France, Israel · 1 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

17 May 2017

May 17th: Today we went to Disneyland Paris!!! It was such a process getting there and it was supposed to be really easy, but so much happened that made it harder. Well we got on the train and then they shut down the stations because the rain station at Disney found a bomb. Then, they made us get on a bus to get to the park because the train lines were down, but then they got the trains running again so they made everyone get off the bus and back on the train. That process alone took at least an hour and a half. But after we arrived in Disney we took some pictures and had some fun. Oh my gosh it was such a fun day! I would definitely love to go back to that place. Is not as big, nor does it have as many roller coasters as Disney in Orlando, but it was still more fun for some reason. I guess just because it was new and different to me. Also, it wasn't very crowded or expensive, so I'm sure that's part of the reason I liked it better. We went on every single roller ride!
The Star Wars ride was bomb 💣 Jenna and I rode it like 10 times. We explored the park for a while and then grabbed some lunch (I got a burger because I've been craving a burger every day and I just miss American food). Then we continued riding rides and just having a good time. Toward the end of the night all the lines dwindled down and Jenna and I rode the Star Wars ride over and over. Well, until Kristen started complaining that she was hungry and "needed food right away", so she wouldn't let us continue riding the rides. I suggested that she go off and find food so Jenna and I could keep riding and we would meet her at the castle in 20 minutes, but she threw fit saying she didn't wanna get lost. Come on Kristen? You're 27 years old and you're afraid of getting lost in Disney?!? Ugh that drove me crazy. Well, anyway we let Kristen feed her face and then we decided to look at some souvenirs. I bought Janice a Disneyland Paris cup and the Jenna, Kristen, and I bought matching necklace
The necklaces are super cute! They are Mickey Mouse ears with the Eiffel Tower in the middle. Last, we saw the fireworks/light show and it was absolutely incredible! The light show definitely beat the light show in Orlando. I think that was my favorite part of the day. Jenna and Kristen did a little more shopping in downtown Disney before we took the train home. It was my turn to buy train tickets this time so I got out my passport where my credit card was and quickly bought the tickets. I was a little careless when I put my passport in my bag ( I normally put it in a secret pocket in the back, but we were running to catch the train so I just threw it in and zipped my backpack). That was such a mistake. While I was on the escalator, I turned around to find a lady's hand in my bag and my passport and all my credit cards in her hand! I was flaming mad! That one little moment ruined the whole day for me! I slapped her hand and grabbed all my stuff back from her. I wish I would've pushed
Her down the elevator, but there was another person next to her (I assume they were working together) and Jenna and Kristen were already getting in the train and I didn't want to miss it (it was the last train out for the rest of the night). Well anyway, I am so beyond blessed that I turned around or the rest of the trip would've been spent at the embassy. After all that, we went home and went to sleep. It was such a fun day, but I still wish I would've turned that lady into the police. Ughhh! Makes me crazy!!!! Well, now I'll be more aware and I'll never leave my passport out like that ever again. Keep ya updated! Ox ox ox 😘