Italy · 11 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

24 May 2017

May 14th part 3: Well, I've had an amazing day. From walking and laughing to boating and swimming the day was absolutely perfect and I can't wait to visit Capri again. The more I travel the more I think of what I want my life to be filled with. I want my life to be so jam packed with love, beauty, laughter, happy tears, travels, journal entries, different languages, exotic foods, and just plain adventures. I don't want late night study sessions, stress tears, and bad grades anymore; I love where I am right now and I don't think I wanna go back to where I was. I have a lot to think about this summer and many decisions to make, but I love where I am now.
May 14th part 2: Our tour guide was almost as beautiful as Capri and super nice. He explained the history of the island. Capri literally translates to "goat" and it was named that because the island had so many goats on it when it was found (we even saw one). That little known fact kind of made the island feel uglier, but nevertheless it was interesting. We saw Valentino and Sophia Lauren's house. I told the guide that I needed to swim in that water (he thought I was insane bc it was freezing), but I got him to pull over and let me jump in. I even got Kristen on board (well off-board, as in she jumped in the water too) Jenna was being a little too lame. There was a really nice man on the boat from Jupiter and I got him to agrees to jump in too! He was so excited about it and just as he was about to dive in his bitch of a wife stopped him and started lecturing him about his irresponsiblity 🙄 I hope I never lose my sense of adventure.

14 May 2017

May 14th: Today was my favorite day in Italy so far. Capri was absolutely gorgeous. We took a private boat ride to the island and it was so incredible. We got off at Porte grande and took a ski lift to the very top of the island. We had so much fun up there, we laughed and talked forever. Then, we walked around the expensive shops that were on the island. It's honestly just a tourist destination which is sad because I wish people lived there all year round, it's too pretty not to. People with kids can't really live there though because there are no schools and the children would have to take a ferry there everyday which would be annoying, but I'd do it if I could wake up to that view everyday. We were only given 3 hours at the ports before we had to get back on the boat. Then, we got a tour o the blue, green, and white grottos.