North America, Europe · 11 Days · 95 Moments · April 2017

Max's adventure in Germany

22 April 2017

Here we go, bye Frankfurt and Germany, I'll miss you

21 April 2017

The giant keg, 221 000 litres, all full of wine. The other photos are of the holy ghost church that Haley went to because it was on a giant mountain/cliff
Some of these photos Haley took for me, because I forgot my phone on the bus, but this is Heidelberg
What we did in the armory 😂😂😂

20 April 2017

The awesome nightwatchmans tour
We played a joke on jaillen, she hates sour kraut, so while she was in the bathroom we piled all of our tables onto her plate
Unable to take pictures of neushuanstein
Out side neushuanstein and another castle near it ( I think I spelt that wrong)
The gate and the crematorium
More of the memorial in dachaus
The cell's
The entrance to dachaus

19 April 2017

A clock tower
My own burger, I am starting to like Munich 😂
King Maximilian, I guess I'm a king now
One of our pit stops
BMW museum
Parts of Munich
Orange coke, I FUCKING LOVE IT
It's snowing in vienna 😦😂

18 April 2017

After falling, hurting, yelling, x-rays, CT scans, and lots of waiting, here I am, with my cast on. Broken arm yay
One more
Schonbrunn, the hapsberg summer palace
Cassidy stealing my phone and our tour of the city. The big round gold thing is locally called the Golden cabbage

17 April 2017

Where we ate tonight
A giant pink bunny to scare braeden
Mozart memorial
The buildings that look alike are on opposite side, didn't realize the photos look the same but flipped
Some Roman remains Infront of the royal hapsberg gate
Some art in the square, the gold one dates back to the black plague
Mozart house
Saint Steven's church
Here we go, bye bye praugue, how for a 4.5 hour bus ride

16 April 2017

What I picked up today in the Easter market
Some more walking around, last one is of the powder tower, where they held all the gunpowder
A nice scene we found
A lock wall in praugue
The graffiti wall that john Lennon started
The castle and the road down from it
Another castle we went to, the guide pissed me of because she had a Czech accent that was hard to follow, and I couldn't hear her half the time.

15 April 2017

A photo that my phone decided to make. I kinda like it
More photos of praugue
Welcome to praugue
The large disc is like a mirror but for sound. If you stand in the right place the sound you make will be magnified. Then theres Remi looking derpy
Didn't realize this was a bad photo, but it's a gem drill used by jewelry and clock makers, generally clock makers
Parts of the museum. The first part was of the clocks made in Dresden
Another museum. There are three parts to it, one for pottery, one for porcelain, and the other for mathematiques and physiques. Of course I went to the math and physics part. This is the out side of it
Another beautiful square that belonged to the royals and one of their hunting aisles. The long mosaic is made of 25 000 porcelain tiles. Wow!
The lady church
Pit stop in Dresden, taking a couple hour tour then continuing our way to praugue
Here we go to praugue
Dresden and some stored statues

14 April 2017

Friedrich II's grave, he was the one who introduced potatoes to Germany, so people bring potatoes to his grave to honor that fact. The other gravestone are his greyhounds
More of the castle
Friedrich II's castle and guest quarters
The bridge from the bridge of spies where they exchanged spies for other spies. There are different colors of the bridge because of different repair times
Next we went to checkpoint Charlie and saw the museum there. Very neat and impactful. Shows us how people got across the wall, via home made zip line, hot air balloon, etc. Wasn't able to take pictures though
The holocaust memorial, totally massive and makes you feel diminutive, has a gradient of the tallness of the bricks. Totally amazing, had to take a video that I can't upload, so I'll upload to Facebook
Brandenburg gate, with the victory statue with the added iron cross from napoleon
A memorial
Here is the Reich stag
This square haw 2 church's to either side, one for German and one for French. The German built theirs one meter taller than the French one. Otherwise they are identical. The statue is of schiller, made the words to ode to joy, and one of the muses around him is supposedly a man
This is a memorial to one of the watch towers that had to be torn down
These stones are where tunnels were built to either spot other tunnels, or to get across the wall
These ar parts of the church that was blown up to fit the memorial, but was sorta rebuilt as a memorial
This is another part of the wall, the posts are a memorial of the parts of the wall that AHD to be broken down
Our local "guide" for our 2 and a half hour tour this morning is from Ohio 😂

13 April 2017

The beirstein that I got, I also got a piece of the Berlin wall when it was torn down 😁
Just some of the art on the Berlin wall, so amazing
Another amazing piece of art
Us at supper, had some more sausage with curry ketchup again, little bit different sausage but good. This is of Jesse and Remi eating all of your tables desert, because the yogurt was either people didn't like it or me where I don't eat yogurt 😅
First pics are of one of the old universitys. The next 2 pics are of one of the museums.
These were one of the communist memorials, left is Marx and right is Engels. The other sculpture I don't what it is buts it's cool
More buildings
More church pics
These are some of the sights in Berlin, thearge tower is the largest tower that is considered a sky scrapper. During soccer world cup one year, they dressed the ball on the tower like a soccer ball. The bear is called buddy bear, there's all kinds around Berlin. Each one stands for a different country, so that's one thing I want to do in my travelling future, find all the buddy bears and photograph them.
Pics of one of the church's, parts of it was rebuilt
Our hotel/hostel
Pics of the city, and a Poseidon fountain that was a present from Wilhelm II, representing the four rivers of Prussia. Elbe, Rhine, Vistula, Oder
The Berlin wall, will see more tonight or tomorrow
The drive to Berlin
Our plan for the day and one more pic of the city
Leaving our hotel in lubeck
Waking up from our first morning here, heading down to breakfast

12 April 2017

Now for supper we are at the ratskeller, meaning town hall,
We had time to walk around a square in lubeck, had lots of time to walk through stores and go through Mr missfeldts book store that he loves
Went to one of the fortresses next to our hotel, was turned into a museum, the giant model is of lubeck
Leaving hamburg and heading for luubeck on the autobahn, these photos are of hamburg,
Crossed the border into Germany, finally here
Got on the international plane, I'll ask Dawson what it was again. Man was that thing huge, and as a bonus I caught Remi sleeping

11 April 2017

Made it to Toronto, one of the steadiest landings I've ever had. When we arrived, we had to do a quick transfer of flights, only to arrive and see that our plane is late. But.. There's Tim's and the super conveyer that missfeldt has been talking about since we started planning for this trip
Aaannnnddddd Heerrreee weeee gooo
Vroom vroom, ready to get high with my tims
Got through security, I didn't have any problems, but others did. Now I am just waiting on Mr missfeldt to get ready so we can go to Tim's across the airport