Germany · 5 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Ancient Asia

4 October 2017

On the first day I was in the shaolin group, the second day I was at the Tai Chi Group and our Shifu (master) had a lot of fun with my inflexibility. In the morning I felt like he was complaining. I didn't get the movement of the form. He showed it to to me and I was supposed to copy it but I couldn't do it. It didn't feel nice. I had to work on my own with another student to learn the Tai Chi basic and I really got mad. First on the student not showing me properly then I realized I was projecting my anger based on the fear of failure. The fear of failure was the topic for today. I went into my room and was with that feeling. Feeling not worthy. I accepted: "it's okay i said to myself, i am here for you, don't worry" I was criticizing myself for not being good in something I never practiced.. how paradox! I was not stuck in that feeling; actually it was a beautiful day. I made progress, I grew today, I guess a lot. We did power stretching: it hurts but the energy can flow now...
I arrived safely friends! I'm in China, for 2 month in a martial arts academy. And the first expressions were incredible. I'm totally sore but it was nice to get to my limit on day 1. yesterday I needed to rest because I had a jet lack. I woke up at 5:30 and at 6:00 was Tai Chi and Qi Gong Class. Tai Chi and QiGong is really great for me. I love to feel the Chi running through my hands and building up more and more. Sometimes when I let the energy enter through the crown chakra (middle on top of the head) my body is waving. It's funny... I just don't know what to do with the energy. Sure we need it for healing ourselves, for recovery etc. but what else can we do with it? Checking out Inner Alchemy now. I have to fill the spare time with some relaxing (yin) activities. We did power training today. Gosh! I got dizzy, felt like I have to vomit and got a huge headache. Students told me that I started with the worst, that's good! I'm happy to share this with you 😊 Love to you 😘💚

29 September 2017

On Sunday my flight departures from Frankfurt and today I came to the city to get my visa. right before the embassy I ran into a friend from university in cologne who I had a bet with. He paid the bill 😂 When I relaxed in the room of the hostel, another guest entered the room I am sleeping in. We chatted and he told me he studied China in University and that he is in Frankfurt for a 3-day program in a tea house. He invited me and I followed. There were several people from china, friends of the owner of the tea house. One is a master in making porcelain, another in playing Guqin, another one in making tea and a woman in making incenses (she also is the supplier for several Shaolin monasteries). I didn't know what to do the two days in Frankfurt and suddenly all this is opening to me and I am happy for the next day to get to know more about this ancient culture. It's amazing how they perceive the world, that everything becomes art and that all is about aesthetics