Italy, Israel · 19 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

3 June 2017

After making the pizza one of the older ladies on staff pinched and slapped my butt and then asked me to date her son. It was a weird experience, but that's how it was in Finland too; everyone wants their kids to marry an American. It's so funny because I would love to live in a foreign country like Italy or Finland! Anyways, we are headed home right now to pack up for Paris! Oh my gosh I'm so excited! Keep ya updated ! Ox ox ox 💘

25 May 2017

May 15th part 2: After making the pizzas, we had them boxed so we can walk down to the water and eat pizza in front of the sunset #dinnerwithaview. When I was walking out with the pizza one of the older women on staff slapped and pinched my butt and then tried to get me to date one of the other waiters (this is the second time this happened !!) . Not sure why every single person on earth who isn't from America wants to marry an American, but I guess I'm lucky to live there. I personally would love to live in Finland, but even in Finland all the people I met wanted to marry their sons off with me, guess the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe on this trip I'll find a place that I like more than Finland, I highly doubt it though because Finland felt like home. I wasn't home sick and I didn't really miss anyone because I felt so surrounded by love, Finland will always be partially my home I think.

15 May 2017

May 15th: So, today was a really chill day. Capri whipped us out so we decided to sleep in. Plus, Jenna is really sick and I have a little bit of a cold so we don't really have a choice but to stay in today. We didn't leave the apartment until about 4 pm today. As soon as we left we decided to grab an early dinner/ late lunch at this pizza restaurant in town. The waiter originally told us the pizza would take 20 minutes, because they were waiting for the chef to arrive. Well, it turned out being an hour and a half wait for the chef which was frustrating because the waiter just talked to us the whole time and I was crazy hangry. When he finally arrived, the waiter made us film a video surprising the chef when he finally came. I somehow managed to convince the chef that it was a fine idea for me to go back and make some pizzas haha. That was definitely a lot of fun. We got really close with the staff for those 2 hours and while I'm still salty that it took so long, it was def worth it.