United States of America · 6 Days · 14 Moments · March 2018

Maya's adventure in Italy

5 April 2018

The Manatee
We took a trip to the Genova Aquarium and were amazed at the sights. The city itself is built right into the cliffs over the sea, roads are narrow and winding (glad I wasn’t driving), and the sights range from ancient to modern. In the aquarium we started by seeing the Moray Eel.

4 April 2018

Our apartment hunting orientation tour inGran Madre and Crocetta neighborhoods in Turin. It was pretty rainy, but we got a really good idea of life in the city.

3 April 2018

Finding the Lego store really perked up the kids on a rainy day.
Day out at the Egypt Museum

2 April 2018

Dining out has not been easy - we all had a good laugh when Jeff’s supposed pepperoni pizza turned up with no cheese and anchovies and William’s margherita came with French Fries and Hot Dog slices on top. Looks like we all need to get serious with our Italian lessons.
Taking a drive to the Alps in Jeff’s Wrangler.

1 April 2018

Gorgeous day to climb trees in the park
Lounging on a hillside over looking the Po and the Park.
Climbing outside the ancient Castle of Valentino.
On Sunday, we started our day out with a walk through Parco Valentino, a large, beautiful park on the banks of the Po River.

30 March 2018

Taking off to Turin. Can’t wait to explore our new hometown.