Europe · 35 Days · 106 Moments · July 2017

Matt's journi to Spain + France

11 August 2017

Got back home just in time to see the Arsenal beat Leicester 4-3 with a last minute winner. Actually, THAT is the best way to end an amazing trip!

10 August 2017

Back at my favourite street in the world. The best way to end a trip
Yep, Au P'tit Grec on Mouffetard still does the best galettes ever

9 August 2017

What too much chouffe does to a man...
Back to cité-U

8 August 2017

7 August 2017

The old girl
First stop in Paris. Yep, still the best coffee ever (even if it was 1€ more than last time)
Nice 7hr bus to Paris at 7am

6 August 2017

Mechanical elephant which moves around spraying people with water from its trunk

5 August 2017

First night in Nantes

4 August 2017

Wandering the streets of Île de Ré

3 August 2017

First night in La Rochelle
Train to La Rochelle just got stopped for 15 mins due to 'chèvre' one the line. Only in France
L'alchemiste - amazing coffee

2 August 2017

Had a great time seeing Laury my flatmate from Paris
The Dune du Pilât - largest sand dune in Europe with views of the sea to one side and the forest to the other
Took the train to Arcachon - a charming little town by the sea

1 August 2017

Hôtel de Ville
Delicious meal at the bistro
Lots of these Antony Gormley sculptures all over the city

31 July 2017

First night in Bordeaux
Fêtes de Bayonne rd. 2

30 July 2017

We rented a car and visited some caves and villages in the surrounding area

28 July 2017

Les fêtes de Bayonne

27 July 2017

Really enjoyed surfing (or trying to!) during my 4 days in Biarritz. Some massive waves!

26 July 2017

First night in Biarritz

25 July 2017

Last night in San Sebastián. Had a great time on the bar crawl
Took the funicular railway up to Monte Igueldo
Peine del Viento

24 July 2017

These pintxos are unreal
Met a load of aussies and had a great night at the bars and jazz festival

23 July 2017

First sight of San Sebastián

22 July 2017

Bye Madrid, it's been a blast
Saw Picasso's Guernica at the Reina Sofia Museum
Love the street signs here
Don't think he'll be saving anyone anytime soon..

21 July 2017

Blowtorched 'bacon on a clothesline'
View from atop Centro Cibeles
Parque de El Retiro
Hope what I gave him helps him achieve his dream..
Appreciated the free churros and coffee in the morning

20 July 2017

Great first night in Madrid. Tapas tour turned into drinks and a bar crawl

19 July 2017

Old quarter at night
Street art around Valencia
The arm of St.Vincent in the cathedral
Had to climb 207 steps to get this view. Worth it
Gate to the old town
Botanical Garden
Jardín de las Hespérides

18 July 2017

The Mestalla
Bullring of Valencia
Terraza Umbracle
Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencas
Tramo de les Arts
El Jardín del Turia - used to be a river that ran right through the city, but was diverted due to flooding. They did a really nice job with the park
Jardins de Viveros

17 July 2017

Nice plate of grilled sardines in El Carme
Parque de Machalenes
After that this £10 a night Airbnb in Valencia feels so luxurious

15 July 2017

Had an amazing time at beni. Highlights were Bonobo, The Chili Peppers, Foals, Stormzy and Kasabian

12 July 2017

At least we've got the beach
Arrived at the desert/festival. Heatwave warning and no shade. Should be fun

11 July 2017

Park de la Ciutadella

10 July 2017

The bunker at night, such an amazing viewpoint
The Bunker at sunset (had to run up the hill to see this in time)
La Segrada Familia - pics don't nearly do it justice
Love how green this city is, trees lining every street
Park Güell
Apparently this guy is a 'legend of the city'

9 July 2017

Stumbled across a beer festival
The beach at night
Down by the harbour
Walking around gracia

8 July 2017

Exploring by night
Ran into the pride parade
Wandering around the gothic quarter
Mercat de la Boqueria
Arrived to rain, wasn't expecting that!