United States of America · 6 Days · 17 Moments · July 2016

McKenna's odyssey to Colorado

3 August 2016

Intended on taking a short walk this morning until we came across a sign that said "hot springs 4 miles" we all agreed we wanted to do it! Mom, Wyatt, and I went back grabbed suits, water, and snacks and met Tim and Addi part of the way down the trail. After 2.5 hours, a good sweat, some frustration, and beautiful views we finally came across some hot springs! The hike was definitely more than 4 miles but was definitely worth every mile!! There were 3 hot springs we found and the best part was they were natural and not anther soul around us. Wyatt and I want to go back some day and camp in one of the many campsites along the way!

2 August 2016

Set up camp at a magnificent campsite called little molas campground for the day to relax. Which was hard for my mom and I. I DONT KNOw HOw TO RELAX!!! We played cards and it ended up raining towards dinner time so we roasted wieners and water in the tent on a little flame for Mac and cheese and instant potatoes😆
Hiked out along the railroad tracks from Wyatts cabin at 6am this morning. Mom tented in the staff parking lot of the soaring zip line business so she met me a little ways along the railroad. I dodged the pop car and crossed the train bridge without seeing a train! (The two things I was most nervous about) Also made record timing for myself and was able to make it out in an hour and 22 min for 5 miles.

1 August 2016

After already hiking 16 miles today Wyatt somehow convinced me to walk another 5 miles! Not to mention we were starting at 10 o'clock at night🙈 he wanted me to see his cabin and meet some of his soaring friends! It was pitch dark and I was nervous but Wyatt tried getting my mind off of it by talking to me about loving myself and how it helps to love others. It's a topic I never thought about and maybe I should. I never have good answers to his deep questions or answers at all sometimes, but I like that he makes me think and hopefully someday when we revisit the topic I will have a clear answer because now I will have thought about it.

31 July 2016

Drove a couple hours today to get towards Durango CO. We fit five people and a heck of a lot of luggage/ camp gear in one little pruis☺️ Settled at a campsite and took a walk to look for some wildlife but only found a few mule deer!
Breakfast at the blue cow. Cutest little outdoor/ indoor eatery in the little town of Morrison.

30 July 2016

The Avett Brothers! Aka the concert Wyatt and Sam have been waiting forever to see! And to top it off its at the red rocks natural amphitheater in Colorado. Typical us Maddy and I took some shots on the side of the road as the boys had a few mixers before the concert. Definitely a place and concert worth seeing and hearing. The brothers killed it.
Filled up on some famous "Chick-Fil-A" before heading to pikes peak! I must admit it was pretty dang good😍 the sauce... YUM Then drove up 19 miles to the summit of pikes peak. Mads was hanging out the sun roof so I thought it was a good idea to do the same and take some pictures. I was up there maybe 30 seconds and Sam hit the windshield wiper fluid sending it directly in my mouth and without thinking I turned my head and spit it out which landed right on Sams shoulder...oops ha
Arrived at Sams cousins in Colorado Springs.. Beautiful place with 6 beautiful kids to entertain us for the night.
Garden of the gods to start the morning off☺️

29 July 2016

GOT HIM!!!!!!!☺️☺️💃🙊😘😝💃🤗💃🙊💃 it doesn't feel like real life.. I still can't believe we're finally together again!!!! He was worth every minute of the drive.
Wyatt has boarded his bus to Denver and we have Just ARRIVED TO COLORADO!!!.. Next stop=the bus stop
Foggy roads this morning.. feeling like we're in a cloud! Running on 3 hours of sleep and still in Nebraska...ready for some eats☺️
"Journi it's 4:18 am and were listening to ghetto music (aka outcast)". -mom
Pull and peel licorice, seal podcast & Nebraska.
Wyatt were coming for ya! It's 2:44 am and we just got through Omaha Nebraska. Mom and I are taking the night shift while Addi and Tim snuggle up to wyatts hoodie covered pillow😅

28 July 2016

Said goodbye to dad and the siblings this morning. They were all still half sleeping which made it a little easier to say goodbye and make it to my car to shed the tears. Now anxiously waiting with Addi for mom and Tim to get home so we can leave!