Jordan, Switzerland, France · 49 Days · 22 Moments · April 2017

Switzerland And France

23 May 2017

Beef and Chicken Stakes​

22 May 2017

Real Chocolate from Switzerland!!

21 May 2017

Gornergrat Matterhorn

20 May 2017


19 May 2017

Eiffel's view
Galeries la fayette

18 May 2017

Arc de triomphe

17 May 2017

Thun lake

16 May 2017

Bern, bird eye view
Sweet and delicious!! 😂😂

15 May 2017

Fondue cheese, the local food
Mt. Jungfrau, the highest mountain in Switzerland. One of the most important landmark that you have to go.
Luaterbrunnen, the waterfall in the middle of the city!!!!

14 May 2017

Interlaken, I spent a few hours walking around here like a local. Lucky!!! There is a festival that day. It's fun
We stay at the funny farm hostel, this is a lowest price that we can fine in Interlaken for ensuite bedroom. But amazing!!! The sight from the window is killing me. It's so beautiful.

13 May 2017

The way to Interlaken, we caught​ the train from airport. There are the sight where we passed. It's so amazing!!!
The first stoped was Amman, after more than 9 hours of airplane ride finally we arrived. From now we can just wait for the flight to Zurich at least 5 hours. So, let's walk around Amman's airport. Haha

12 May 2017

Journey's started​!!! See yaa in Switzerland in very soon

5 April 2017

Let the new journey begins