Germany, France, Spain · 22 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella

13 September 2017

After 2 weeks of going el Camino I'm back where I started. I aligned with my own Camino, internally, and I am trying now to listen to my heart and use it as my compass. The adventure begins/continues... I'm going back to Germany. I don't know where exactly and what I will do but probably I will leave to countries in the east like China.. i'm grateful that i am able to do this internal and external journey, physically, psychologically and financially. I'm grateful for the lessons I learned, the ups and downs. For the many beings I encountered and got to know, the places, the cultures and the heritage..

8 September 2017

This abuelo is maintaining a huge garden to supply his hijos with fresh vegetables and fruits! He harvested peppers and puts them together to dry them in the sun and to make salsa out of it that is much more durable and also very delicioso!

4 September 2017

The camino is not only a journey in the outside but also in the in the inside. You have to climb hills and you will walk down again. I felt happy and free, strong through clarity and joy: the emotional high; but I am also feeling the opposite: emotional lows where I feel desperate, lonely and I don't have any clarity of my way. It's not easy but it is so worth it to get to know myself I every aspect of my being. The light and the darkness, feeling joy and feeling sad, they are the same, they are both part of myself. Integrating these emotions takes courage and through the darkest times we are able to enjoy our lives more fully. Negative emotions want to be felt and have to be. Pain is the gate to bliss says Osho. I want to share that I felt desperate the last days. I suffered because I felt like I was living in a dream world, I was questioning everything. And sometimes there is a time of chaos and destruction that is necessary so that new things can be born out of its ashes...

3 September 2017

I am sharing the type of art that i love. I walked my way on the Camino del Norte and encountered a sign showing the way. On top of it was the thing that I've put in the middle of the constellation. It was fun and after I have build this small altar I prayed for peace within myself and in the world.. Today was a great day. I can observe how I am changing.. I am less bound to structural patterns that develop over time, I am getting less worried about the future and I realize opportunities better. Yesterday I had a mystic experience through discovering my ability to connect with the environment. The story would be too long to tell it here but i was totally overwhelmed by it. I felt my spiritual guidance and I think it was just the initiation for something greater that I am going to uncover...

30 August 2017

After a beautiful meditation at the beach, I am now leaving Zarautza. I feel very centered and happy and I want to share that.. I'm happy that chose the Camino de la Norte as there are much less people and the nature is just overwhelming. Passing the coast, up a hill, through forests and in the middle of different fields. Buen Camino!

29 August 2017

I am already on day 2 of the pilgrimage to Santiago de compostella. Yesterday was a beautiful start and I actually just wanted to walk 15 km but I arrived so early that the accomodation for pilgrims was not open yet. So I walked to the next town and the accomodation was not opened either. But I sat down with the 2 ppl I met on the Camino. We had a drink and signed in as they open their gates for the pilgrims. On the 2nd day I wanted to walk alone and I was again very early at the place that I wanted to reach. Well.. let's keep walking. It so beautiful to pick fruits along the way. I don't know the word but in German it BROMBEERE 😄 i love them and there are plenty. I also picked some figs (Feigen?) which are so extremely delicious that I almost orgasmed.. beautiful! I speak a lot of Spanish and I am suprised that I got so fluent without practicing. It was never so much fun to speak spanish.. I drink a beer now.. I actually want to eat but in Spain ppl eat later than we do 🙈 salu

28 August 2017

Uploaded the "wrong" picture. I wanted to share this one. First day of walking and I started before 7am. Very quickly a mountain came and I had a wonderful view over irun which is a bay before San Sebastián me shortly after the frontier of Spain and France.

26 August 2017

After a night in Luxembourg, I arrived in Paris. I walked from the Louvre to the Arc de Triomph, watched salsa at the Pont Marie and enjoyed a huge Crepes avec Nutella at the Notre-Dame. Unfortunately, the cue was more than 100 meter long to go into the cathedral...

24 August 2017

In the beginning of my new chapter in life I got this tattoo and another one on the other arm. It was made by my lovely friend Miriam who is starting her career as a tattoo artist. The triangle facing upwards to heaven is the male energy. The triangle facing downwards to earth is the female energy. The original symbol is called Merkaba and is mostly known as the Star of David and symbolizes the balance between these energies within us. In tantra the symbol is used to protect and open the heart and it is my favourite symbol. I am dedicating myself to the path that I am going right now. Living my heart's desires and being open for constant change in order to feel the direction of my heart's compass.

22 August 2017

Enjoying the last evening with friends from my hometown before leaving Lippstadt. I keep you up to date through this blog. I am currently in cologne. I am selling my car tomorrow and then I am ready for the next step!