were totally drained

21 August 2018

Day 4 21/8/2018 Sobs celebrated eid like a pro .seems she wasnt missing kids at all. I didnt attend eid celebrations in the base camp.
Day 4 21/8/2018 So i shaved my head on the roadside makeshift sallon .it was eid day too My eisha send me pics of her Hanna tatto and suddenly i started missing them a lot .i could not continue so we decided to stop our plans of tawaf and return to base camp,mina .we reached mina removed my ahram,wore new dress and then i spend one hour talking with kids and parents .i was missing them a lot .i met sobs again and then i slept .
Day 4 21/8/2018 After spending night in muzdailfah immefiately after fajr prayers we left for train and reached the jamarat .the three devil stations to stone them .first day we had to stone only one of them .it was easy . Plan was to go to makkah by foot and shave our heads in the way and do tawaf e ziarah and saai in the same day.
21/8/2018 This is muzdalifah .night under the open sky . Dnt have to do much .rest ,pray and get ready for Rami next day which is a huge undertaking as all pilgrims will go at once for that ritual.

20 August 2018

20/ 08/2018 Day 3 The day of arafat .rukun e azam .the coming day of judgement. We prayed and prayed especially for forgiveness of my own sins . I was a bit selfish that day . But it went well. Also the lunch was awesome . One of the best lamb mandi i have ever tasted. .we started our journey back to mina and the muzdilifah but it was a huge rush . Trains were not operating and we had to wait for almost 5 hours to reach back our camp. It was a horrible experience . We were so tired ,so hot and we were sitting on the road .but this period was over and we reached mina at almost 1230. I took shower and we were ready for muzdalifah to spend the night under open sky.
By the end of the day we were asked to b ready to embark on the most important day .day of arafat.we started our journey by almost 1am and we walked for half an hour to reach train station .there was long queue but the station was quite nice . Train took us to arafat station and immediately after was our camp. I took the last tent which was very nice and had 3 trees inside the tent. We organized ourselves and then we slept and prepared ourselves for the big day tomorrow.
On the way to waquf e arafat via muzdalifah station 3 . Pretty impressive only to learn latter how painful it is .we reached Arafat station and from there it was very near .our Arafat base camp.
Our train ticket bracelet and ID of hajj. Also the stones for rammi were provided from the grounds of muzdalifah,washed and packed . Niceeeee

19 August 2018

Day 3 1st ful day in mina and I paid rest of the amount for hajj .i met sobs in the afternoon to give her the labaik book and i noticed hajjis in the sun . I went to the shop and bought water and drinks for them .this is all i could have done . Later in the evening a very bad sand storm came and my plans to meet nadeem were shattered. We have to leave for waquf e arafat in the evening so we prepared ourselves.

18 August 2018

Day 2 We reached our tent in mina .base camp of rehla albaraka agents . Camp was quite ok ,well stuffed and everything was available.
As me and sobs were seperated and this was our first day in mina tent so we dated outside on icecream . We talked to family and talked till 1 am .then we went to sleep.
Day 2 Almaskhuta stop of buses.from here we took SAPTCO buses to reach haram. I was so happy to see a lone Pakistani flag there.
Day 2 Umrah moments
We travelled in the night from madinah to makkah .it was a 4 hour journey but it took us all night to reach makkah for our first step of hajj ,to perform umrah. Our bus dropped us at almasquttah stop and a saptco bus took us to masjid ul harram.

17 August 2018

We prayed maghrib and isha in the masjid e nabawi.i did ziarat and salam 3 times on our prophet. 1st time i took abu online and he naveed ,nada and mama all did ziarat and delievered their sallam live .dad was extremely happy and gave me tons of blessing .2nd time i took eisha and zayan on line and they also conveyed their salam.what an indescribable feeling Latter when we came back i wore my ahram and we we went for miqat zul dhalifa.
We reached our hotel just when jumma prayers were starting so we missed our prayers . We checked in and ordered food from outside. Sobs was extremely tired and hungry so she ate like a lion . After food we slept We missed our asar prayers deliberately and went for maghrib prayers instead.
Day 1 we reached madinah munawarah ,prophets city .i was sure that we are going to miss our Friday prayers so we decided to check in our hotel ,crown plaza .
Day 1 1st day of our hajj journey.this is our second hajj and we feel blessed to have this invitation from Allah Himself.May Allah accept our hajj. Before i start my prep for hajj i read labaik again and again for a spiritual reawakening .i strongly recommend this book for all Urdu readers to to read it before going 4 hajj. our boardings and sobs breakfast at airport .good old shwarma.although the flight got late and we missed our friday prayers but its ok .its not our fault.